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.gob.pk domain


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Register your .gob.pk domain as low as $27.63/year

Gob.pk special domain extension is for Pakistan biggest province Baluchistan,s government institutes and departments. Only registered departments can get this high rank domain extension.


Baluchistan is one of the four provinces of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is the biggest province of Pakistan by area. Cover 347,190 square kilometer area of Pakistan out of 796,096 square kilometers. Either it is a small province by population, but the fact it’s that only Pakistan’s 5 percent population live in Baluchistan. This bigger province of Pakistan plays a vital role in increasing, the economy of Pakistan. Mostly people professionally belong to industries in Baluchistan. Now trend of Internet marketing and computer technologies also increasing day by day in Baluchistan. Every institute, business, organization and person in Baluchistan wishes to make his/her own website and make its internet appearance. For this purpose people are looking for the best hosting company to register a domain name. A specific domain extension is reserved for Baluchistan by the name of gob.pk.


.Gob.Pk designed for the all government departments of Baluchistan. So if you belong to Baluchistan then you are eligible to get gob.pk domain extension for your government department. Navicosoft is one of the top reseller of gob.pk domains. We are providing very cheap and low price gob.pk domain extension. You can get gob.pk domain from us at very low prices. Our gob.pk domain registration and gob.pk renewal prices are very low. Compare our prices for gob.pk with any other company in Pakistan we proudly say that you will find us a company who register and transfer all government extensions domain in very reasonable prices.

  1. It is a second level country code domain, reserved for Pakistan.
  2. All Registered Baluchistan Govt Departments in Pakistan can register .Gob.PK Domain.
  3. You can register .Gob.Pk domain for only Baluchistan Government Departments.
  4. If you are leading any Government Department in Baluchistan then you can get .Gob.pk domain extension for your Department website.

What kind of characters can be used in a domain name and how long can it be?

When choosing a domain name always remember the following restrictions:
The only valid characters for a .Gob.PK domain name are letters, numbers and the symbol “-“.
A name has to start with a digit and end with a digit.
Dashes cannot begin or end your domain name. A .Gob.PK domain can not contain hyphens in the third and fourth positions (e.g. www.ab- -cd.Gob.PK).
You can’t use symbols (such as ‘ + . , | ! ” £ $ % & / ( ) = ? ^ * ç ° § ; : _ > ] [ @ ), or spaces or stressed vowels (such as à, é, ò, í).
The minimum length of a domain under the top level domain .Gob.PK is 4 characters, the maximum length is 67 characters.
Your registration will not be accepted if your web name doesn’t follow the above limitations.

Domain name registration term allowance:

The .Gob.PK domain Name duration: 2,4,6,8 upto 10 years registration are possible at one time.

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