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Navicosoft is the field-proven IP Address finder & leader in providing IP address lookup services. For managing remote desktop connections, online gaming, and security camera DVR connections, knowing the public IP address search is important. We help you identify your VPN location & find IP address if you want to protect your privacy and make your connection secure. In addition, we provide you with certain tools to perform IP location lookup, WHOIS lookup, proxy detection, and much more.

What is IP Address? Know About the Best IP Address Finder

IP stands for Internet Protocol. So mainly, IP address stands for internet protocol address. It is unique number that is assigned to computer devices like printers, routers, and modems. The purpose of an IP address & IP address locater is to identify and allow the devices to communicate with each other via an internal and external computer network. In other words, any device that transmits or receives traffic is assigned a unique IP address.
In simple terms, an IP address is the home address. For you to receive emails, sending party needs to have an accurate address. Just like the case when the home address is incorrect, you do not receive any parcels and bills, the same lies for the device address. Without the specific address, information cannot be received.
IP addresses are divided into two types, i.e., static and dynamic. Static IPs are specifically reserved for business servers and email marketing servers, while dynamic IP addresses are assigned on the FCFS method that is first-come, first-served. These IPs are assigned to residential customers.

Why do we need IPv4 IP address lookup Via The Best IP Address Finder?

IPv4 stands for internet protocol version 4. It is mostly used by various network devices these days. With the increasing number of computers on the internet, IPv4 is running out fastly. It mainly uses a 32-bit address scheme to store 2^32 addresses. It is considered a primary internet protocol that carries around 9% of the network traffic. Some main features of IPv4 that we provide is as follows:

  • Connectionless protocol.
  • Requires less memory with ease of remembering.
  • Supported protocol by millions of devices.
  • Allows simple virtual communication on different devices.

Why do we need IPv6 Address Lookup?

Internet protocol version 6 is the replacement of IPv4. It is the latest version of internet protocol
and identifies the devices across the internet. IPv6 can handle data packets more efficiently, improve
performance, and increase security. Moreover, it helps you to reduce the size of routing tables. Although
IPv6 addresses are not as popular as IPv4, still, if you are assigned to them, you can surely get faster,
more secure, and reliable internet data transfers.
Some main features of our IPv6 IPs are as follows:
  • Hierarchical addressing & routing infrastructure.
  • Stateful & stateless configurations.
  • Support for the quality of services.
  • A protocol ideal for neighboring node interaction.

Static Vs. Dynamic IP address

A static IP address is a type of internet address that does not change. Once your device is given a static IP,
it remains the same until the device is decommissioned. These IPs are used by servers or other IT equipment.
Usually, we assign static IPs. Also, you can get both IPv4 & IPv6 from Navicosoft
Dynamic Ip, on the other hand, side is related to change. These IPs are assigned by dynamic host configuration
protocol (DHCP) servers. Therefore, dynamic IP addresses are easier to manage and cheaper to deploy. The easy
configurations are also an edge that dynamic IPs have other the static ones.

Common Uses of my IP address lookup & IP Address Finder


Find the source
of network intrusion

If your firewall has sent you a notification for denied connections, run a quick IP address lookup to figure out if it is associated with something g risky.


slow network

Use IP address lookup for website when your users start to complain about a slow network. It helps you locate the source of traffic and bandwidth usage.


unknown IP

If you get a notification about the last activity from your account from an unknown IP, you can use search IP addresses to check who is responsible and where he is located.

What can an IP lookup tool do for you? Look up IP Info Via The Leading IP Address Finder

Our IP info lookup tool does the RDNS lookup to help find IPv4 addresses’ hostname and owner geolocation details. If you feel like unknown random IP addresses are poking around your firewall trying to gain access to your network, you can use our public IP address finder to find the IP location and other information, including malicious activities. Our IP lookup tool mainly displays the following information:
  • Hostname, IP & domain name associated with the entry
  • Ownership information of the IP
  • Geolocation details include country, city, etc.
  • A map to help you out with your geography