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Ac is short for Academia, meaning the domain which is used with academic institutions let us say; schools, colleges, high schools, universities, and research institutes as well. 

Each country has a distinct domain name like .jp for Japan, .pk for Pakistan, .cn for China, and .be for Belgium. Put their specific domain name right after .ac domain, a second-level domain if they are getting .ac domain for their academic institutes.


Keeping the fact in mind that although both domains are used for educational purposes, they are slightly different. .edu is specifically made for educational places, whereas .ac is used with academic institutes. So saying that they both are the same will be a little bit wrong.


For opening any academic institute in Cyprus, you need to use, .ac.cy domain as .ac refers to Academia and .cy is a country top-level domain. Cyprus, as a very well-developed country, has a huge number of academic institutes which are needed to be registered legally.
The domain registration process is simply the procedure of obtaining .ac.cy domain from a domain registrar company. Depending on the pricing strategy, a domain’s purpose is to control data traffic on the website and to make the web site live.


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For getting your domain registered, the following protocols must have to be fulfilled:

  • The domain .ac.cy can only be registered for people opening academic institutes in Cyprus.
  • Specifications required for registering a domain for a person are the name, address, telephone, and email address of a person.
  • Particulars, as are necessary for registering a domain for a company, are the company’s name, address, and email.

Assemble these and get ready to have a .ac.cy domain.