Dedicated Server Europe

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Now grasp and rent a Dedicated Server Europe with Cryptocurrency.

Dedicated Server Europe Prices and Plans

Athens D1

$675/ mo*
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  • Region: Europe
  • Country: Greece
  • Processor: Xeon E3-1270 v3
  • Speed: 3.5 GHz
  • Cores: 4
  • RAM: 32 GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive: 2× 480 GB (SSD SATA)
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered Fair Usage
  • Max IPs: 1
  • Uplink: 1 Gbps

Athens D2

$750/ mo*
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  • Region: Europe
  • Country: Greece
  • Processor: Xeon E3-1220 v2
  • Speed: 3.1 GHz
  • Cores: 4
  • RAM: 32 GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive: 2× 480 GB (SSD SATA)
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered Fair Usage
  • Max IPs: 1
  • Uplink: 1 Gbps

Athens D3

$2142/ mo*
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  • Region: Europe
  • Country: Greece
  • Processor: (DUAL) Xeon E5-2640
  • Speed: 2.5 GHz
  • Cores: 6
  • RAM: 32 GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive: 2× 1 TB (HDD SATA)
  • Hard Drive: 2× 480 GB (SSD SATA)
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered Fair Usage
  • Max IPs: 1
  • Uplink: 1 Gbps

Best Hosting Dedicated Server with Premium Add-Ons

Grab a dedicated server to actualize robust security, scalability, and customized plans to host your applications and websites. At Navicosoft, the best dedicated server company in Europe, we believe a powerful web presence can be a gamechanger, leading to business success. Therefore, we strive to help you create a stronger web identity with our DDoS protected dedicated server. Furthermore, our feature-packed dedicated server Europe offers guaranteed performance and maximum resources at affordable prices.
When you buy dedicated server with us, you can get the dedicated server with cPanel to enjoy more control. So now, you can decide on all the configurations of your starter or enterprise-level website with full root access down to all resources. In addition, we make sure our technical support team professionally assists you 24/7 with our Bare Metal Server Hosting in Europe.


Best dedicated server providers in Europe with Unlimited Bandwidth and Server Monitoring

Being the Best Dedicated Server Hosting in Europe, we have developed a powerful hosting platform backed by our advanced data centers in the EU. In addition, our team periodically checks each port of your low cost dedicated server hosting in EU. Therefore, you can trust our
dedicated server windows hosting for high-end network, bandwidth, maximum uptime, and fast speed.
Furthermore, you can expect complete privacy for your cheap dedicated server in Europe with no sharing at all. We don’t only
ensure high resource allocation, but our cheapest windows dedicated server hosting also covers our clients’ queries with 24/7 technical support.That is exactly why we are the prime dedicated server provider in Europe.

  • Europeian tier III data centers
  • Constant server monitoring & maintenance
  • No extra or hidden setup charges

Dedicated Server Web Hosting That You Want to Choose

Advanced Control Panels

You can choose your desired OS from Linux and Windows with each of our affordable dedicated server in Europe packages. Furthermore, we offer improved control panels with our Europeian dedicated server price plans. So, you can easily manage resources, including emails, domains, and more, by acquiring cPanel/ WHM on Linux or Plesk on Windows from us.

Stringent Security

Our WordPress dedicated server comes fully secured with valuable security practices, including spam protection, round-the-clock website monitoring, and more. Get our DDoS protected dedicated server to PROTECT YOUR SITE at all times. Besides being the best dedicated server providers, we charge the modest Europeian bare metal server pricing to buy server in Europe.

Cutting-Edge hardware

We are not just words for offering you the best when you reant a dedicated server in Europe with cryptocurrency with us. In fact, we assemble the top brands and latest technology from CPU, RAM, and storage to network resources. Additionally, periodic maintenance makes sure that the hardware is capable of peak performances and keeps up with the intensive workloads.

Managed Dedicated Server

You can now acquire the best windows dedicated server Europe and Linux dedicated server Europe with managed services. So, no worries if you don’t have technical knowledge. That is, we will manage your cloud dedicated server. We take care of your server from backups to updates, PHP scripts, server installations, and more, along with full-time support.

Root Access

Our dedicated server EU offers full administrative access and control over your resources and settings for our advanced users. Also, we don’t have any hidden costs for this access. So, you can leverage dedicated server reseller with a centralized control panel and manage your low cost dedicated server hosting in EU.

Fully-Secured Bare Metal Dedicated Servers in Europe

Your business success matters to us, so we impart a special focus on the performance, from security to uptime and features. Being a reputed bare metal
cloud provider in Europe we render our exceptionally Fast Dedicated Server Hosting for your website and business. In addition,
buy dedicated server online and get premium features including the hardware RAID controller
and additional dedicated IPs. 

Freedom to choose the Managed & Unmanaged Server with affordable Dedicated Server Hosting Price in Europe

Renting dedicated server in EU without spending more doesn’t have to be hard. Being the best bare metal service in Europe, we provide the unmanaged, semi-managed, and managed dedicated server at an economical cost of dedicated server beyond expectations.
Advanced users can buy dedicated server in Europe and decide all by themselves for their servers. Similarly, if you prefer a semi-managed mode, we help you with hardware, operating system, and basic configuration issues and pass on the rest to you.
Also, our non-expert users can rent didicated server in EU with bitcoin in managed option. That way, our team can assist you with the server, configurations, all the way to backups, including 24/7 technical support.

Why should Navicosoft be your choice for the Cheapest Bare Metal Server in Europe?

  • Here are a few reasons that mark us as the reliable provider for dedicated server with Windows and Linux dedicated server in the hosting market.
  • We possess tier III data centers with state-of-the-art cooling systems to provide the best bare metal service in Europe. Therefore, our hosting environment has a maximum uptime of 99.9%.
  • Guaranteed network uptime, blazing-fast speeds, and DDoS protection come paired with our dedicated server with SSD storage. Dedicated server EU matching your needs & budget with plan up-gradation anytime.
  • We offer Webhosting dedicated server in full and semi-dedicated server options. Also, you can pay for the dedicated server Europe with bitcoin and any other secure payment method. 
  • When buying a dedicated server Europe from us, we offer IPv4 & IPv6 IP addresses. So, you can enjoy up to 5 additional IPs and subnet masks with Dedicated server Europe plans.

Your Questions, Our Answers

What do you mean by a cheap dedicated server in Europe?

Dedicated server is the highest level of hosting as you get complete isolation and resource allocation alongside out-and-out control on the server. With that control, you have the upper hand in managing your server, including OS installation, configuration, backups, and so on, per your preferences. Also, you can easily rent the server at an economical dedicated server price in Europe. Therefore, a dedicated server is best for commercial to enterprise-level websites and applications.

Is dedicated server hosting in EU different from VPS hosting?

Yes, both are hosting types and have fair differences. EU VPS hosting gives virtualized spaces to multiple users by portioning the same server with virtualization technology seeming to be dedicated resources for each user. On the other hand, the dedicated server Europe comes fully dedicated, be it the resources, privacy, security, or the full root access down the server.

Why should I get bare metal server hosting in Europe?

Our cheapest dedicated server hosting Europe matches your specifications if you are looking for high-level security and improved application and data performance. In addition, with complete isolations, no users influence you. Furthermore, you can enjoy full root access, premium hardware, and up to 5 IP addresses for your dedicated server EU hosting environment.

What payment choices are available to pay for a cheap dedicated server in Europe?

At Navicosoft, the rental dedicated server comes with all the comfort, security, and reliability you expect. Considering our large client base convenience, we accept a number of secure payment options for fast and easy payments. Now you can easily choose your favorite payment gateway without worrying about your location on the globe. So, you can choose from the following payment methods to buy dedicated server suitable for your needs.

  • Credit Card/Debit Card
  • Skrill
  • Cryptocurrencies(BTC)
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer

What should I choose from Shared Hosting or didicated server in Europe?

It is pretty simple; you can decide according to your website scale and needs. Shared hosting means sharing the same server with many users at less pricing but with users’ influence on each other. However, dedicated hosting means leasing a whole server for you only with no sharing and user influence at all. Thus, shared hosting will be best if you have a startup website, while a dedicated server works best when it is about large websites, increased traffic, or stringent security.

How to get a custom plan with abundant features for a low cost dedicated server in Europe?

We make things easier for you, be it the customization or the pricing. Keeping upfront with the unique requirements of different websites and applications, we offer dedicated server for rent in Europe according to your preferences. You can go with a specific OS or extra/ certain amount of resources, bandwidth, IPs, security, etc., for your server. Brief our support team about your requirements and get ready to sign up with custom dedicated server plans at the right pricing.