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Job Description:

Navicosoft Pvt Ltd is searching for a well-experienced Unix System Administrator to join our Team in reinforcing and maintaining our client environments. The Senior Unix Systems Administrator serves in the context of a coordinated team as a professional in their area of expertise to oversee, research, analyze, and design innovative solutions to meet the needs of an organization that will consolidate with existing and forthcoming solutions.


Responsibilities/ Commitment:

Maintains extreme competency in several of the following areas of focus: Unix Systems Engineering, explicitly related to supporting the listed technologies:

In addition, maintains knowledge and perception of Active Directory, Systems Virtualization (Nutanix, VMWare), and Enterprise Storage Management (Dell/EMC Isilon). Also, Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (AWS, Azure), Vendor Management, Process Automation/DevOp, System Lifecycle Management, System Design, and Architecture.

Furthermore, in charge of System Design and advice on the Architecture of University servers infrastructure. Also, must be able to model and plan current and future system states, including process maps, flow charts, and diagrams. Scopes project implementation, ongoing operations costs, deployment timelines, and critical lifecycle planning dates.

Qualifications/ Eligibility:

cPanel Support Engineer: Office based