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Email Marketing Packages

Email Gold

$8.93/ mo*
Choose Plan
  • Send 7000 Emails / month
  • Beautiful Email Templates
  • Responsive HTML Design
  • Work in integration to Facebook
  • Unlimited Email attachment storage
  • Unlimited Subscriptions for Customers
  • Pre-scheduled Emails
  • Transform webpages to Emails

Email Platinum

$14.7/ mo*
Choose Plan
  • Send 30,000 Emails / month
  • Beautiful Email Templates
  • Responsive HTML Design
  • Work in integration to Facebook
  • Unlimited Email attachment storage
  • Unlimited Subscriptions for Customers
  • Pre-scheduled Emails
  • Transform webpages to Emails

Email Diamond

$28.35/ mo*
Choose Plan
  • Send 70,000 Emails / month
  • Beautiful Email Templates
  • Responsive HTML Design
  • Work in integration to Facebook
  • Unlimited Email attachment storage
  • Unlimited Subscriptions for Customers
  • Pre-scheduled Emails
  • Transform webpages to Emails

Email Marketing

Everyone wants to get more credible leads as well as drive conversions for his business. Therefore, Marketing is the best method of digital marketing. It provides you to connect directly with leads that are interested in your services or products and allow them with the information they want to purchase. Moreover, this marketing mode drives excellent results when it is performed rightly. Therefore, Email marketing is currently the top priority for businessmen because it’s an essential marketing tool. It will definitely leave a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign. Besides that, it is a very cost-effective as well as the most effective digital marketing channel. At Navicosoft, we know how to generate Email Campaign strategies that really work your business to generate credible leads.

Most important benefits of email marketing

  • With email campaigns, you will get more qualified leads for your business as well as your services.
  • Moreover, As you connect directly with leads you may build friendly relationships which leads to more purchases.
  • You may easily monitor your marketing campaigns and may improve your campaigns for excellent results consequently.
  • It is budget-friendly & you may make the most of your budget.
  • Email Marketing is cost-effective for every $1 spent on it you may earn up to $42 which is a high return on investment (ROI) for your business.
  • You may reach more mobile customers
  • You may automate Email Marketing process because automating your emails helps encourage the relevancy as well as timeliness of campaigns.
  • It makes it easy to personalize content as well as messages you send to subscribers i.e. for better response rates.
  • Last but not least, you can immediately and easily get good results.

Most prominent ways to create successful emails

  • Personalize your emails
  • Make your email campaigns user-friendly.
  • Run campaigns at the right time

Navicosoft email marketing services

Email Marketing Reporting

Navicosoft will deliver reports each month to breakdown your marketing evaluation. The main objectives we focus on are subscribers, click-through rates, open rates & conversions. We will fully analyze, review and strategize to better these results every month.

Email Newsletter

Navicosoft experts will design email newsletters that highlight your business in a very impressive way. Furthermore, the email we build will use excellent-practices for email deliverability, click-through-rates, open rates & conversions. The special content in your emails may consist of case studies, relevant blogs, upcoming events, and much more.

Email list maintenance

Navicosoft Email Marketing Company will very closely monitor your contact’s engagement on an ongoing basis. We ensure to confirm that you have an authentic engaged email list & will do routine list maintenance. Furthermore, our company will remove unengaged subscribers from your email list to avoid a negative impact on your email deliverability.

Email Marketing
Advertising Campaigns

The most appropriate way to enhance your email list is to advertise your lead magnets. Moreover, you would need to use our Social Media Marketing or Search Engine Marketing services to do it. We will advertise your lead magnets on search engines or social media to generate more leads.

Email marketing strategy

Navicosoft will establish an efficient strategy for your business enhancement. Furthermore, we will define the objective of the campaign so that we may reach your best audience very easily. Hence, Navicosoft Email Marketing team develops a content strategy to convey what your company’s message should be as well as how we will speed up your sales.

Why Navicosoft is a Best Email Marketing Company?

Navicosoft, being a Digital Marketing Company, have the most experienced, highly qualified as well as innovative Email marketers in the world. Our Email Marketing Company team can optimize your marketing budget in the most effective way.
Our purpose is to enhance brand recognition, improve brand visibility & loyalty as well as offer more opportunities for conversion. We Perform with different clients in many industries. Navicosoft builds a process that works for your budget, timeline as well as overall business objectives.
Our Web Hosting Services help you boost your sales cycle. Moreover, the purpose of marketing via email is to move your prospects from lower to upper level. We will deliver very impressive emails that motivate people to buy your products and services. Navicosoft will draft special newsletters to help you stay top of mind.
At Navicosoft our highly qualified & and experienced team of Marketing specialists is dedicated to your ever-green success. When you decide to work with us, you will find a dedicated account manager who will confirm that all of your efforts are being implemented smoothly.
It doesn’t matter what you need, we have the experience, expertise, and dedication to generate the most impressive results. Go for Navicosoft’s Marketing Services to generate leads, save valuable time & utilize the expertise of our experienced personnel.

Email Marketing Services Company

In the digital age, the role of an email marketing services company cannot be overstated. These companies specialize in guiding businesses to reach their target audience more effectively through personalized and timely email campaigns. With the surge of online communication, email remains a paramount medium for businesses to establish brand awareness, nurture leads, and drive conversions.

Email Marketing Packages

Many companies offer diverse email marketing packages to cater to varied business needs and budgets. These packages often range from basic starter kits for small businesses to advanced enterprise solutions. They might include features such as automation, segmentation, advanced analytics, and integration capabilities. The flexibility of these packages allows businesses of all sizes to find a solution tailored to their unique requirements.

Email Marketing Services

What truly distinguishes one email marketing company from another are the services they offer. High-quality email marketing services focus on delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. This is achieved through a combination of advanced tools for list management, segmentation, template design, automation, and detailed analytics. Companies that excel in this domain also ensure their clients stay compliant with regulations like the CAN-SPAM Act, ensuring the integrity of their campaigns.

Email Marketing Companies

While there are numerous email marketing companies available today, they each have their own strengths, specialties, and areas of expertise. Some might focus on providing solutions for a specific industry or niche, while others might cater to a broader audience. Site references like Navicosoft can be a helpful resource in finding companies that have established a strong reputation in the field.

Email Marketing Service Company

An email marketing service company essentially functions as a partner for businesses in their email marketing endeavors. Beyond just offering software or tools, they provide comprehensive solutions, often working closely with businesses to optimize campaigns, troubleshoot challenges, and leverage best practices. Their expertise can be instrumental in maximizing the return on investment from email marketing efforts.

Email Marketing Services Company in the USA

The USA, being a hub for technological innovation and home to numerous global corporations, has a plethora of renowned email marketing services companies. With their global reach and vast resources, these companies often set industry standards and introduce pioneering solutions. Partnering with an email marketing services company in the USA can offer businesses access to cutting-edge technology and world-class expertise.

Email Marketing Services Packages

When considering email marketing solutions, it’s vital to compare different email marketing service packages. These packages are curated to address varied business needs, from small-scale campaigns to extensive global outreach. By assessing features, scalability, and cost, businesses can select the package that offers the best value proposition for their specific needs.

Email Marketing Service Companies

The landscape of email marketing service companies is vast and diverse. From boutique agencies that offer personalized solutions to global giants with extensive resources, there’s an option for every business. What’s most important is to find a company that aligns with one’s business goals, understands the nuances of their industry, and has a track record of success.

Email Marketing Service

At its core, an email marketing service is about leveraging the power of email to achieve business objectives. Whether it’s nurturing leads, driving sales, or building brand loyalty, a proficient email marketing service can make a tangible difference. With the right strategy, tools, and expertise, email remains one of the most effective channels for achieving business growth.

In conclusion, the domain of email marketing is vast and multifaceted. From the companies that offer these services to the varied packages available, there’s a myriad of choices for businesses. Leveraging resources like Navicosoft and understanding one’s specific needs is key to navigating this domain and unlocking the true potential of email marketing.

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