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Buy cPanel License

Buy cPanel License for VPS and Dedicated Servers

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1 Account



Good for small enterprises, self-employed people or the ones who need a single hosting account

Available on Cloud and Metal

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Up to 5 Account



Planned for small to middle range entrepreneurs, Software developers, or the ones who need a few hosting accounts

Available on Cloud Only

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Up to 30 Account



Helpful for Middle level businesses and Growing agencies.Strechable and allows for scalability.

Available on Cloud Only

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Up to 100 Account



Ideally designed for data centres, Large scale companies and web hosts who need more than 30 to unlimited accounts.

Available on Cloud and Metal

Budget cPanel License Pricing

Are you looking to buy a cPanel license for VPS and a dedicated server but not sure where to get the original one at an affordable price? Stop worrying now because NavicoSoft has brought all 100% original cPanel licenses at economical rates with no hack & no crack. We are a global provider of numerous control panel licenses & discounted cPanel pricing. cPanel is the most used hosting control panel that can be hooked up with CentOS, Cloudlinux as well as RHEL(Red Hat Enterprise Linux). A cheap cPanel license gives you a well-designed and user-friendly graphical user interface to simplify the method of hosting websites. In addition, we have a variety of other licenses as well.

Buy a cPanel license at a reasonable price from us to get the best solution for all the license queries. We are dedicated to your service. Therefore, we provide cPanel license services at the most economical cost. Our fully secured & discounted cPanel license pricing for VPS and dedicated server will help your website face another level of flexibility and user-friendliness. Being a low-cost cPanel license provider, we have a variety of other licenses as well. Just check out our licenses & enjoy the purchases at unbeatable discounted cPanel license pricing to enjoy the latest deals.

Everything you need to know about

Before buying a cPanel license!

cPanel is the most reliable and intuitive interface where you can configure as well as manage all the aspects of your website & email addresses under the web hosting plan. Moreover, you can manage your server accounts managing the databases, files, and much more. This Linux-based control panel is smart enough to manage all the complicated tasks of websites with a few clicks. Not only that, but the beauty of cPanel lies in its intuitiveness and ease to use. Even a beginner with little or no technical knowledge can use it easily.

Cheap CPanel License

Process of cPanel License Activation

When we talk about web hosting administration automation, cPanel is the first choice. The web hosting process jumps twice faster and easier with the use of cPanel. You can now buy a cPanel license at a pocket-friendly approach because we have brought a cPanel license at very affordable rates with the super-easy activation method. Just follow the three basic steps:


Place your order & purchase a cPanel license from NavicoSoft.


Login to your server via SSH.


Run user/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt commands.

The above three steps are the only steps for cPanel license Activation, If you still feel any trouble with cPanel license Activation please feel free to contact Navicosoft help team or catch us on live chat.

Benefits of cPanel

The following are the benefits of cPanel that keep cPanel as the best available control panel in the market

Cheap CPanel License

Peerless features

cPanel comes with abundant matchless features & is the easiest control panel to manage.

Cheap CPanel License

User Friendly

This control panel is so simple to use that even a person with little technical knowledge can use it.

Cheap CPanel License

Fully secured

cPanel comes with secured features. It means that anyone use cPanel can be sure of staying protected from data theft

Cheap CPanel License

Backup & Restorations

It allows the easiest way to take backups. Enjoy a single-click backup to restore your account data with cPanel.

KernelCare License

Economical cost

cPanel is not only easy to use but is also lighter on your pocket. You can run even more than one website on a single panel.

Cheap CPanel License

Easy to use File manager

It helps in managing files in an easy way. Now, you don’t have to make FTP connections or any FTP program.

Cheap CPanel License

Secured Emails

cPanel email tool helps in managing email in a secured way. Add, delete, and modify the email as per your choice.

Cheap CPanel License

Error Log

The error log helps you know about 404 errors. The log displays all 404 errors & helps you discover the missing files.

Official cPanel partners providing cheap cPanel license

Navicosoft being the official cPanel partner knows how to manage competitive market prices while maintaining your business growth. We give our clients specialized technical support through our cPanel certified support team. No doubt, cPanel is the most user-friendly control panel used widely by most people to manage their websites. You can either use a cheap cPanel license or even a null cheap version of the cPanel license to run your cPanel efficiently.

Why Choose NavicoSoft for an economical cPanel license?

NavicoSoft has been serving the IT world for a decade. Its Research and Development department (R & D) has always been searching for innovations in web hosting to facilitate the clients that hit the ultimate target to overcome the hosting issues.

Cheap CPanel License

Affordable cPanel pricing

NavicoSoft is officially partnered with cPanel. Our official partnership with cPanel plays a significant role in keeping the prices of cPanel license minimal. Moreover, we believe that our client’s satisfaction is above everything. Therefore, we are here delivering the original cPanel licenses with competitive market prices. And the good thing is, if you make bulk purchases, then we might give you even bigger discounts.

Cheap CPanel License

cPanel certified Support Team

Our support team is cPanel certified. It means that you never have to be conscious about your hosting issues or any other kind of cPanel handling. Our experts having cPanel certifications are there 25/7 at your disposal. In addition, you can contact us via live chat, ticket, or telephone to lodge your complaints, and our team will make sure to give you the best possible solutions available.

Cheap CPanel License

Immediate Activation

We know the value of time for a website owner like you, especially in this digital era, where even a delay of one second can cause serious losses for the business. Therefore, we are here to get you immediate order activations. After placing an order for a cheap cPanel license, pay your invoice and let us know. We will activate your order in a fraction of a minute.

Cheap CPanel License

Free installation

Navicosoft offers a free-of-cost installation of cPanel. Other than Free cPanel Server Management, we offer cPanel Server Management at affordable prices. Custom cPanel Server Management Packages could be obtained by contacting our 24/7 support.

Cheap CPanel License

Free Spam security License

Our economical cPanel license does include free spam protection. It means that it blocks all the spam that may try to interrupt your website or email services. The other way round, it acts as an anti-spam program that helps prevent malicious activities from happening on the website.

Cheap CPanel License

An Experienced and Reliable Company

We have been provisioning affordable cPanel license for VPS and dedicated server since 2008 and have a complete grip over its activations & management. We are trusted by millions of clients across the globe due to our credibility & genuineness. We don’t claim anything extra other than the services we offer. As a certified cPanel team, our way of managing all the technicalities efficiently is one of the other edges that sets us apart.

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