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Crystal Reports Hosting Pricing Plans


Choose Plan
  • Free Domain Name
  • 8 GB Web Space
  • 150 GB Data Transfer
  • 15 Email Addresses
  • Recycling In 1740 Minutes
  • 10% CPU Usage Max
  • 100KB/s Transfer Speed
  • 20 Concurrent connections


Choose Plan
  • Free Domain Name
  • 20 GB Web Space
  • 400 GB Data Transfer
  • 20 Email Addresses
  • Recycling In 1340 Minutes
  • 15% CPU Usage Max
  • 250KB/s Transfer Speed
  • 25 Concurrent connections


Choose Plan
  • Free Domain Name
  • 30 GB Web Space
  • 600 GB Data Transfer
  • 30 Email Addresses
  • Recycling In 740 Minutes
  • 25% CPU Usage Max
  • 700 KB/s Transfer Speed
  • 35 Concurrent connections


Choose Plan
  • Free Domain Name
  • 40 GB Web Space
  • 1 TB Data Transfer
  • 50 Email Addresses
  • Recycling In 540 Minutes
  • 30% CPU Usage Max
  • 1000 KB/s Transfer Speed
  • 45 Concurrent connections

Powerful Crystal Reports Hosting with ASP.NET

Finding a hosting provider who can support crystal reports in their hosting plans and provide full technical support in this regard is not easy. Not all hosting providers provide the hosting plans that support crystal reports 2016 and all the latest versions. Navicosoft is one of those hosting providers that provide windows hosting servers with multiple .NET frameworks and SQL server configured.
SAP crystal reports software, a tool that provides the solution for reporting business statistics and deployment of business intelligence. Also, SAP crystal reports come with the full support of SAP crystal report’s server to allow the management of databases via a management console. All you need is a single IP address to get started, as no critical setup or tools are required. When you get crystal reports hosting from Navicosoft, we ensure to give:
  • Affordable crystal reports hosting solution
  • Static IP & SSL with unlimited hosting plans
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited email accounts on Smartermail
  • Latest version of Plesk Control Panel
  • Location-based server with unlimited bandwidth.

Crystal Reports Hosting by Navicosoft: Your One Stop Solution

Welcome to Navicosoft’s dedicated Crystal Reports hosting page. Whether you’re a business owner looking to monitor your data or a developer searching for the ideal hosting environment for Crystal Reports, you’ve come to the right place.

Crystal Reports Hosting

Harness the full potential of your data with Navicosoft’s robust Crystal Reports hosting solutions. Enjoy seamless integration, top-notch performance, and unparalleled reliability. Say goodbye to interrupted reporting and sluggish data retrievals – our hosting solutions ensure you get real-time data access when needed.

Crystal Reports Server Pricing

Transparent, affordable, and value-driven: that’s how we describe our Crystal Reports server pricing. We offer various packages tailored to suit businesses of all sizes. So, whether you’re a startup looking for cost-effective solutions or an enterprise needing top-tier hosting, Navicosoft has covered you.

Crystal Reports and .NET Core Integration

Are you incorporating crystal reports dotnet core functionality? Look no further! We provide optimized hosting solutions that support the synergy between Crystal Reports and .NET Core. Our infrastructure ensures smooth running and peak performance for your .NET Core Crystal Reports applications.

Windows Hosting with Crystal Report

We offer specialized Windows hosting with crystal report capabilities for businesses requiring Windows-based solutions. Experience seamless compatibility, easy integration, and the premium performance that only Navicosoft can provide.

Crystal Reports License Cost

The Crystal Reports license cost can often be a main factor when deciding about a hosting provider. At Navicosoft, we believe in complete transparency. Our pricing structure for Crystal Reports licensing is competitive and transparent, with no hidden charges.

.NET Core Crystal Reports

Leverage the power of .NET Core with our specialized hosting solutions tailored for .NET core crystal reports. Efficient, reliable, and scalable: Navicosoft’s hosting ensures your reports run smoothly, no matter the complexity.

Crystal Reports Server

Our state-of-the-art crystal reports server infrastructure guarantees uptime, speed, and security. With our dedicated support team available round the clock, any issues are swiftly addressed, ensuring uninterrupted reporting for your business.

Buy Crystal Reports 2016

For businesses interested in the 2016 edition, we offer the option to buy Crystal Reports 2016 licenses through us. Benefit from our competitive rates and the assurance that you get an authentic product. Trust Navicosoft with your Crystal Reports hosting needs. Experience unparalleled performance, robust security, and impeccable support – all at a price that respects your budget. Contact us today to explore our hosting packages or to get a tailored quote.

Excellently Customizable & Fully Recommended Crystal Reports Hosting!

Crystal reports a dynamic and actionable reporting solution that helps you design, explore, and visualize the reports through the web or embedded software applications. You can consume your reports with stunning visuals, conduct on-report business modeling, and execute decisions instantly. To achieve success in business today, you need to grasp good command of all the relevant information coming to your way. Now you can develop reports for any database or structured file format easily because we promise to deliver only reliable, and genuine services in this regard. 

Crystal reports software is an integrated development environment that you can use to create applications and libraries with different frameworks and libraries. Our crystal reports server gives you 100% compatibility & excellent performance. Once you get our hosting, we make sure to provide you with the most recent technology to drive the best business performance through strong report generation.

Many Features of our Crystal Reports Hosting

For getting affordable, efficient, and trustable crystal reports hosting, try not to overlook our services for your hosting needs. We have been providing the best crystal reports hosting since 2008 with economical crystal reports pricing. Being a certified Microsoft partner, we are under the spotlight providing ASP.NET hosting with crystal reports. We value your time and money. Therefore, we aim to give the best possible hosting packages right according to your needs.
Now enjoy a more clear view of your business via our industry-leading report design & visualization solutions. Our crystal reports hosting runs on Microsoft Windows servers, which gives you 100% compatibility & performance. We provide you with the technology to drive the best business performance with advanced report-generation capabilities.

Crystal Report Viewer Support

Crystalreportviewer is an essential part of Crystal reports hosting servers, so all our shared windows hosting servers come with Crystalreportviewer 13 Support. Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting users can have a custom Crystalreportviewer version installed as per their needs.

MVC Support

MVC has surely changed the coding outline. Our Crystal Reports Hosting servers support all versions of Model View Controller (MVC) including MVC 4, MVC 5, and so on. Custom MVC versions could be enabled for CR-enabled Windows Servers upon request. Please contact support for more information.

Management of Application

Our servers are all DDOS protected. We put extra care on the security and availability of server resources. Therefore crystal reports hosting servers come with a special firewall installed to protect them from any security threats.

Why Navicosoft For Crystal Report Web Hosting?

  • Our hosting plans support the latest version of SAP Crystal Reports, including crystal reports 2016.
  • Our fast & dedicated support & crystal report web hosting server is second to none in the whole IT industry.
  • We offer a three-day free trial to let you check each of crystal reports hosting features.
  • Our crystal reports hosting support team is there all the time to resolve the technical issues for you.
  • We aim to give you maximum reliability & performance with fast MSSQL servers & crystal report web hosting servers.

Your Questions, Our Answers

Can I upgrade the plan anytime?

We impose no limitations on you while choosing a plan. Also, you can upgrade the plan anytime. If any time you feel like you are running out of resources, you can ask our technical team to upgrade the plan for you. It is totally free to upgrade the plan anytime. The only charge that you will be responsible for paying is the difference in cost between the plans.

I am afraid if the hosting does not work! Can I get a free trial?

We do not commit to what we cannot do. So when you get crystal report web hosting from us, rest assured to get all the features we have promised. You can upgrade or downgrade the version as well. But for your satisfaction, we also provide a free trial. You can have a free trial for three days to check all the features. Once you are satisfied with the services and support, you can make the payment then.

Can I have instant support for crystal report web hosting?

Well, the answer is obviously yes! We provide round-the-clock support for not only crystal reports hosting but also for other services as well. Whenever you face any issue, just let our technical team know about it and get the issue resolved within a fraction of a minute. Right now, you can approach us for support in three ways:

  • Via phone call
  • Via live chat
  • Via email

Which payment options are available?

We try our best to provide full ease to our clients. When it comes to payment options, we provide various options so that you could choose accordingly. Our payment options include:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • Buy vps with bitcoin, Altcoin, Ethereum etc.
  • PayPal