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Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting: All You Need to Know

May 28,2020

Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting?

Choosing a new hosting plan is a complicated process. As well as different capacities and resource allocations, you’ll also come across different platforms: Windows and Linux. There are various versions of both to choose from. Before signing up, you will need to decide whether Linux hosting will be the right option for your site, or whether you should invest in Windows hosting.
Most low-cost hosting is provided on Linux servers, but a Linux set-up isn’t suitable for everyone. If you designed (or plan to design) your site using ASP and .NET, you’ll need Windows hosting to properly support it. And there are some other good reasons to reject Linux hosting, too.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Windows Hosting

  1. You are using a programming language/database Linux doesn’t support.
  2. You aren’t looking for the cheapest option, you prefer more control.
  3. You want to be able to use Remote Desktop to access your server.
  4. You are using .NET framework.
  5. You prefer not to use cPanel.

Which Hosting Server is Right for You?

If you wantThen Choose
To use Apache or a specific Apache moduleLinux Hosting
To use ASP or .NETWindows Hosting
The cheaper optionLinux Hosting
To use SharepointWindows Hosting
To use WordPress easilyLinux Hosting
To use PleskWindows Hosting
To use MS SQL or MS AccessWindows Hosting
To use cPanel and WHMLinux Hosting
To use PCP, CGI, Perl or PythonLinux Hosting

When to Choose Windows Hosting

The majority of the world’s websites are hosted on Linux servers. While Linux is a great general purpose operating system, you’ll need Windows hosting for specific applications and technologies.
.NET Framework
You’ll need a Windows hosting server for anything that requires the .NET framework. Specifically, Windows is required for anything written in ASP (which stands for Active Server Pages) or ASP.NET.
Visual Basic
You will also need a Windows hosting server if you’re working with Visual Basic (VB). Windows is required if you need to hook into any products in the Microsoft stack, such as Exchange, or if you’re working in SharePoint. This includes designing content in SharePoint Designer.
FrontPage or SQL
It is very difficult (if not impossible) to find a web host that supports FrontPage extensions. Microsoft no longer supports FrontPage Extensions as of July 2015.
MS Access and MS SQL
If you are using an MS Access database or, if you are an MS SQL Server user, Windows hosting is the right service for you.


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