Managed Service Provider

Managed IT Services, Server Management

Managed Service Provider

The term Managed Service Provider (MSP) is being widely used these days especially for those organizations which are outsourcing their workload, which could be a substantial service or fully outsourced work, and it is mostly related to IT. The companies that are providing these services are called Managed Service Providers. In the IT or hosting industry, some organizations are managing other organizations’ full work through managing their servers. This keeps those organizations (clients) getting nonstop professional services which ultimately enhance servers’ efficiency, smooth working, and creation of patches for rebootless continuity. This Managed Service is not just needed because of lacking resources, but it may also be needed to enhance business productivity through more professional work. The organizations like IBM is among those organizations that are providing their services as a third party or Managed Service Provider. Navicosoft is also one of the best companies with over a decade-long history of providing IT solutions as a Managed Service Provider at very cheap rates. Our best certified and experienced team of IT professionals is increasing and contributing to the tendency for Managed Service Provider by solving the IT issues for newcomers in the IT field as well as for experienced organizations through innovative approaches at cheap and affordable rates.

Managed IT Services

The organization that is Corley provides its services for IT solutions as a third party called Managed IT Services provider. There is a lot to do in IT-related organizations. The increasing competition and innovations in IT day by day push every organization to keep running its operations and staying alive with the help of hiring a professional team. Comparatively, it is a cheaper option as well. The more efficient way of working as it returns as much invested in. Neither need to take a headache of managing a professional team of IT experts if you as an owner belong to a different background, nor do you invest nothing as a capital amount to buy the IT gadgets at ridiculously higher prices. Someone else will do all for you as a Managed IT Services provider in Australia. A service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract that ensures that you receive what you pay for. Describes all the terms and conditions between you as a client and a third party as a Managed IT Services Provider.

Server Management Services

Managing, updating, monitoring the activities that are taking place on servers is called Server Management. The term Server Management specifically speaks about managing and resolving the issues occurring only on the servers. Normally, if your IT work is outsourced and managed by a Managed Service Provider, then Server Management will also be part of their job. It is a real cheaper and quicker way to have your Server Management done through an IT firm. You get 24/7 support services. Navicosoft offers innovative and long-lasting solutions for your all Server Management needs at cheap and affordable rates. Contact Us for more details.

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Other Server Related Services

Server Monitoring

Keep your servers running smoothly with reliable Server Monitoring. We watch for any issues, fix them quickly, and make sure your business keeps going without a hitch.

cPanel Server Management

Elevate your server operations with expert CPanel Server Management, ensuring smooth performance, security, and seamless user experiences through meticulous monitoring, optimization, and technical support.

Plesk Server Management

Plesk server management is a user-friendly web hosting control panel for efficiently managing websites, domains, and server settings. It simplifies tasks like email, file, and database management while enhancing security and offering one-click application installation.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a hosting solution where an entire physical server is allocated to a single user or organization. This provides exclusive resources, enhanced performance, and greater control for hosting large websites or applications with high traffic and specific customization needs.

VPS Server

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtualized hosting environment that offers a balance between shared hosting and dedicated servers. It provides isolated resources and control, allowing users to run applications and websites with scalability, customization, and better performance compared to shared hosting.

RDP Server

An RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) server enables remote access to a computer or server’s desktop interface from a different location. It allows users to interact with the remote system as if they were physically present, facilitating remote management, support, and collaboration.