Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing

Let people know about your online business and let these VISITORS be turned into CUSTOMERS.

Every Professional business whether it’s a physical shop or an ONLINE SHOP, it’s goal is to increase leads, sales and signups – The objectives adopted to achieve this goal is by marketing. As we have Electronic Media to market our products in our shop likewise we have ONLINE MARKETING to market our products to get more traffic and hits on our E-Store or WEBSITE.

Strategy for Internet Marketing

When developing Internet Marketing Strategy, we have a defined number of steps while some of them are listed as:

  • An SEO Expert is assigned to your business who clearly understands your business concerns and structure so as to figure out your target audience and other parameters to make a strategic plan for online marketing.
  • A research is made on Consumer Intention for targeted keywords on local google.PK and
  • Which Competitors are currently in the market and their positioning for different keywords
  • Uniqueness for different business parameters
  • Award Winning Comparison from local and international online competitors
  • Best Rated Content Writing of company’s current website
  • A PDF or PPT Guideline defining corporate tips & tools for SEO & SEM
  • Top Blogs Creations from best Links Providers
  • and more.


Cheap, Best & Affordable SEO Plans & Prices

One thing to keep in mind while selecting your search engine optimization expert is to have confidence on what they do would be better for my online business.  It doesn’t matter Whether you need a small business plan or more of an enterprise level, Navicosoft always serve you. Each of our SEM plans & prices contains the exact tasks that your website requires in order to achieve objectives – nothing more. Our certified SEO & SEM experts will work one-on-one with you to select the best mix of marketing services that will have the highest probability of getting top traffic in less number of days in a very cheap low prices.

Guaranteed Results

We not only bring visits to your site but also, we put efforts to increase PageRank (PR) for your webpages in order to bring your website on top of other companies. What we deliver in low cost price is the cheapest pricing model that you get in a much lower price list. At the end of each billing cycle, you get a detailed report so you be aware of advantages of SEM which consisting the followings:

  • Difference of Increase in Unique visitors on the website.
  • Google Report of search clicks showing how many visitors became customers.
  • Basic Off Page SEO jobs, tasks and tips easily achievable by your staff.
  • Among Top 10 Google First Page Results
  • & More.


We offer a variety of payment options from flat-rate, percentage to performance based pricing and a variety of guarantees based on the services we provide. We’re fanatical about making sure your online advertising budget produces positive results and there are never any hidden fees. Based in Lahore, Pakistan (PK); Navicosoft (among top 5 ) already provides SEO services in Australia, USA, UK, Spain (Europe), Dubai & Saudi Arabia.

Let’s chat about your goals

Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote today. We’ll give you solid advice on how you can use our services to dominate your competition.

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