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Cheap .Com Domain


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How .COM Domain is better for you?

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The .com domain is the oldest and most popular TLD (top-level domain) on the internet. It’s the gold standard for businesses and the first thing people think of when they go searching online. If a user doesn’t know your exact web address, chances are he or she will type in your business name followed by “.com.”

Visibility and credibility – that’s why .com domain names are in demand. You can purchase, hire, get, search, register, renew bulk dot com domains in real time while paying through paypal or bank transfer.
cheap .com domain

.COM is the most recognized domain extension in the world

The “com” in .com stands for commercial, which is why the extension is so popular with businesses. Even so, the .com extension isn’t exclusively for business use. Any individual, organization or company can register a .com name. If you already have a .biz or .net site, consider supplementing it with a .com, to protect your brand and generate more site traffic.

Why buy .Com Domain Through Navicosoft ?


. We offer .com domain at the most competitive price

There are many registrars offering .Com Domain Name Registration but Navicosoft based in Lahore Pakistan offers full domain ownership with the cheapest ever rates for .COM Domain Name Registration making it different from other Domain Name Providers. You can also become a .com Domain Reseller by getting domain names from us in low costs and resell .COM Domain names in the rates as you wish. You can hire, search Cheap COM domain availability, expiry check & domain whois on our website for free.

. Navicosoft offer high end level support for you

Navicosoft provides .COM domains in BULK with very low prices with high end level support so you can purchase a domain name without hassle.

. Purchase with ease

You can get Instant new COM Domain or renew your existing COM Domain through our online easy to use portal by paying through credit card or bank transfer. You can host your .com Domain on our hosting servers as well for FREE.

Buy .com domain with free extras

At Navicosoft, we offer the lowest Cheapest prices and the best service in the industry. Each registration also comes with a number of valuable FREE extras: Free Whois Protection for the first year, free email and URL forwarding, free customized page parking and more. Add credibility and authority to your site with a .com extension from Navicosoft today with Cheap Ever Rates.


What kind of characters can be used in a domain name and how long can it be ?


When choosing a domain name always remember the following restrictions:


  • The only valid characters for a .Com domain name are letters, numbers and the symbol “-“.
  • A name has to start with a digit and end with a digit.
  • Dashes cannot begin or end your domain name. A .Com domain can not contain hyphens in the third and fourth positions (e.g. www.ab- -cd.Com).
  • You can’t use symbols (such as ‘ + . , | ! ” £ $ % & / ( ) = ? ^ * ç ° § ; : _ > ] [ @ ), or spaces or stressed vowels (such as à, é, ò, í).
  • The minimum length of a domain under the top level domain .Com is 1 characters, the maximum length is 63 characters.
  • Your registration will not be accepted if your web name doesn’t follow the above limitations.

Alternatives of .com domain you can also choose from

As .com domain extension is in demand worldwide, sometimes it becomes difficult to find your desired domain with .com. But worry not, there are also professional alternatives of .com extension you can choose from.

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