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.TEL is the domain extension designed to give users a place to publish contact information and is unlike other extensions as it will not host websites. It is operated by Telnic .Org and can be registered by anyone for a minimum one year period.

Join the Only Real-Time, Global Directory!

.TEL transforms the way businesses and individuals communicate and stay in touch.

  • Store your data. .TEL acts as a warehouse for all of your contact information. You can store, update, and publish all your contact information, Web links, and keywords directly to the Internet under your own unique domain name.
  • Protect your privacy. Your .TEL site lets you control what information is publicly viewable and what is private.
  • Share your site. Share your .TEL address with a friend or business contact and they’ll instantly have access to all your contact information.
  • Be accessible from anywhere! Your .TEL site is accessible from any Internet-enabled device including traditional cell phones, Blackberrys, iPhones, PDAs, computers, and more.
  • No website needed. You don’t have to design, host, or manage a Website in order to create your own.TEL site.

Express Your Individuality

No matter how you choose to stay in contact with the world (via mail, email, phone, cell, fax, skype, instant messenger, social networking sites, and more), you can post all your contact information to one easily accessible place. No matter how often you move, change jobs, change your phone number, or update your favorite Web links, your friends and family will have immediate access to your latest information.

Boost Your Business

A .TEL domain is a perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. No matter if you’re a global company with local offices or a local company looking to grow globally, a .TEL domain puts contact information at your customers’ fingertips.

In addition to including your company’s basic contact information on your .TEL site, you can create a hierarchical data structure, enabling customers to visit your .TEL address and drill down to find the contact information most pertinent to their needs.

Customers can access your company information from any Internet-enabled device. If they’re on the run and all they have is their cell phone, no problem! They can type your Company .tel into their phone browser and instantly your information is displayed.

Use .TEL to:

  • Route customers to appropriate departments and locations
  • Increase online discoverability
  • Connect with your customers from any device
  • Gain an effective mobile presence


Creating your .TEL web page

The .TEL domain is different from all other domain names. Because .TEL is meant to be a sort of online directory, you will not be able to develop a normal web page. All .TEL pages must be hosted through TelNic and located on their name servers. If you have an account with another web host, you will not be able to add your .TEL domain to that account. To get a better idea of what a .TEL page looks like, and what information you will be able to include in it, check out justin.TEL.

This is not another .COM, .NET, .ORG, or ccTLD. DotTEL is not about website content; it is about allowing individuals and businesses to store their information in DNS without having to build, host, or maintain a website. This is the mother of all phone books. Your .TEL will function as an all-encompassing contact point for your life. Here are just a few ideas of what this can include:

Restrictions on .TEL domain name registrations

.TEL is open to anyone, similar to .COM, .ORG, or .NET.