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Navicosoft is your virtual fortress with an elite cloud services provider. Our Cloud hosting infrastructure is up-to-date according to the latest technology by using best practices. We are entrusted since 2008 by many businesses and organizations due to our reliability and quality of services. We hold everything you need at one place including domain, hosting, and website development tools. We are hosting more than 2,00,000 nodes today and always ensure to make the website’s owners less stressed with advanced security! We are a prideful tribe today with the trust of a huge number of people in us from across the globe for sure.

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We believe that you are peculiar, so we present you with unique technology. Our cloud Linux hosting packages are the most economical in the market with dedicated IPs and vast disk space as well as the perfect technology worth spending for! You can now get the following features with our cloud hosting packages:

A cheaper solution to technology

You have now this golden opportunity to save and increase profit with us. To reduce the burden over the pocket and improve efficiency cloud hosting is a perfect choice. We are proud to declare that Navicosoft is the fastest cloud services, provider. Today, Cloud hosting is the need of every business, whether it is on a large scale or a small scale. So, we aim to provide the fastest hosting with the possible minimal costs of the Cloud Server. We ensure to provide fully managed, customizable and built-in cloud servers to tackle your business efficiently!

Get your Applications Flared up.

Run your applications on our SSD cloud servers as we are engineered around OpenStack and Ceph. We aim to remove lock-in and restrictive chains from your business! Choose Navicosoft for redundant storage for your applications at the lowest price possible. We are a great cloud hosting solution for all of your projects. Around 2,500,000 domains are being hosted by us today. We are humble and proud enough to keep our customer’s satisfaction at the maximum! We make your business grow with an efficient cloud server and updated technology. 

We Are A Place for A Perfect Experience!

Navicosoft brings good things in your life. We care about our clients and the hurdles they face in online existence. Our data centres are located in various countries and are equipped enough to manage your digital needs! We provide:

Our Services

We care enough to provide you with complete security. We make sure to give security awareness and private cloud servers, ensuring the fastest speed for your websites. We offer a wide variety of features with cloud hosting because we understand the way to make you surrounded with secure and reliable cloud technology!

Uptime Speed

We truly understand the value of your online business and make sure to provide up to 99.9% of uptime. Moreover, we have friendly 24/7 customer support that always resolves your issues and concerns in no time!

Fully-Managed Services

We know that your business needs maintenance on all levels to grow and enhance. So our developer’s team configure and manage all your cloud account as well as take care of the IT aspects.

Root Access

We ensure to provide complete root access with our cloud hosting server. You can customize, create or delete anything you want without any restrictions. You can log in to your server easily and manage all applications accordingly with the remote desktop provided by us.

User-Friendly Control Panel

To manage all your applications and VPS features accordingly, we provide a simple, easy, and friendly control panel. With a few clicks, you can easily create and manage emails as well as databases. It simply gives you a better experience for third-party apps.


We give direct SSH access to your cloud account as well as SFTP for secure file transfer and management. We develop SSH for your secure account, restricted access. You can get a secure encrypted connection to your account to manage big files and databases easily.

Free SSL

As soon as we detect that your domain is hosted on cloud hosting, we automatically issue a Let’s Encrypt SSL to make your site super-secure! Moreover, we also provide an opportunity to jump over wild card SSL any time using Let’s Encrypt SSL tool.

Dedicated IP

We provide you with a cloud account with complete freedom and independence. We provide you with dedicated IP with each cloud account that eventually gives you peace of mind.

Manage your WordPress Sites with Cloud Hosting Now

We provide easy onboarding for new and existing sites as well as managed WordPress and Woocommerce updates with our hosting plans. We provide such cloud services in which initiating and migrating WordPress sites has become super-easy! Our experts do it all for you. From transferring your files to databases, we make sure to handle each thing with care. Choose Navicosoft to host your WordPress websites on the cloud and enjoy the amazing performance without any delay!

Why Choose Navicosoft?

With Navicosoft, you need to focus on your business. We handle the rest of all the complexities. We provide you with guaranteed peace of mind by all means!

We are aimed to provide worry-free experience with 24/7 customer support, managed security, and real-time monitoring.

Our cloud hosting takes a few minutes to make your website go live by removing all the complexities and hurdles.

We are committed to delivering fast performance, seamless security and scalability for your websites.

Cloud Hosting

In recent years, cloud hosting has become the preferred choice for everyone seeking reliable, scalable, and efficient website hosting. Unlike traditional hosting methods, which rely on a single server, cloud hosting uses multiple connected servers to balance the load and maximize uptime. This approach not only ensures excellent stability but also offers the flexibility to handle sudden traffic spikes.

Cloud Server Hosting

When we delve into cloud server hosting, we’re looking at the use of virtual servers that tap into an extensive network of physical servers. These cloud servers pull their resources from a vast infrastructure, allowing users to upscale or downscale based on their needs. This adaptability is a significant advantage over traditional hosting, where you might be limited by the capabilities of a single physical server.

Fastest Cloud Hosting

Speed is a pivotal aspect of any online platform. The fastest cloud hosting services utilize high-performance SSD drives, advanced caching mechanisms, and optimized network routes to ensure rapid content delivery. Such hosting solutions are essential for websites that experience heavy traffic or run complex applications, as they ensure minimal latency and fast load times, enhancing the user experience.

Cloud Hosting Packages

Cloud hosting packages vary in terms of resources, performance capabilities, and cost. From basic packages suitable for startups and small websites to advanced solutions for large enterprises and high-traffic sites, there’s a package for every need. Most providers offer a range of options with varying CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth allocations, letting clients to pick the perfect fit for their requirements and budget.

Cloud Hosting Servers

The backbone of any cloud hosting solution is its servers. Cloud hosting servers differ from traditional servers in that they are part of a vast network, working in tandem to ensure optimal performance and resilience. They can be quickly provisioned, allowing businesses to scale their infrastructure in real time as their needs evolve.

Cloud Server

The term “cloud server” refers to a virtual server running in cloud computing rather than a physical server. It is designed, hosted, and delivered through a cloud platform via the internet and can be accessed remotely. These servers provide the same functionality as a traditional server but offer more flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Cloud Hosting Linux

Linux, being an open-source operating system, has naturally found its way into the cloud hosting realm. Cloud-hosting Linux solutions offer robust security, and stability with a wide range of applications. Many businesses prefer Linux for its cost-effective nature and its adaptability, making it a staple in cloud environments.

Cloud Based Server Hosting

Cloud-based server hosting is all about harnessing the power of remote server infrastructures to store, manage, and process data. Instead of having local servers or personal devices handle applications, cloud-based solutions leverage the vast resources of a remote network. This approach offers numerous benefits, including reduced costs, enhanced performance, and greater scalability.

Linux Cloud Hosting

Linux cloud hosting combines the reliability and efficiency of Linux with the flexibility of the cloud. Given that many web applications and platforms (like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal) are compatible with Linux, it’s no surprise that Linux cloud hosting is a demanding choice among developers and businesses alike. Its open-source nature ensures constant updates, improvements, and a vast community of supporters.

In Conclusion, cloud hosting and its myriad forms have revolutionized the way we think about web infrastructure. From the adaptability of cloud server hosting to the robustness of Linux-based solutions, there’s a cloud solution for every need. As technology continues to evolve, cloud hosting remains at the forefront, offering businesses the agility and efficiency they require in the digital age

Your Questions, Our Answers

Can I back up the data on a cloud server?

Yes, you can back up your data on our cloud servers. Separate backup storage is always available where you can back up the data externally. Furthermore, if you rent a cloud server from us, we ensure to provide you with complete infrastructure with scalable computing power. So you can not only store the data but also process it intensively.

Can I get instant support in case of any failure?

We have a dedicated support team for managing the technical failures & issues in the hosting. Our support team provides 24/7 support. We make no compromise over our support services; In fact, we handle all your queries with extra attention. Let us know about the issue you are facing, and get the technical issue resolved in a couple of minutes.

Can you differentiate between VPS and Cloud Servers?

Cloud server & VPS servers often get confused as they both depend on virtualization. In VPS hosting, a physical server is partitioned virtually into many different portions. Therefore, performance can fluctuate if another VPS is consuming a lot of resources at a certain time. However, in cloud hosting, different servers are used instead of a single one. Therefore, you can tap into more server resources as soon as you need to find them.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting contains a network of virtual servers that utilizes the resources of physical servers. Instead of having all of your files on one server, they are spread on the entire network. Cloud hosting is similar to VPS servers. However, instead of having a small portion dedicated to your website, server resources are spread out across multiple machines.

Are our cloud servers secure?

Yes, our cloud servers are secure. These servers are even more secure as compared to traditional cloud server hosting servers. Cloud server hosting is secured in many forms, including network-based security. Moreover, the redundancy in cloud platforms makes it easier to become fail-proof. With properly configured security operations, even ransomware cannot pose any threat.

When should I get cloud server hosting?

Setting up cloud server hosting is beneficial for anyone who wants robust infrastructure at an optimal price. Cloud server hosting is a perfect match for you if you are a startup and unsure about your daily requirements. You can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and high traffic with our cloud hosting plans. Also, our highly scalable cloud servers can scale up or down right according to your needs.