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What is cPanel?

Introduction To cPanel

cPanel is one of the most advanced, reliable and comprehensive Linux based control panels for the hosting providers and the users to run their servers and sites smoothly and efficiently. It simplifies the tasks on servers and helps for the user interface. Twenty years of excellence in providing hosting solutions as a control panel keep cPanel at top of the list amongst all the control panels available in the market. Looking at all the aspects, cPanel is relatively a cheaper and better option for both hosting providers and end-users.

Pricing & Plans

cPanel Pricing

If we go back in June 2019, we will see the big announcement made by cPanel about a significant increment in cPanel pricing. That has been effective now since September 2019. cPanel also announced the big change in cPanel license issuing structure that ultimately affected the whole procedure of cPanel pricing, fixed cost for unlimited accounts has been replaced to the new cPanel pricing, a certain amount up to 100 accounts and then per account cPanel pricing has been applied. Too many debates have been undergoing for cheap cPanel license and trying to search the ways to bring down the cPanel pricing and making it a cheap cPanel license like before especially for web hosting providers though, it looks hard now to find the cheap cPanel license. Navicosoft can help you a lot to make the costly cPanel license a cheap cPanel license. Being a cPanel Partner now, (our partnership can be checked by clicking here) Navicosoft saves you a big amount on cPanel pricing which will make your license a cheap cPanel license. The following table is showing the Navicosoft’s cPanel pricing and its new procedure.

Get 15% Off


1 Account



Good for small enterprises, self-employed people or the ones who need a single hosting account

Available on Cloud and Metal

Get 15% Off


Up to 5 Accounts



Planned for small to middle range entrepreneurs, Software developers, or the ones who need a few hosting accounts

Available on Cloud Only

Get 15% Off


Up to 30 Accounts



Helpful for Middle level businesses and Growing agencies.Strechable and allows for scalability.

Available on Cloud Only

Get 15% Off


Up to 100 Accounts



Ideally designed for data centres, Large scale companies and web hosts who need more than 30 to unlimited accounts.

Available on Cloud and Metal


cPanel License Activation

cPanel has been known as one of the easiest and most user friendly control panels due to its features. cPanel license Activation is also very simple and user friendly. cPanel license costs every month a recurring amount against the services you get. This cPanel pricing or cost called a cPanel license fee. Navicosoft offers the cPanel license at a very affordable rate. Once you buy the license, the cPanel license will immediately be activated by following a few steps:-


Buy a cPanel License from Navicosoft


Login your server via SSH


Run usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt command

The above three steps are the only steps for cPanel license Activation, If you still feel any trouble in cPanel license Activation please feel free to contact Navicosoft help team or catch us on live chat.


Benefits of cPanel

The following are the benefits of cPanel that keep cPanel as the best available control panel in the market

Matchless Features

User Friendly

Low Specifications of Server

Flexi for Transformation

Integration or Compatible



Backups and Restorations

Why Us

Why Choose Navicosoft

NavicoSoft has been serving the IT world for well over a decade. Its Research and Development department (R & D) has always been searching for innovations in the web hosting world to facilitate the web hosting clients that hit the ultimate target to overcome the hosting issues.


Low cPanel Pricing Because Of Our Partnership With cPanel

Navicosoft’s partnership with cPanel is an effort to bring the new cPanel pricing at very affordable rates and to make the cPanel license a cheap cPanel license perhaps the cheapest in the market. Navicosft feels pride in sharing its profit with existing as well as with its new clients by offering a BIG discount on all the prices for cPanel licenses.


cPanel certified Support Team

Navicosoft is amongst a very few companies that have a cPanel certified Support Team available 24/7 to overcome the hosting issues. Their dedicated service for their clients helps them from transferring their host and cPanel license activation to all levels during their journey with cPanel.


Immediate Activation

Navicosoft’s support team is available 24/7*365 days in a year for immediate cPanel license activation. Just need to provide them your IP address and the date you want to start a cPanel license with them.


Free installation

Navicosoft offers a free of cost installation of cPanel.

security License-01

Free Spam security License

Navicosoft also offers a Spam Security License with no extra cost at all.


An Experienced and Reliable Company

Over 10 years of hosting experience make Navicosoft a trustworthy company in the world. Their efforts to minimize the cPanel pricing and to keep a cPanel license as a cheap cPanel license have increased its credibility. A cPanel certified support team for immediate recovery actions is also a distinguishing edge of Navicosoft over its competitors.



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