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KernelCare License | KernelCare cPanel |
Install KernelCare

KernelCare enhances security level & boost productivity of your server, improves a client service, avoids
many risks and reduces server administration cost as well updates a kernel without reboots

What is KernalCare?

KernelCare License

KernelCare License is a license that is issued to avoid the reboots and downtime on the servers that generally happen due to security issues. KernalCare License improves the server’s stability and security and reduces that operational cost which may occur due to security issues, with the help of automated installed security patches. These security patches of vulnerabilities are actually the rebootless updates on the servers and work in nanoseconds. The system’s performance is not disturbed at all. KernelCare License is also extremely important for the compliance of the servers. According to Service Level Agreement (SLA), a server must go through the process of security patches of vulnerabilities once a month at least. Through KernelCare License these automated security patches are created every four hours. KernelCare was launched in 2014 by CloudLinux OS and Dell is one of the most popular names in the KernelCare portfolio list and was issued a KernelCare License back in 2015.


Benefits of KernelCare License

The following are the benefits of KernelCare License that keep KernelCare as the best in the market

Cheap CPanel License

Consistency in Servers Performance

Cheap CPanel License

Eliminates the Vulnerabilities

Cheap CPanel License

ePortal for Patch Automation

Cheap CPanel License

Servers Compliance Support

KernelCare License

Great Help in Reducing Cost

Cheap CPanel License

Helpful in Customer Retention

Cheap CPanel License

Easy Installation

Cheap CPanel License

Cheaper especially when buying from Navicosoft


KernalCare cPanel

KernelCare helps a lot to keep the CloudLinux kernels up to date. It works and helps in eliminating security complications that occur on servers. It is compatible with all the control panels. KernelCare cPanel are well known for their combination. KernelCare was produced by CloudLinux and CloudLinux works perfectly on cPanel. So, KernelCare cPanel work together to increase customers’ satisfaction and to lower the operating cost by an automated creation of security patches that perform their functions in nanoseconds. This process does not let the system down at all even for a second, no need for rebooting, no extra cost for spending time for maintenance at late night.


KernelCare License Compatibility

Although, KernelCare was designed and produced by Linux house to focusing CloudLinux kernels, though it is highly compatible and easy going with the followings as well.

  • CentOS/RHEL 5, 6 & 7
  • Debian 6, 7, 8 & 9
  • Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 & 18.04
  • Oracle Linux 6 & 7
  • CloudLinux OS 5, 6 & 7
  • OpenVZ/Virtuozzo RHEL 6
  • Virt-SIG/Xen4CentOS
  • Proxmox VE 3, 4 & 5
  • Custom Kernels
Imunify360 License

Managed Service Provider

How to Install?

How to Install KernelCare

To Install KernelCare is very easy. After installation of the KernelCare no reboot is required. KernelCare provides you to update Linux Kernel without rebooting your server & this is the main objective to Install KernelCare. Following are very simple steps to Install KernelCare.

  • Checking for Compatible Kernels i.e. checking to see whether one has a compatible kernel.
  • Choose and run your preferred command. These are as follows:
  • curl -s https://repo.cloudlinux.com/kernelcare/kernelcare_install.sh | bash
  • wget -qq -O – https://repo.cloudlinux.com/kernelcare/kernelcare_install.sh | bash
  • Registering the License Key, you can check it by using the following command:
    kcarectl –register $kc_key
  • Checking for applied patches, you can check it by using the following command:
    /usr/bin/kcarectl –info
  • Manually checking for patch updates, by using the following command you can check it.
    /usr/bin/kcarectl –update


KernelCare License Features

Cheap CPanel License

Enhance Security Level & Boost Productivity of Your Server

Every four hours KernelCare checks for new patches, updates kernel without reboots and service suspension.

Cheap CPanel License

Better Client Service

With KernelCare you can easily better client service and inform your clients about a reboot coming because it is not essential.

Cheap CPanel License

Avoid Many Risks

With KernelCare you won’t miss any critical security patch being safe from vulnerabilities.

KernelCare License

Minimize Server Administration Costs

Minimize server administration costs.

Why Us

Why Navicosoft For KernelCare

Navicosoft offers a Cheap KernelCare License perhaps one of the cheapest in the market

web hosting

Experienced Company

Over 10 years of hosting experience and a long time with KernelCare.

Virtualizor License

Free Technical support

Free dedicated experienced support team services 24/7 for any issue in operations to the maintenance of KernelCare cPanel

Virtualizor License

KernelCare discount

KernelCare License helps to keep CloudLinux Kernels up to date. If you need the CloudLinux License and KernelCare both, we offer a discount on both licenses.

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