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.com domain with .cy

FIND YOUR .com.cy tld DOMAIN

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Register your .com.cy domain as low as $123.60/year

What is .com.cy tld?

Having a domain name before starting a business is as important as the business itself. Domain names representing the countries have a strong impact on commercial websites.
.cy domain is mainly associated with an island in the Eastern Mediterranean called Cyprus located near Turkey, a place that is a major attraction for tourists for its beauty. Cyprus, being an alluring island, also has a fast-growing economy. Are you interested in targeting any company in Cyprus?
A lot of established industries are also residing in Cyprus. Do you want to be a part of this industry then navicosoft is here to provide services. Get your .cy domain registered with .com for a commercial web site, as.com is used for a commercial web site.

Why .cy tld through navicosoft?

Not every company provides the domain of .com.cy. Here the question arises that which companies are offering it? We are proud to announce that Navicosoft is strongly recommended for getting an efficient .com.cy tld.

Why navicosoft is the best choice?

We are providing a massive collection of low priced domain extensions, without any hidden costs.

  • Our .cy domain will help you to get the opportunity of running your pursuit in the local market and giving your rivals the stoppage.
  • We offer .com.cy domain with 24/7 customer support.


We are providing you an excellent chance to get a domain by paying online through a credit card or bank transfer as well. So do not waste your time, if you want a domain of .com.cy, contact us as early as possible.

Purpose of choosing .com.cy

.cy is a country domain for Cyprus, just like .pk is for Pakistan. Having a specific domain for each country is very important. The purpose of purchasing .cy tld is to associate yourself with the business companies located in Cyprus. Cyprus, being a well-developed nation, has a good impact on the world. People are purchasing their domains in bulk.

.com.cy domain availability

If you are confused about the availability of this domain, check it through our domain checker that is given on our official web site. Go to the domain registration tab and search top level, second level, or third level.

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