Dedicated Server Saudi Arabia

It’s time to buy best dedicated server saudi arabia at market competitive rates.

We have best reliable servers with dedicated data centers in Riyadh.

Dedicated Server Saudi Arabia Prices and Plans

Riyadh D1

$1663.2/ mo*
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  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Processor: Xeon E3-1230
  • Speed: 3.2 GHz
  • Cores: 4
  • RAM: 4 GB DDR4
  • Hard Drive: 1× 1 TB (HDD SATA)
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered Fair Usage
  • Max IPs: 1
  • Uplink: 100 Mbps

Riyadh D2

$2016/ mo*
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  • Region: Asia
  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Processor: Xeon E3-1230
  • Speed: 3.2 GHz
  • Cores: 4
  • RAM: 6 GB DDR4
  • Hard Drive: 2× 1 TB (HDD SATA)
  • Bandwidth: Unmetered Fair Usage
  • Max IPs: 1
  • Uplink: 100 Mbps

Best Customized Cheap Dedicated Server in Saudi Arabia at an Affordable Price

Navicosoft now brings customized cheap dedicated server  with comparatively faster SSDs to host your applications, either large or small, and let them work swiftly. We know your business needs & how to overcome the shortfall of hosting resources for your enterprise-level business site. Therefore, we have got you covered with the most affordable & robust dedicated server Saudi Arabia.

Buy server in Saudi Arabia from us, and enjoy the highest level of security, privacy, speed, and other resource allocation. If you are still not sure if you should go with a Saudi Arabian dedicated server or not, here’s your sign. We have been providing entirely allocated best servers since 2008 with full root access towards configuration. Further, we are dedicated to heeding over the way to customer loyalty with full-time 24/7 customer support.

Fully Secured Cheap Dedicated Server In Riyadh

As a bare-metal cloud provider in Saudi Arabia, we have been thriving by providing the best dedicated server with abundant features. Our dedicated server in Riyadh gives a high-performance hosting platform with an eye on security checks and all ports for bandwidth and other network abnormalities. As a dedicated server provider, we are open to resolving your issues at your convenience. It means you can approach us at any hour of the day just in case your highly commercial or even a personal site is having troubles online.recovery, you can get it all with our managed dedicated server with cpanel. Buy cheapest
dedicated server in Pakistan & enjoy maximum reliable features:

  • An optimized site
  • Constant server maintenance check
  • Dedicated Saudi Arabian server for low latency

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Our Cheap Dedicated Server In Saudi Arabia & With Exclusive Features

Spam Protection

We come up with an elite bare metal service in Saudi Arabia, being the best-dedicated server providers. Our dedicated server has the ability to PROTECT YOUR SITE from spam and other malware attacks. With affordable Saudi bare metal server pricing, we offer fine filtration of harmful content from coming into your inbox.

Fully Reliable

We know how much important it is for your business to be online round the clock. With the supply of the cheapest bare metal server in KSA, we have been known as one of the leading hosting providers. Our fast dedicated server saudi arabiakeeps your site running 24/7 with 99.9% uptime.

Managed Dedicated Server

Even if you are a person with zero technical knowledge, we have something exciting for you. Get our DDOS PROTECTED cheap dedicated server in Saudi Arabia with full-time management. You just have to contact our Linux dedicated server experts & explain your issue. You will get the resolution in minutes.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server

We are here for you, providing the lowest cost of managed dedicated server saudi arabia. With an intuitive dashboard having multiple configuration options available, you can manage your site & take backups as well. You have full control of your OS as well.

Server Management & No Lock-In Contract

No more searching for bare metal server hosting in Saudia with experts’ management as we have got your back. OUR AFFORDABLE WEB HOSTING Dedicated server with SSD storage and LightSpeed caching comes at pocket-friendly dedicated server plans. We bind you in no long-term lock-in contracts & you can switch whenever you want.

Buy Cheap Dedicated Server In Saudi Arabia Via A Leading Provider

It’s time to get a 100% faster solid state dedicated server with cpanel through the best hosting dedicated server provider. With RAID 1 Disks, we deliver unmatched quality and enhanced performance with a wordpress dedicated server saudi arabia.

Now buy a dedicated server online via the best cloud dedicated server company in Saudi Arabia because we have a
dedicated server with DDoS protection, SSD storage, and DDR4 memory.

Managed & Unmanaged Dedicated Server Schemes to Acquire the Most Out of Dedicated Hosting in Saudi Arabia

We know the sensitivity of your business data. Therefore, our dedicated data centers in Saudi Arabia are monitored 24/7 to keep a check on the security & privacy of your data. When you choose us as the provider of your dedicated server windows hosting, we offer you multiple options to either manage your server on your own, get a semi-managed server, or fully managed server as well. If you choose a managed server, our team of dedicated experts will look into all the issues & installations for you. But if you are more into your server OS installation, then you can choose an unmanaged server so that you can do the configuration yourself.


Why NavicoSoft For Cheap Dedicated Server In Saudi Arabia?

  • We give a minimal quote of Saudi Arabia dedicated server price with up to 99% network uptime.
  • Renting a dedicated server saudi arabia from us means you will get a server in the nearest Saudi data center.
  • We give you complete root access to all the server resources. It means you can now manage everything on your own.
  • Whether you need a dedicated server windows or Linux, we have both. Just let us know & get the best prices.
  • Our support team with dedicated server experts is up noon & night. You can contact us anytime to get technical assistance.
  • No matter, what your budget is, we have all the best choices for you with managed, unmanaged & semi-managed servers.

Your Questions, Our Answers

What is a cheap dedicated server in Saudi Arabia?

A dedicated server comes with dedicated resources with no one to share with. If you are running a commercial or a business site or if your site needs extreme security, then a dedicated server is a good choice for you to go with. With a dedicated server, you can manage your server resources as per your choices.

What are some of the benefits of dedicated server hosting?

A dedicated server comes with abundant features & benefits. One of the leading benefits is reliability, durability & accessibility with security. Choose a dedicated server for better site performance . We give complete root access to the server so that you can install OS, get backups, and do whatever you want.

Is there any difference between VPS hosting & dedicated server?

Yes, there is a major difference between Soundest VPS hosting and dedicated server if we dig deep to the core. A VPS simply mimics a dedicated server with the division of one server for multiple users while giving them a copy of resources. A dedicated server, on the other side, is a wholly solely server with dedicated resources & root access. Check out for affordable VPS Hosting in Saudi Arabia and also RDP Saudi Arabia.

Should I choose a dedicated server or a shared server for my site?

It depends on your needs. However, you can deal with whatever you want. A shared server is shared among multiple users, and the data of various people are strong on a single server. Whereas in a dedicated server, a whole server is given to you so that you can manage it accordingly. You can install the server of your choice and make other changes as well.

How can I get a cheap dedicated server in Saudi Arabia with customized features?

Navicosoft is now providing custom plans for a dedicated server. If you are looking for a certain amount of bandwidth, multiple IPs, any extra security features, or a specific OS, we are here to customize your server. Let us know about your needs & requirements, and get the best competitive price for a server with the features of your choice.

Can I Pay Via BTC for a cheap dedicated server in Saudi Arabia?

For sure! We care about your needs & comfort. We are always up trying our best to make things easier for you. No matter in which region you live, we have got the most secured payment gateways for you. You can now pay for a dedicated server via the following payment methods.

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit Card/Debit Card
  • BTC/Altcoin
  • PayPal
  • Skrill