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A domain name is the main address of any website that anyone types in the browser to get access to the site. IP addresses served the motive of domain initially, detecting them hard to recollect, resulting in the introduction of domains later.


Talking about .org, we are referring to one of the top-level domain—the domain explicitly designed to work in specialized areas, including non-profit organizations, clubs, and groups.

Please do not get confused about the use of .org.

Although it is not as popular as .com, still, if you are going to come up with services without profits or incentives and just for humanity prosperity, then indubitably, you are searching the right one.



.CY domain providing the domain of Cyprus can help you to start a new business or merchandize in Cyprus. We are here to help you get that domain in Cyprus, which is considered an elite one.

The relationship between .org and .cy seems to be very simple in a way that if any non-profit organization has to start its work in Cyprus, then it can be done using .org and .cy


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