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Are you a traditional business looking to build your online presence? Or are you an enthusiastic entrepreneur looking to launch your E-commerce website? Choosing a domain name that is an exact match with your business can be tricky. Worse still, getting tricked by a domain name registration company who trap you into buying a cheap domain name online to get to know the hidden costs later is also an experience you are not looking forward to. Trust Navicosoft to take care of the complete domain registration process. We will also love to be your host on the Internet. So, let’s get started!


Domain Pricing

Our domain pricing is fully transparent. There are no hidden fees. It’s your one-stop-shop, please buy & manage all of your domain name in a user friendly control panel.

Extensions Registration Renew
.com$13.88 for one year$16.50 for one year
.net$17.97 for one year$17.97 for one year
.org$17.97 for one year$17.97 for one year
.biz$18.90 for one year$18.90 for one year
.us$11.69 for one year$11.69 for one year
.info$23.00 for one year$23.00 for one year
.co.uk$14.85 for one year$14.85 for one year
.com.pk$25.71 for two years$25.71 for two years
.pk$25.71 for two years$25.71 for two years
.org.uk$14.85 for one year$14.85 for one year
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Generic TLDs

The gTLDs (generic top-level domains) are global extensions. Because they have worldwide recognition, they appeal to all kinds of customers. Examples include .com, .net and .biz.

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Country Code TLDs

The ccTLDs (country code top-level domains) are country- or region-specific extensions. They're great for connecting with customers in specific locations. Examples include .de (Germany)

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Prominent Domain Name Features

Free Instant Domain Registration

Get a free instant Domain Registration with web hosting plan to host your site. We will register your domain within a minute.

Protect Your Privacy

You may keep your personal detail private with domain privacy i.e. Whois privacy service which protects the identity of the user.

Domain Locking

You may lock down your Domain Name to prevent unauthorized transfers. You can also unlock it for transfer at any time.

Other Domain Name Features

  • Domain Management Panel: Our user-friendly control panel provides you full control to make changes at any time.
  • Free email & web forwarding: You may redirect emails to a different email address with our email forwarding service. With web forwarding, you may point multiple domains to an existing site.
  • Renewals: Renew your domain for up to 15 years. You may also set them to auto-renew for your satisfaction.
  • Transfers: You can quickly transfer your existing Domain Name, which you may have with other registrars, to Navicosoft, and take advantage of our cheap Domain Registration services.
  • Ownership: 100% Domain Name Registration in your name

What is a Domain Registration?

Domain Registration is the process of purchasing a domain name from a domain name registrar. Domain names attach with a wide range of prices, depending on the domain name and how much traffic or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) potential the domain has. If you have a good idea for a web site development, you will need a domain registration to go with it. Navicosoft is the best World’s pioneer domain registration company who will give you the cheap price, best features, customer service and reliability for your domain registration. When you get domain registration, you are provided with a domain management panel from where you may change the settings of your domain as where to point it. For example, you may point your domain to the hosting account where your website files are located.

Why Navicosoft?

You must be wondering why Navicosoft when there are many other options available, some of which are even claiming to offer free domains. Let’s summarize the benefits:

  • Extensive experience: being a pioneer in digital marketing, web hosting, and domain registration, we know the challenges customers encounter over the Internet and overcome them through experience.
  • Best prices: we have got a vast selection of low-priced unique domain names to choose from – and there are no hidden costs. If you are out to buy a cheap domain- you have come to the right place.
  • 24/7 Support: our customer care and support team is always available to respond to your queries whether you choose to contact us through telephone, email, or live chat
  • Huge Customer Base: we have been helping businesses get online since 2008. Due to the hard work which our team has put in over the years, we can proudly say that hundreds of websites trust us with their business

Cheap Domain Registration

Navicosoft has helped thousands of businesses get online since 2004. Whatever name you require for domain registration, we can provide it – together with top quality support, we will have you and your business online in no time. Navicosoft include everything you need with just the basic domain registration fee. There’s no hidden costs or extra fees of domain registration.


What is a Domain Name?

Put simply; a domain name is a fancy alternate for your website’s internet address. How cool would look in place of www.navicosoft.com? It is usually a business’s exact name followed with an extension i.e., .com, .net, .edu, etc.

What is Domain Name Registration?

It is the process of securing your preferred or chosen domain name with a Domain Name Registrar.

Why are some Domain Names so expensive?

Like all other things, it’s all about supply and demand. A generic name like, for example, pizza.com attracts a considerable market. The price may also depend upon how much traffic or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) potential the domain has.

What other things does Navicosoft do?

We provide web hosting, digital marketing, website design, and web development services in addition to Domain Registration.

Do I get a money-back guarantee with Navicosoft?

Yes. If you find any of our products or services not up to your satisfaction, we offer 15 days money-back guarantee.

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