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This domain is for big companies organizations, and enterprises, it is the final choice for any organization for showing their work to the people of Pakistan.

Navicosoft provides direct registration services for the .org.pk domain names with the Pakistani Domains Registry.

The .org.pk domain name presents a great opportunity for local and international companies wanting to represent their business in Pakistan.

By registering a .org.pk domain name, your company can provide relevant and localized information about your product and services.

Local domain names such as .org.pk for Pakistan give your company a professional image, which demonstrates proof of your commitment to local customers. By targeting the local Pakistani market, you can maximize your company’s revenues.

As we know that .Org name is derived from Organization. So .Org.PK domain extension is specially designed or reserved for all type of organizations in Pakistan. If you are running an organization in Pakistan Like School, small company, any organization or communities then .Org.PK domain extension is the best choice for your website domain name and for your internet appearance over internet in Pakistan to make your organization better. .Org.PK domain is available for any type of organizations as mentioned above except illegal or non-registered organizations. .Org.PK domain extension’s registration, renewal and transfer activity is handled by PKNIC in Pakistan or we can say that all the rights are reserved for PKNIC to register, Renew and transfer a .Org.PK domain because PKNIC is the main registrar and Sponsor of .Org.PK domain in Pakistan. Like all other .PK .Org.PK domain also be register for minimum two years, you cannot register an .Org.PK domain less than two years. There are many companies in Pakistan who can register your .Org.PK domain but Navicosoft is the best and cheapest company in Pakistan who can register and renew your .Org.PK domain in very low price. You can compare our low and cheap prices for .Org.PK domain with any company in Pakistan. You can contact us any time to get .org.net domain extension.


  1. Org.Pk Domain is a second level country code domain, reserved for Pakistan.
  2. All companies and Organizations which situated in Pakistan can register .Org.Pk Domain.
  3. If you have Pakistan CNIC then you can register .Org.Pk Domain from anywhere.
  4. You can not register a .Org.Pk Domain for any illegal process or work.
  5. .Org.Pk Domain is not an Internationalize domain extension.
  6. All PKNIC reseller (Navicosoft) have authority to register a .Org.Pk Domain.
  7. All Pakistani residential can get .Org.Pk Domain easily.

Why .ORG.PK Domain Through Navicosoft?

There are many registrars offering .ORG.PK Domain Name Registration but Navicosoft offers full domain ownership with the cheapest ever rates for .ORG.PK Domain Name Registration making it different from other Domain Name Providers. You can also become a .ORG.PK Domain Reseller by getting domain names from us in low costs and resell .ORG.PK Domain names in the rates as you wish.
What kind of characters can be used in a domain name and how long can it be?

When choosing a domain name always remember the following restrictions:
The only valid characters for a ..Org.PK domain name are letters, numbers and the symbol “-“.
A name has to start with a digit and end with a digit.
Dashes cannot begin or end your domain name. A .Org.PK domain can not contain hyphens in the third and fourth positions (e.g. www.ab- -cd..Org.Pk).
You can’t use symbols (such as ‘ + . , | ! ” £ $ % & / ( ) = ? ^ * ç ° § ; : _ > ] [ @ ), or spaces or stressed vowels (such as à, é, ò, í).
Your registration will not be accepted if your web name doesn’t follow the above limitations.