Why the best website hosting companies use Brotli?


Why the best website hosting companies use Brotli?

Domain & hosting is the first step towards your digital marketing. You won’t wish to experience poor performance and downtime of your website after all the hard work. It may cause you a huge loss of capital with high bounce rates. Hence, choosing from the best website hosting companies, you must be keen. It is more like renting a space on a physical server for your website. While buying your web hosting, you must know your website needs in-depth.


Furthermore, you must conduct deep research on available web hosting plans and compare them. To provide you with the best, Google developed Brotli as a substitution to the gzip method in 2013. In 2017, it was released to the open community. Now, most of the best website hosting companies use Brotli for the perks it offers. In 2020, all the major browsers supported Brotli including, Google Chrome and Safari.

Let’s discover more about Brotli. The what and why!


What is Brotli?

The complete form is the Brotli compression algorithm. Brotli is amazing in its work. That is, it has leveled up the hosting services. It simply compresses the website’s HTML output along with the resources and transmits the data to the browser. Consequently, the browser decompresses the data before rendering it. Hence, the speed of data transfer significantly reduces. This is the reason that most of the best website hosting companies use Brotli compression algorithm rather than the typical gzip compression system.


Benefits of Brotli compression algorithm?

  • With the complex and heavy files on the website, bandwidth consumption is very high. Brotli nicely deals with the issue.
  • Further, if you chance on a web hosting with Brotli, you will witness the compression of JavaScript files up to 15%, HTML to 20%, and the CSS files are compressed up to 16%.
  • The best website hosting companies use Brotli because it uses a dictionary. Hence, it has to send only the keys and not the complete words, making the size much smaller.
  • It improves your search engine optimization by improving your page’s loading time and improving the traffic to your page.
  • According to some stats, Google ranks the websites with Brotli as trusted, hence improving the SERP ranking.

For mobile, the bandwidth is much lower, and a reduction of 20% gives super amazing results, improving the user experience for a mobile device. For now, it is expected the best website hosting companies use Brotli will be trending soon in the web hosting world.