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CloudLinux Pricing

Since we have become a partner with CloudLinux, we are authorized to issue their licenses at low CloudLinux Pricing. Therefore, we offer you a significant discount on CloudLinux Pricing. In addition, our business development department always searches for gaps in the market to grow our business family, and hence, we offer you a Cheap CloudLinux License.

Once you purchase the license, you can begin to get the CloudLinux services on your server. Alternatively, you can also consider adding a CloudLinux license to your Linux reseller hosting services.


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    Navicosoft Partnered with CloudLinux and offering Licenses at the best possible price.

Why CloudLinux License?
Introduction to CloudLinux

CloudLinux OS has been helping the Linux shared hosting servers in controlling their stability, density, and security by separating every tenant from each other. This way, every account gets more security in the space and the resources it has been allotted to. No account is permitted at all to jeopardize the other’s space or any resource that the other has been entitled to. The environment looks like a more virtual server environment than the shared server. Over twenty million websites have been enjoying the benefits of CloudLinux. Being a sole company for offering such advanced services to keep servers more stable and smooth by isolating each account, resources wise, CloudLinux’s experts’ team has always been searching to add more functions and trying to enhance the efficiency of CloudLinux.

LVE Lightweight Virtual Environment

LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environment) is a specifically created environment that keeps an account within its domain or range. Certain allocation on server’s parts like hard drive, and RAM, etc. are only permitted to use. For instance, an account was allocated a certain space on the server, though it started to receive a huge traffic load, in this scenario rather than slowing down the entire server the particular LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environment) will slow down. This way, the rest of the accounts on servers will continue to perform their functions smoothly.

Similarity CloudLinux Compatibility

Navicosoft’s more than a decade of experience recommends a CloudLinux License for every hosting server. It has got great compatibility with many control panels though it is specially designed for cPanel. The following image shows the compatible control panels and software with CloudLinux.

Benefits of CloudLinux cPanel

CloudLinux cPanel does run to improve stability, reduce churn, reboots, and suspensions. There are plenty of benefits of having a combination of CloudLinux with cPanel License, but we try to explain a few of them.

Customers’ Trust

Due to a more stable environment and reduction in churn rate has led to a great increment in customers trust on the hosting providers using CloudLinux cPanel services for shared hosting.

Server Security

CloudLinux’s unique Cage Fs technology prevents the server from attacks, especially those that are for sensitive information. It also Cages every account from being viewed and snatching others’ information.

Usage benefit

CloudLinux cPanel creates a great chance for admin and users to exactly use the space for their websites and allocate resources as much they are allowed to.

Stability Improvement by limitations Of Resources

One of the biggest benefits of CloudLinux is that it helps in improving the stability of the servers by limiting the resources one account can use. For this purpose LVE (lightweight virtualized environment) has been introduced by CloudLinux and works perfectly with CloudLinux cPanel.

Server’s Efficiency Increment

CloudLinux contributes its power to increase the efficiency of server. By allocating the space and resources amongst the different accounts, the availability of the servers’ resources can easily be seen by the administrators. Through CloudLinux cPanel, that empty space or a resource is utilized to the maximum utility that results in increased efficiency of the servers.

Why buy CloudLinux License from Navicosoft?

CloudLinux was introduced into the web hosting market back in 2010. With the passage of time, they kept increasing their CloudLinux Pricing. But you do not have to feel worried! We have been with them for a long and we at Navicosoft offer you a Cheap CloudLinux License because we understand your needs and value you as our clients.


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