Why your website should be built on WordPress? | 2021


Why your website should be built on WordPress? | 2021

Businesses are focused on creating new websites or revamping their existing websites to keep the pace digitally. Obviously, there are ample ideas concerning the platforms that you can leverage for creating websites. However, suggestions of using WordPress from acquaintances or via the internet engender the curiosities like why your website should be built on WordPress.

Initially, WordPress is considered to be a blogging tool only. Nonetheless, its perception changed over time to be an excellent website builder and worldwide famous CMS – Content Management System.

Now, famous businesses/ brands like The New Yorker, BBC America, TechCrunch, MTV News have their websites built via WordPress.
So let’s do an in-depth analysis to check why it is famous and what makes WordPress a good choice in 2021.

Evolutions in WP platform

As already mentioned, WordPress isn’t restricted to blogging anymore. Previously, WordPress stole the show with extensive building for websites; it doesn’t matter whether it is small or large. For instance, a business website, an online store, or build a membership website or a simple website for online courses.
What’s new is that after websites, WordPress has evolved itself in terms of rest API to create the apps too. So you can foresee a galore of interactive websites and apps in 2021 and the years forthcoming.

Free & Open-Source

Individuals care a great deal about price; WordPress solves it too. WordPress itself is free and open-source software. Anyone can download and install to create a website on his own. Needless to say that you need Web Hosting & Domain too for an online presence. So Either you be using self-hosted WordPress wordpress.org (buy hosting yourself), or wordpress.com will be powering your site. Here you can know more. In both cases, if handled properly, a WP website will not cost you a lot.


With business expansion, meeting the global audience and coping with their demands is nothing strange. Admittedly, WordPress prove itself the best buddy in such scenarios with its 160+ language access. So neither you worry about not being a native speaker, nor do you need a translation team to translate your content. Thus, your website should be built on WordPress to make it readily interactive for your global audience.

Plugins Collection

Plugins help fuse functionality to the web products without any new coding or affecting the website, in fact enhancing the user experience. WordPress seems to have the most extensive collection of plugins (in thousands) compared to other CMS like Drupal and Joomla. If you search it online, the answer will be more than 52000. So whichever functionality you are thinking to integrate on your website (online store), you can confidently enlist WordPress and boost your e-site user experience.

Your way to SEO friendly website

SEO is the top concern whenever there is something related to a website; a platform, update, security, etc. Thankfully, WordPress has strong foundations (quality coding and semantic markup) to support your SEO efforts. Thus, WordPress catches well with the SEO demands, whether about strengthening the content (descriptions, titles) or web design. So it helps you optimize your website (SEO-friendly), streamline the rankings on SERP, and drawing colossal web traffic.

Updates – Not a headache!

Timely updates and maintenance are necessary to perpetuate efficiency and ensure protection. To make it more user-friendly and upgraded with the users’ advanced requisites, WordPress releases periodic updates. In addition, WordPress alerts you whenever there is something new available. So you can update all plugins and themes within the WordPress admin dashboard with its in-house management system.
Your website should be built on WordPress for you to rest assured for regular updating the online presences.

Third-party assimilation or self-contained system – Your Choice

Third-party integration in websites and apps is common, for instance, payments options for eCommerce stores. That being said, provided your needs, you can install third-party services via a WordPress Development Agency to uplift your store usability.

However, if you mind such integrations due to external dependencies, cost, or latency or uptime issues, you can have an easy way out for all that you need in your website with the WP dashboard.

Feature-rich & media-rich websites

All the necessary features of the website to insert robust user experience and increase conversions for your business are here in WordPress. Seamless navigation, fast loading, responsiveness, safe and secure website, to name a few.
Besides, you can customize the themes to modify according to your taste. In addition, WordPress, being the king of websites, has a built-in media uploader to your media uploads (images, audio, video files). Thus, you can edit, delete, manage and upload any file from the WordPress media library.

You can expect extensive help

If you are good at developing the sites or just taking a chance of DIY (do it yourself), you definitely need insight and solutions to many errors. However, if you get stuck in between the development, you can resolve the issues with a hell of a lot of community support. For instance, blog posts, tutorials, support forums, etc., by experts all around the world.
There is still a long log left to reel off about WordPress! Still and all, the facts mentioned earlier endorse that website should be built on WordPress. So be quick on choosing a WordPress Development Agency and build fast-paced websites to catch up with the digitalization.
Are you ready to give WordPress a try in 2021 and share your experience with us? 

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