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    Virtualizor is a powerful web based VPS Control Panel. It supports OpenVZ, Xen PV, Xen HVM and Linux KVM virtualization.

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Virtualizor a great web-based control panel has been created by the same Softaculous team for Virtual Private Server (VPS). A user-friendly control panel for the VPS environment, with the help of Virtualizor admin or end-user, can create and control VPS on servers by just clicking the mouse button once. Virtualizor supports Linux KVM, Xen, OpenVZ, Proxmo, etc., and has especially been designed with many charming features for hosting businesses. If you are an entrepreneur and want to create many virtual private servers (VPS) to sell to customers then Virtualizor is the one you really need. It will perfectly work for you. Every server owner will have his own control panel and full command and control over his VPS. Virtualizor was also planned and designed as an easy to use control panel. Admin can control VPS through a website interface and as an end-user through management tools like WHMCS. The Virtualizor comes with plenty of features, though the followings are a few of them:-

  • The first and foremost feature of Virtualizor is its easy installation
  • Virtualizor helps users in creating, amending, and removing VPS on servers
  • It supports VPS for automated backups and restorations
  • It also helps in storage management
  • It gives the chance for one click Apps installation
  • It comes in multilingual option too
  • It provides a free SSL security benefit
  • It creates hourly billing
  • It works all the time with 24/7 back support
  • It helps in creating Bandwidth limit

Control panel Virtualizor License

All the above-mentioned features show a Virtualizor as a Virtualizor VPS Control Panel. It has been commonly known as a web-based powerful Virtualizor VPS Control Panel. It is widely used all over the world in the web hosting industry.

Virtualizor License Pricing

Unlike Proxmo it does cost but not that much which is hard to afford. Virtualizor Pricing comes from a lifetime price plan to a monthly basis, for one VPS License/node to unlimited. Navicosoft is a distributor that offers great help in bringing down prices of all the price plans designed by Virtualizor VPS Control Panel. We have strong recommendations for those who run a hosting company to avail the benefits of Virtualizor at an affordable rate or even you as an end-user run a VPS server can still enjoy our significant discount.

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An experienced and certified 24/7 team support

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