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Domain Transfer

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Why to Cheap Transfer a Domain Name?

Transfer and secure your domain name now

While you do domain transfer to Navicosoft, you get assured that your domain name gets a 1-year renewal for some extensions including .com, .org, and .net while some other domains like PK Domain have some other way to get transferred.

Domain transfer

Generic TLDs

The gTLDs (generic top-level domains) are global extensions. Because they have worldwide recognition, they appeal to all kinds of customers. Examples include .com, .net and .biz.

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Country Code TLDs

The ccTLDs (country code top-level domains) are country- or region-specific extensions. They're great for connecting with customers in specific locations. Examples include .de (Germany)

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Free DNS Management

Based in Lahore, Pakistan (PK), Navicosoft's huge network of DNS servers spread across the US and Europe makes sure that the domain & Hosting transfer process becomes easy and possible as we follow all domain name transfer rules by ICANN to make things happen in a timely manner with no wastage of time.

Cheap Domain Transfer

Navicosoft provides free transfer of your domain with hosting as well as without hosting while you don't need to change your host. Navicosoft provides transfer coupon codes with time to time that you can avail to get special discounts to get cheap transfer.

How to Transfer ?

Navicosoft is a top domain name provider with it's roots in US while we provide domain transfer services in all over the world including Saudi Arabia and Dubai

24/7 Support

Our Navicosoft support staffers are some of the nicest, most knowledgeable people in the industry. And they just happen to be available 24/7 to guide you through the purchase process and answer your questions. You can also consult our vast Knowledgebase for self-study at any time.


If I register my domain from one registrar, can I switch on any other registrar later?

Yes, you can transfer your domain from one registrar to another registrar. It is your right to switch any time. Suppose you see that the existing registrar is not suitable for you or is not providing good customer support. In that case, you can switch your registrar following the simple process of transfer. You can even migrate your website’s data to a new registrar with the same domain name.

How can I transfer my domain to NavicoSoft?

Our domain transfer process is so simple and easy to follow. We care about your comfort, therefore, put no extra burden on you. You can follow the following steps to transfer your domain to us anytime

  • Place a request to your existing registrar to issue an EPP code.
  • Provide us with the EPP code, and let us place your order.
  • Make the domain transfer fee payment.
  • Your domain will be transferred in a short while.

How long does the domain transfer process take place?

The domain transfer period depends upon the type of domain being transferred. Although we do instant domain transfers at our end, it still takes several days to fully transfer the domain. Nothing can be done to accelerate the transfer process. As long as you have done everything correctly, the transfer can take between thirty minutes to seven days.

How can I unlock my domain?

You can get your domain unlocked by placing the request of unlocking from your client area. If you have registered the domain in the last 60 days or have transferred it from another registrar, you won’t be able to unlock the domain until 60 days are over. You need to unlock the domain to transfer it.

Can I pay the domain transfer fee via BTC?

Yes, you can. We accept various payments methods, and BTC is one of them. Not only BTC, but you can pay the fee through the following methods:

  • Via BTC
  • Via Credit Card
  • Via Bank Transfer
  • Via Paypal

My domain is expired. Can I make it a transfer?

Well, as long as the domain is associated with you, you can transfer it anywhere you want. It does not matter either the domain is expired or not, just get the EPP code from your current registrar, and proceed to the transfer process. Make sure to get the right code because the wrong code can lead to interrupted transfers, eventually resulting in unwanted delays.

What Our Clients Say

Alsa Pakistan

I have been having the issues, trying to get my word and awareness about my services out there to the public and I approached the digital media software company called NavicoSoft. Navicosoft has done an amazing job in setting my website, arranging my digital media platform.They know what they exactly doing. I recommend NavicoSoft

Dr. Tahir Yunus
Designation: Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgeon


We were googling companies for development and hosting companies navicosoft was the only one that seemed to have the potential to provide us with what we were looking for. I would definitely recommend navicosoft for hosting, design, and development services.

Susaana Markus
Sales Manager


Navicosoft team, I would say, was very cooperative, very qualified, and knew what they claimed to know, which is great. They help us with everything from development to marketing. Definitely recommend Navicosoft to anyone who is looking to build a website and market it.

Conell Richard
Marketing Manager

Technology Works

Some times back, due to search engine optimization changes, our ratings suddenly went down. We were in huge trouble, and we were looking for a company who could help us come out of this problem quickly. Navicosoft provided us with amazing services, and our website traffic was back to normal in just a few weeks, and we were out of disaster.

John Richard