Navicosoft offers Imunify 360 License & Imunify 360 cPanel

Firewall service which stops hackers to hack your servers at affordable Imunify 360 Pricing.

Imunify360 Pricing

Imunify360 – Single User

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    SINGLE USER ONE USER per server

Imunify360 – Upto 30 Users

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    UP TO 30 USERS per server

Imunify360 – Upto 250 Users

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    UP TO 250 USERS per server

Imunify360 – Unlimited Users

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    UNLIMITED USERS per server

Why Imunify 360 License

Imunify360 License is for those who are serious about their servers’ security. CloudLinux generated product has been enjoying the hosting market as one of the best available options for the thorough security solution for servers. This Imunify360 License protects servers from any kind of hackers’ attacks or malwares. The great combination with Linux Kernels creates automated patches against the future security threats and keeps the servers running with rebootless consistency. There has not been seen any other better security protection program than Imunify 360 for Linux based servers. Navicosoft offers a real cheap Imunify 360 License for all your security needs.

Imunify360 cPanel

Imunify360 security software has good compatibility with many control panels but the combination of Imunify360 cPanel defends and resists against all the security threats to servers and websites. cPanel and WHM integrate easily with Imunify360 to stop any malicious or malware activities to websites and servers. It’s a multi layered defense product that ensures smooth and efficient virus and malware free environment for servers and websites. Any threat or viral data is detected before it attacks. cPanel announced in March 2019 that after reviewing the reports and analyzing the meetings’ results with Imunify 360 team about improved security they have come to integrate Imunify 360 with cPanel. Imunify360 cPanel combination is the one that is being strongly recommended by cPanel house for every customer to avoid harassment to the server or the website by malware activities. Imunify AV is also another security tool by the same house with less features, has been in integration with cPanel & WHM version s82 and 84.

Imunify360 Pricing

The internet world we living in, has reached the level where survival is almost impossible without having a strong antivirus and antimalware support. Imunify360 is a complete security solution for all your server and website needs. The product from the house of CloudLinux makes it more worthy. Looking at the features, Imunify360 Pricing is not higher. Though the Navicosoft brings the Imunify360 pricing further down to an affordable rate. We being the partner always struggle hard for our lovely existing as well as for new clients for reducing the rates. Our following list of Imunify360 Pricing will show you the details, just click on order now to see what discounts you are being offered by us or catch us on chat box for live conversation or call our sales team for details.

Why Buy Imunify360
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Long time with CloudLinux, Imunify 360 producer. 



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