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Register your .pro.cy domain as low as $102.85/year

What is the .pro domain?

.pro domain specially designed for professional use is determined to be used by permitted professional—a domain bespeaking professionalism and eminence with exposure of authentication and accreditation. Businesses with professional credentials are always entitled to get this domain beyond any doubts.

Why do you need a .pro domain?

Maintaining certitude in business is truly a grueling task to accomplish. Having a .pro domain gives a credible effect on your business as this domain is only given to vocations who have a proficient license.  .pro domain provides a good impact on you merchandise beyond any doubts.

What is .cy?

.cy chiefly refers to the domain name of a country naming Cyprus, a small island right near Egypt. Registration is properly restricted to the citizens of Cyprus. The land being mature due to its economy, have a lot of organizations and business in it. Any business or any organization having the domain of .cy can quickly work in that place.

Relationship between .pro and .cy:

Talking about the interconnection between .pro and .cy, we know that .pro domain is used by licensed merchandize. Having a .pro domain makes a business more credible and secure than before. .cy domain we know before is a country domain for Cyprus. So when we talk about .pro and .cy, we mean having a licensed business in the country Cyprus. Increasing the chances of secure merchandize, it makes us eligible to work competently there.

Where to get .pro.cy TLD?

.cy domain is specifically designed for Cyprus citizens. Just the way .pk is designed for Pakistanis. Taking precautions while purchasing a domain is the supreme task. Navicosoft being a very well-known hosting company is now providing you .cy domain with .pro!

Why .pro.cy via navicosoft?

Navicosoft being one of the well-deemed web hosting companies, provides its services with high proficiency and low costs. We assure you that you are going to get the best web hosting through us.

  • .pro.cy domain helps you to initialize licensed merchandize in Cyprus and enhance your brand as well. We are providing you this domain with 24/7 customer support.
  • Our experts can provide aid in getting new domain or renewing the old one through our online portal anytime.
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