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The Hawk-eyed Server Monitoring
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Providing you with server monitoring services while keeping the prices at their lowest is on us now! Do you know? If you are not aware of your network’s state and server, it is like you are a blind pilot headed towards the disaster. Keeping an eye on your servers & network is what really matters the most for the smooth running of your online business. When it comes to server monitoring, all you need is a solution that can free up your resources so that you could focus on your business growth.

Our web server monitoring software helps you to stay on top of server performance issues and outages. Our monitoring systems are designed to replace your multiple vendor monitoring systems by providing comprehensive insights into the availability and performance monitoring. Now monitor your entire server infrastructure, and get in-depth visibility of your data centre’s mail server, web server, and virtual server. Start monitoring only for $5 per month.


Windows Monitoring

Windows server serves as the foundation for most of the IT operations of businesses. But windows server monitoring is a critical operation to manage. NavicoSoft offers various monitoring tools to boost the performance of windows servers. However, we believe that monitoring the performance of your servers are equally important. So we make sure to check the actual health of the servers & optimize all the features needed.


SQL Server Monitoring

Microsoft SQL is a widely used database today. Navicosoft is now offering flexible and real-time SQL server monitoring services supporting all versions of Microsoft SQL Databases, including 2000, 2005, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017. SQL servers are the heart of many networks. In other words, any issue with the SQL server will affect the applications working as well. So we make sure to provide SQL server performance monitor services to monitor the crucial factors, including CPU utilization, memory utilization, SQL queries, Buffer & cache, and Replication details.


Linux Server Monitoring

Linux is known as one of the most popular operating systems across the globe. However, as with the increasing demand for this server, its monitoring is also getting complicated. But as Linux server monitoring is one of the most important aspects today, so we bring a Linux server monitoring system that can track all the metrics, including CPU usage, memory usage, system load, network traffic, thread count, and process count.


Cloud Monitoring Services

We are a leading provider of cloud server monitoring due to our remarkable reputation worldwide. We are providing efficient cloud management and monitoring system. Furthermore, our cloud monitoring services system gives you complete visibility into the health and availability of the entire cloud infrastructure. Our cloud monitoring services mainly cover AWS cloud, Office 365, Azure services, Virtual machines, Google cloud services, Open stack, and many more.


Web Server Monitoring

As web servers are used to load and deliver web pages to end-users, to ensure web pages are loading efficiently and websites are working fine, web servers should always be working properly. Our web server monitoring tools help the users to monitor web server performance and availability. We help you increase the response time of your web pages by deducing the root causes of slow response times. Also, our web server monitoring includes trigger alerts in case of performance issues.

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Ultimate Monitoring with Enhanced Security & Protection

  • Event Log Monitoring
  • Malware Protection & Monitoring
  • Antivirus Protection
  • Internal audit Reports Preparation
  • Off-hours Maintenance
  • Application Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Monitoring System’s Health 24/7
  • VMware Hosts
  • Linux Server
  • Mac Desktops
  • Hyper-V Servers
  • SNMP & ICMP Devices
  • URL Monitoring
  • Software updates & security patching

Why Navicosoft For Server Monitoring?

High-quality server performance and 24/7 availability is the most fundamental component of IT for most of the businesses. We monitor your servers in such a way that everything remains up to date. Our detection process includes alert monitoring, validation, filtering, resolution, and escalation. Also, we can help you check if your systems are set up consistently and reliably according to the innovative antivirus updates. We have the tools & solutions that meet the needs of your business of all sizes.

  • We are providing the services at a fractional cost as per the complexities of your server.
  • Our unparalleled infrastructure allows us to provide consistent monitoring without any interruptions.
  • We follow strict security standards and provide complete confidentiality to your data.
  • We are providing the services at a fractional cost as per the complexities of your server.

Other Server Management Services

cPanel Server Management

Elevate your server operations with expert CPanel Server Management, ensuring smooth performance, security, and seamless user experiences through meticulous monitoring, optimization, and technical support.

Plesk Server Management

Plesk server management is a user-friendly web hosting control panel for efficiently managing websites, domains, and server settings. It simplifies tasks like email, file, and database management while enhancing security and offering one-click application installation.

Server Monitoring

Keep your servers running smoothly with reliable Server Monitoring. We watch for any issues, fix them quickly, and make sure your business keeps going without a hitch.