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Ojs Hosting Packages

Semi Dedicated Server-1

Choose Plan
  • 80 GB Disk Space
  • 800 GB Bandwidth
  • FREE LSWS Manager
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • 2 GB RAM (pMEM)
  • 90 Concurrent connections (EP)
  • 80 processes (nPROC)
  • 1.5MB/s I/O
  • Add-on Domains 10
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • Free Website Builder

Semi Delicated Server -2

Choose Plan
  • 120 GB Disk Space
  • 1.2 TB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • FREE LSWS Manager
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • 2.5 GB RAM (pMEM)
  • 125 Concurrent connections (EP)
  • 100 processes (nPROC)
  • 2.5MB/s I/O
  • Free Website Builder

Semi Dedicated Server 3

Choose Plan
  • 150 GB Disk Space
  • 1.5 TB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • FREE LSWS Manager
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • 3 GB RAM (pMEM)
  • 125 Concurrent connections (EP)
  • 100 processes (nPROC)
  • 3 MB/s I/O
  • Free Website Builder

Design a Custom
Open Journal System

Navicosoft is a premier IT company that provides technical support and premium services of OJS websites and open journal publishing. We are here serving several educational institutes, research institutes, and academic professionals worldwide for more than one decade. As your path towards better open journal publishing, we ensure to have such OJS 3 Developer who can build responsive and content-rich websites. We understand your societal needs and how you want to move among them, so we make sure to: 

  • Give tones of inspiration.
  • Give smart reading for smart people!

Start Your Custom Open Journal System with us!

Our OJS 3 developers have complete grip and proficiency over Custom Open Journal System & PKP Websites Theme Development and customization. We ensure to meet such procedures that eventually meet quality standards. Our team of programming is made up of leading experts in open journal publishing technology and excellent web development skills! We make sure to clarify what you need and then provide solutions. Our aim is not the mere implementation of OJS working, but to document all the customizations to make sure any further upgrades to be implemented quickly.

Join us for your OJS 3 development!

We use the advanced techniques empowered by innovation to make things happen. We create a virtual world of open journal publishing through the advanced ojs pkp. With the enhanced user interface navigation and themes, Our workflow with ojs3 is highly dynamic and more customizable than ojs2(an earlier version of ojs). We make sure to include an improved feedback system for each editorial stage to track the workflow critical to the submission system workflow. We are super excited to offer full support and services of ojs3, including upgrades from ojs2 to ojs3, managed hosting, and customization. Upgrading ojs is a crucial task, but our team of experts is here to do it correctly!

We Offer A Variety of themes of Custom Open Journal System

Custom Open Journal System & PKP Websites Theme Development is not limited to mere fancy graphics. We are here providing such type of PKP, OJS 3 development that gives a unique identity to your brand. We make sure to provide a custom facelift for your OJS website. After intense thinking and innovational ideas, we create clean, eye-catching, and flexible PKP OJS themes to make sure your OJS websites get noticed.
Navicosoft has vast experience in creating visually appealing OJS templates and OJS plugins. Our team is trained enough to make a perfect design with proper functionality.
Our team is proficient enough to customize any ojs feature with the specialty of following customizations:
  • Theme Customization
  • Plugin Customization
  • Workflow Customization

Enjoy A Variety of Themes With Us!

We are providing various layouts and multiples Custom Open Journal System PKP Websites Theme Development that perfectly matches your work theme.


Classic Themes

If you are at the starter stages of your journal, our classic themes are a perfect match for you as it gives the best user experience with their clean, clear, and flexible outlook.


Modern OJS Themes

Our modern OJS themes will give you a responsive experience on all devices. The themes made with bootstrap implementation are user-friendly and aesthetically refined.


Custom Themes

Our custom themes are not just a simple layout or design but contain exclusive features and functionalities, including headers, footers, menu customization, etc.

Key features of our themes:

  • 1-click installation
  • 100% Plugin Based
  • Fully Optimized
  • Custom header & footer
  • SEO compatible
  • 100% responsive
  • Multiple layouts
  • Unlimited Colors

Features of Custom Open Journal System

  • Editorial System Development
  • Ojs Plugin Development
  • Server-side Development
  • Quality Assurance & testing
  • Post-Development Debugging
  • System Modifications
  • API Integration
  • Code Maintenance
  • Server-side Development
  • Post-Development Support

What we offer for
Custom Open Journal System

Paypal Integration

We provide ojs services with the implementation of PayPal. You can call us any time to ask regarding PayPal integration as well as to get to know whether your journal is working precisely with integration or not!

OJS Migration

Our experts always ensure to help you migrate ojs from the current server to another and essential data.


In case any problems occur on your journal site, we make sure to assist you at once. You may contact us at any time and get the help of our expert team.

Why Navicosoft for
Custom Open Journal System?

We are committed to our duty and give you a chance to disseminate your knowledge in articles. We, as a team of OJS professionals, are trusted by thousands of clients across the globe due to 100% success rates.


Our team is entirely focused on providing dedicated OJS products and services.


We always share brief reports to clear up any confusion between you and us.


Our team is actively participating in improving OJS software and provides the highest quality of services possible!


Our priority is our clients, and always aim to serve them as best as we can!

Elevate Your Academic Publishing with Navicosoft's OJS Development Services

In the realm of academic publishing, Open Journal Systems (OJS) has emerged as a transformative force. Navicosoft specializes in OJS development, offering a wide range of services to ensure your scholarly publications thrive in the digital age.

Unveiling the Power of Open Journal System

Our expertise in OJS extends beyond the surface. We understand the nuances of Open Journal System, providing comprehensive solutions that streamline your publishing process, enhance reader experience, and elevate the online presence of your journals.

Crafting Bespoke OJS Themes for Your Journals

In the world of academic publishing, the look and feel of your journals matter. Navicosoft excels in creating tailor-made OJS themes and templates, ensuring your publications not only showcase quality content but also reflect your brand’s identity.

Unlocking the Potential of OJS 3 Themes

OJS 3 brings a new dimension to academic publishing, and our OJS 3 theme development services are designed to unlock its full potential. With our expertise, your journals will shine in the digital realm.

OJS Templates that Enhance Reader Experience

We recognize the importance of reader experience. Our meticulously designed OJS templates guarantee that your readers have an intuitive and enjoyable experience, fostering engagement and loyalty.

Beyond Ordinary – Navicosoft’s OJS Theme Expertise

As an OJS development leader, Navicosoft goes beyond ordinary. Our deep-rooted expertise in OJS theme development ensures your journals stand out, making a lasting impact in the academic publishing landscape.

In conclusion, Navicosoft’s OJS Development Services are tailored to meet the unique needs of academic publishers. From Open Journal Systems (OJS) to OJS themes and templates, we provide comprehensive solutions that empower your scholarly publications to excel in the digital age. Choose Navicosoft as your OJS partner and take your academic publishing to new heights.

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