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Pro cPanel License for your application?

cPanel is the world’s easiest and most user-friendly web hosting control panel system. Take full control over your server’s aspects and features. Provide a clean and professional interface for not only yourself but your clients and/or staff to manage your servers and the domains/accounts within them. Create and manage accounts, passwords, Email accounts, FTP accounts, domains, sub-domains, error pages, MySQL databases, redirects, parking, and much more.

Cheap CPanel License

Pro cPanel License

There have been endless debates regarding cheap cPanel licensing ever since process were raised last June. However, Navicosoft can help your financial needs by providing cheap cPanel license options. We are a verified cPanel license partner and can save you money on cPanel license expenses by offering cheaper yet effective solutions. The Pro cPanel License allows you to add up to 30 accounts per plan and is most suitable for small to middle-level businesses and growing agencies. Pro cPanel license is stretchable and allows for scalability. We also accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

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Up to 30 Account



Helpful for Middle level businesses and Growing agencies.Strechable and allows for scalability.

Available on Cloud Only

Pro cPanel License Activation

cPanel’s features make it extremely user friendly and quite easy to use as a control panel. cPanel license activation is also very user friendly. cPanel license costs you a monthly fee against the services that are provided. This fee is better known as the cPanel license fee. Navicosoft offers the Pro cPanel license at a very affordable price. Once you buy the license, the cPanel license will be activated as soon as the following simple steps are completed:-


Buy a cPanel License from Navicosoft


Login your server via SSH


Run usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt command

If you have any questions, or run into issues, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support staff. We will be happy to help!

Features of Pro cPanel License

Cheap CPanel License

Matchless Features

Cheap CPanel License

User Friendly

Cheap CPanel License

Low Specifications of Server

Cheap CPanel License

Flexi for Transformation

Cheap CPanel License

Integration or Compatible

Cheap CPanel License


KernelCare License


Cheap CPanel License

Backups and Restorations

Why Choose Navicosoft?

Navicosoft has been serving the tech industry for over a decade. We are known for our top-notch services and excellent customer support. We ensure that all your needs are met and you are satisfied with the web hosting services we provide.

Cheap CPanel License

Low cPanel Pricing Because Of Our Partnership With cPanel

Navicosoft’s partnership with cPanel is an effort to bring the new cPanel pricing at very affordable rates and to make the cPanel license a cheap cPanel license perhaps the cheapest in the market. Navicosft feels pride in sharing its profit with existing as well as with its new clients by offering a BIG discount on all the prices for cPanel licenses.

Cheap CPanel License

cPanel certified Support Team

Navicosoft is amongst a very few companies that have a cPanel certified Support Team available 24/7 to overcome the hosting issues. Their dedicated service for their clients helps them from transferring their host and cPanel license activation to all levels during their journey with cPanel.

Cheap CPanel License

Immediate Activation

Navicosoft’s support team is available 24/7*365 days in a year for immediate cPanel license activation. Just need to provide them your IP address and the date you want to start a cPanel license with them.

Cheap CPanel License

Free installation

Navicosoft offers a free of cost installation of cPanel.

Cheap CPanel License

Free Spam security License

Navicosoft also offers a Spam Security License with no extra cost at all.

Cheap CPanel License

An Experienced and Reliable Company

Over 10 years of hosting experience make Navicosoft a trustworthy company in the world. Our efforts to minimize the cPanel pricing and to keep a cPanel license as a cheap cPanel license have increased its credibility. A cPanel certified support team for immediate recovery actions is also a distinguishing edge of Navicosoft over its competitors.

Product FAQs

What is WHM?

WHM, also known as ‘Web Host Manager’ is an amazing tool that allows administrative access to the back end of cPanel.

What is a cPanel account or user?

A cPanel Account often called a cPanel user, is an Account created by the root administrator or reseller, who logs into the cPanel interface to manage their website.

Is there a brandable control panel?

Yes. The control panel can be completely branded according to your company’s identity. It is very easy to use and fully customizable.

I am not sure about the plan, can I change it later on?

Not sure about which plan to purchase? Buy any plan and we will assist you in shifting between the plans if you would want to change. Do not worry about the hassle of purchasing again, our experts will assist you in every step of the way.

Who do I speak to if I have questions?

If you have any further queries, please follow the link to speak to one of our experts.

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