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VPN Server Hosting

VPN hosting, dedicated managed
open VPN virtual private network server

Exclusive VPN Hosting Plans
with the Most Affordable Pricing!

Open VPN Hosting

NavicoSoft is a leading VPN hosting provider providing cost-effective virtual
private network hosting to encrypt all of your network traffic without recording
the logs. Did you know? An open VPN hosting server with plenty of features will
help ensure the trouble-free performance of a website. We help you get a secure
connection from location to location. Now communicate your data & information
with complete safety, cloak your location, and collaborate on projects with
multiple cities & countries with our:

  • VPN tunneling
  • Secured virtual private network connection
  • Constant monitoring

Our VPN Server hosting recreates conditions from a local private network for you in
distant locations. The connections between remote devices are isolated from the
outside & protected with encryption. When sensitive data is processed from one
side of the VPN tunnel, it is processed and only deciphered at the other end. The
great thing is that, even if intruders try to intercept the data, our secured open
VPN hosting make it appear nonsensical.

Our VPN Hosting Server Features

Open VPN Hosting

Low-latency Networks

Our dedicated VPN servers are optimized in a way that they provide the lowest latency rate. Our data centers offer redundant connections to network carriers. Each dedicated VPN server is connected with a minimum of 1gbps dedicated port to ensure a pretty fast connection. Additionally, we offer up to 99.9% of network uptime so that the server is always accessible.

Open VPN Hosting

Secure Remote Access

With our dedicated VPN server, you can easily set up secure remote access to your desktop and file servers. You can configure hosts to represent your servers in the administration panel. Install the connector software on the server & access them with VPN IP, else configure DNS record for server in the DNS setting.

Open VPN Hosting

Dedicated Support

We know the increasing IT needs for your business and how much support can be required from time to time. So, our dedicated VPN hosting team is here to give you round-the-clock technical support. We help you build your business identity by looking into all the tech issues with instant solutions while keeping your focus on the other tasks.

Open VPN Hosting


When you get a self-hosted VPN server from us, we ensure to provide you with complete security measures with it. This is because we understand the sensitivity of your important data & how intruders are always there trying to alter your data. Therefore we encrypt your DNS traffic to eliminate DNS attacks. Moreover, we give full protection from allowing you to block cyber threats and unwanted content.

Open VPN Hosting


You can now improve your network performance with our VPN server intelligent routing. Our IP layer networking allows you to access all IP-based devices as well as flexible routing of web traffic. Additionally, you can cause your private DNS anytime & anywhere with our VPN Server Hosting.

Get The Ultimate VPN Hosting Solution
For a Successful Business Workflow!

If you own a company with a remote team, then VPN is the most suitable thing for you. It helps in
providing a secure communication mechanism for a fast & successful workflow. Moreover, you can
access sensitive information sources without any type of data risks. Also, you can establish secure
connections between various applications and databases in different data structures.

Open VPN Hosting

High-speed & Reliable VPN
Accelerator to Safeguard Your Privacy

We aim to make online privacy accessible to all. Therefore we, focus
on the advanced privacy & security of networks. Our VPN services
are available on all of your devices. It includes PCs, laptops,
smartphones, etc. Unlike other VPN service providers, we are
focused on security & reliability. For example, other VPN services are
compromised if the VPs are under surveillance while we prevent
this behavior by passing the user traffic through a secure core
network. In addition, we use ciphers with forwarding secrecy as
well as DNS filtering features to protect you from malware and
block ads.

Why Navicosoft for open
VPN Hosting Services?

  • We provide no log open VPN hosting services & do not disclose
    the information to third parties.
  • Our open VPN hosting plans are genuinely affordable &
    within everyone’s reach.
  • We provide round-the-clock free technical support to
    manage your VPN hosting.
  • Enjoy unlimited bandwidth & free domain name with managed
    open VPN hosting.
  • Our prices are truly unrivaled in the whole IT industry.

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