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Email Marketing Server

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Navicosoft offers Email Marketing Server with advanced features at cheap
& affordable prices for all types of Email Marketing solutions

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Best Email Marketing Server Pricing


Navicosoft offers Email Marketing Server with options of Windows & Linux operating platforms, which is the most important need of the hour in the online marketing world. Email Marketing Server featured with quick contact list import and faster interacting features. It is excellent for both commercial emails as well transactional, you may shoot hundreds or thousands of emails per day using Navicosoft Email Marketing Server.

Email Marketing Server


Following are the most important Email Marketing server features:-

  • Security with SSL Wildcard Certificate, external Cisco-based IP firewall & high-performance data centers
  • Optional Operating Systems i.e. Windows & Linux
  • Configuration & Administration, full root access for comprehensive system control, Monitoring of your server via browser, Management Software Plesk Onyx, Control Panel access to your user settings & convenient configuration as well reset and initialization
  • Databases & Programming Languages, Custom applications, Scripting languages PHP5, Per, Python & PHP 7, Databases support MySQL 5 database for demanding dynamic web applications and Scheduled tasks automatically run tasks at set times
  • Domains, External domains i.e. integration of external domains from other providers & DNS Management individual configuration of DNS records
  • Email your own local mail server for each domain, Mailboxes, Mailbox Storage space per mailbox, Webmail 2.0 easy access to email with any browser, Anti-spam automatic spam protection at server level and Anti-phishing i.e. protection from phishing e-mails
  • Marketing & Website Tools, Website Applications, FTP Access for uploading data, Website Builder & Site Analytics for checking the success of your website
  • Additional Features i.e. Professional Backup, FTP Storage, Antivirus, Norton Internal Security, Microsoft Exchange, Mail Business, WP Backup & Managed WordPress
Email Marketing Server


email marketing


Are you searching for the best email marketing service for your business? Then you are in the right place for your email marketing requirements. Navicosoft Email Marketing service is best for all types of email marketing needs.

Email Marketing Server


Do you need a professional SMTP Relay Server? Navicosoft may offer the exactly configured SMTP mail server for your bulk volume of delivery requirements with excellent inbox deliverability. Get Navicosoft SMTP Email Marketing Server service and enjoy email delivery.

Email Marketing Server


Best, cheap and affordable CRM platform with an email marketing interface to manage your clients efficiently. Navicosoft help you to get a better customer base with CRM based Email Marketing platform to manage your email marketing and customers in one platform

Email Marketing Server


Do you need dedicated email servers for your email delivery needs? Navicosoft has all types of hardware specifications, Dedicated Servers and dedicated IPs for the low or high volume of email deliveries.


Navicosoft is a very popular data center with a proven record of providing a complete suite of state-of-the-art Email Marketing solutions to millions of clients worldwide. Navicosoft own multiple servers dispersed across the geographically different non-seismic zones for higher availability.

Navicosoft successfully providing solutions since 2004 & thrives towards ensuring complete satisfaction of its clients by meeting their expectations. Navicosoft has a highly qualified and expert team of Email Marketing Server solutions. If dedicated SMTP server is the requirement for email marketing, look for the reasons why should you choose us.

  • Ultra-modern Tier-III compliant data centers
  • Support for Windows / Linux operating system
  • Team of Dedicated SMTP Server experts
  • Carrier neutral and failsafe data center
  • 982% network uptime
  • 24/7/365 Server monitoring, maintenance and management
  • Premium yet economical bandwidth
  • Higher physical security
Email Marketing Server


Email Marketing Server

Dedicated Servers

Navicosoft provides High Performance and Cheap Dedicated Servers for email marketing from all over the world. Navicosoft serves dedicated servers from all over the world and More Data center locations.

Email Marketing Server


Navicosoft Offers High Speed and Cheap VPS servers from all over DC Locations. We serve VPS servers from the USA,  Slovakia Bulgaria, Netherlands, and More Data center locations.

Email Marketing Server

Cpanel Hosting

Excellent Performance, Great Speed Cpanel-Web-hosting-service for your WordPress hosting and eCommerce Hosting needs.  Cheap web hosting for your budget hosting requirements.

Email Marketing Server

Email Marketing Service

Best Email Marketing Services for your online marketing requirements to keep in touch with your existing contacts and get more leads. We configure the best Email Server with proper technical factors to achieve better email deliverability.

Email Marketing Server

SEO Service

Why do you need SEO services? If you’re running an online business with a website, You must need an SEO service to get more new customers and visitors from Google, Bing and other search engines. Search engines are dominating 70% over other digital marketing methods. Navicosoft provides Top SEO services at affordable prices to get more traffic to your business.

Email Marketing Server

Premium Domain Names

Domain-Name is the very important asset for your online business website. Navicosoft helps you to find the best premium domain name for your business for better exposure in the internet world. Try our Email Server service today.


Why do I need email marketing?

It is a very basic and common question among marketers. As a marketer, you might think about what email marketing is and why you need it? Email marketing is a way to reach a lot of people at the same time to convince them to do business with you. Therefore, it is important for every marketer to keep the end goal in mind like sales boost, traffic increase, or any other thing. With these goals in mind, marketers can execute the relevant strategy skillfully. The right approach will ultimately help in building trust among the clients.

How can I grow my subscriber list?

To execute a profitable email marketing campaign, you have to ensure if your email marketing list is growing with time. The best way to grow your emails list is to equally engage yourself with the old and new clients. If you are running a page on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you can ask your followers to subscribe to your email newsletter and tell other people about your page.

What if I Need Some technical support? Can I get it immediately?

Well, the answer is yes. We are providing 24/7 customer support to all of our clients. If you are someone using our services or willing to purchase anything from us, you can contact us at as clock hour for technical assistance. You can approach us in the following convenient manners:

  • Via Live Chat
  • Via Call
  • Via WhatsApp
  • Via Email

What are the benefits of getting an email marketing server from NavicoSoft?

You can get our email marketing server for the fast and efficient running of your email campaigns. The main advantage of having an entire email server from us is that there is no limitation on the number of emails. You can send as much as you wish. Secondly, it comes up with strong security measures to keep your emails always secure & safe. Last but not least is the optimal price. We are offering dedicated email servers at the most competitive prices.

What is the appropriate time to send emails to clients?

So, the answer to this question differs from business to business—all you have to focus on is the initial testing. In general, morning and evening seem to be a good time for sending an email. Still, your clients may have different habits and sleeping patterns. So you should try different routines to check which one clicks the most. For example, try sending the emails in the first half some days, while in the second half on the other days. Then evaluate the results accordingly.

What payment options NavicoSoft provides to pay for my email marketing server?

We care about your ease and convenience. Therefore, we come up with various methods to make payments. You can choose the most appropriate method as per your needs. Right now, we are offering the following payment methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Through Cheque

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