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WooCommerce Store for Super-Fast Speed | Top Ways to Optimization

WooCommerce Store for Super-Fast Speed is tremendously is tremendously becoming the best choice of eCommerce stores all over the world. Speed is very important factor for the successful WooCommerce stores and Navicosoft recommends testing your WooCommerce store using benchmarking services like GTMetrix, Pingdom Tools, or Google PageSpeed. If we increase WP Memory Limit, optimize images, use a cache plugin, minimize CSS and use Varnish your WooCommerce store may really load several hundred times faster than before. Navicosoft provides the best services for optimization of WooCommerce speed. How to overcome slow speed of woocommerce ecommerce store including optimization of woocommerce search to improve woocommerce performance to a faster ecommerce platform. This article also describes tips & steps to speed up your ecommerce store to get browsed in milli seconds even nano seconds using varnish & Nginx.

Increase WP Memory Limit

Website speed plays an important role in WooCommerce because a faster site will increase your conversions rate, Google will love you, provide a better experience for your customers & visitors and resulting in fewer bounces. For the increasing of WP Memory Limit you may adjust it yourself or contact your hosting company. Navicosoft is the best hosting Provider Company & for increase your WP Memory limit. In our opinion VPS with at least 2GB RAM along with Opcache enabled works wonders is the right.

Optimize Site Images

Image optimization, physical size of the site, generally due to images may also play an important role in minimizing the load times of multiple images of products of your site i.e. multiple photos and high-quality images. You may very quickly decrease or compress the file size of images for your store by using the tools like Photoshop or GIMP. On the other side, you may reduce the file size of your images after uploading them on WooCommerce store by using web tool like TinyPNG & plugins such as WP Smush, EWWW Image

Enable WooCommerce Caching

Bad plugins can significantly slow down your website. You must use a cache plugin because a page caching creates an ultra-fast load time, must for improving Search Engine Optimization & increasing conversions. Cache plugins speed up WooCommerce stores because these plugins maintain a copy of static elements i.e. CS and JS files & serve the relevant requests immediately. Use of cache plugin not only help your store’s speed but also keep your store more secure. Navicosoft provides the top solution

Optimize your CSS

You may optimize your CSS for a faster website by using the most famous ways, Use CSS sprites to merge little images like icons, Minify CSS & Java Script, Reduce unnecessary code, Put CSS at top and JS at bottom, Splitting CSS Files, Reduce Whitespace, Document your code, Organize your code, Avoid CSS Hacks and KISS Technique. A minifier plugin may compile and compress your CSS styles & make them load much faster.

Use Varnish Cache

Varnish is vital for speedy performance of WooCommerce site. Varnish is a caching system deployed on the front-end of the server which handles HTTP requests. It expedites (speeds up) the web application’s performance by a prominent margin i.e. 300 to 1000 times. Navicosoft has seen huge performance boost for WooCommerce sites using Varnish Cahce & we know better how to properly configure Varnish i.e. optimized for WooCommerce.

Servers and Hosting

We must understand how important is the hosting solution in finding the page load speed of WooCommerce store and the physical location of the server is an important factor. Choosing a Best Web Host like Navicosoft may help speed up your WooCommerce store. Navicosoft Woocommerce Hosting platform allows you to benefit from a host of features like global data centers, multiple cloud infrastructure providers, Navico Guard Security, automatic backups and 24/7 server management support by highly qualified.

Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a first step for your WooCommerce Store fast speed. It takes two steps to streamline your website i.e. duplicate your site across multiple worldwide servers & delivered cached or non-live copies of all pages and files, the visitor will automatically download a copy from the closest data center. This confirms that all visitors will get fast loading times while visiting your WooCommerece Store. CDNs such as CloudFlare & Amazon CloudFront are ideal for small stores.


The main objective of your WooCommerce store for Super-Fast Speed is to make you money & all your efforts should be focused on this goal. The team at Navicosoft are experts in speeding up WooCommerce, from years of experience serving with sites with thousands of products which generate millions of dollars in revenue every month. Only 1 Second delay in page response may result in a 7% reduction in conversions. It means if your WooCommerce store is making $ 100,000 per year, a 1 second page delay might potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales each year. So, it is one of the major factors in user experience. Amazon calculated that it.


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