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The Digital Concept of Publishing Journals

OJS Hosting is a management system to host journals and scholarly articles. It allows easy publishing and journal management through one platform developed by Public Knowledge Project. The development objective of this open source software was to make easy access to online journals to scholars and researchers so that they easily know what work in their field of research is already done so that they can avoid “re-invention of wheel”. OJS Hosting is a viable option for institutions with open access journals.

Global Indexing of Research Database

OJS Hosting can make your journals and articles index in its single database where millions of research materials are present online. This makes your publication access to the right person without the hassle to look down all the way in search results. Having its own unique database known as PKP index, Open Journal System is the right solution to host all your institution’s articles and journals globally. OJS Hosting has a research-oriented indexing system fine-tuned to render hassle-free access to the desired content with a brief description of keywords.

Choose your wise Digital Partner

We help managing large institutions on their digital needs

Navicosoft can become your true digital partner to host your OJS platform. Our OJS developed website will provide you with full access to online submit and manage your publications. The websites developed will be on latest version 3.x.x OJS version and will include future updates capability, so you can always be on mainstream technology.

We have got comprehensive features

Powerful Server

An industrial-standard server along with an SSL to keep your contents secure


Editors can have easy access to customize checks, evaluation procedure etc.


Editors can schedule publishing of approved journals for a later time

Dedicated Index

Global Indexing of article with ensured visibility of contents

Email & Comments

Notification to authors through email and commenting options for readers


Online and Off the server backups on daily and weekly backups respectively

Select your right package

OJS Hosting provides you and your editorial board with full control to switch between the policies that best suits your institution. These include parameters such as copyrights, peer-reviews, visibility etc. We provide you with three levels of plan for OJS hosting so you can choose the one which suits your needs. Our plans are organised to achieve everything you need to host journals;


  • Basic level for small-scale journal publications
  • Self-management of your website CMS;
  • Default theme/templates and access to system   level
  • Shared Environment for Journal Hosting



  • Custom designed theme for personalised UX
  • Dedicated account for OJS setup
  • Advanced access to the system with Control Panel
  • Easy to use tools for the purpose of analysing server records



  • Full access to MySQL database with secure remote login
  • All professional plan features
  • Isolated sandbox environment to assess publishing policies
  • Dedicated Environment for Journal Hosting


What our Clients say

Journal Hosting
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 2 reviews
by Pamela Morales on Journal Hosting

I had multiple Open Journal System projects completed from Navicosoft. They provided me with excellent support and responded to whatever requests I made. They ensure that they fulfil their 100% client satisfaction claim.

by Nick Jones on Journal Hosting
Excellent Journal Development Services and Support

I had to develop and host two Journals for our Biomedical Organisation. Navicosoft gave me excellent support and service to develop the desired platform for hosting journals online. 5-star rating from our organisation. Thumbs up!

We appreciate your review and hope to serve at the same pace in future. Thanks



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