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VPS Hosting in Cyprus

Low-Cost Managed VPS hosting in Cyprus | Best VPS hosting Nicosia

Get the best managed VPS hosting in Cyprus, with pre-installed scripts and RDP for Windows hosting.

VPS HOSTING In Cyprus Pricing & Plans

Cyprus V1

  • Disk Space: 10 GB
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Bandwidth: 100 GB
  • IP Address: 1
  • Operating System: Linux

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Cyprus V2

  • Disk Space: 25 GB
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Bandwidth: 125 GB
  • IP Address: 1
  • Operating System: Linux

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Cyprus V3

  • Disk Space: 50 GB
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Bandwidth: 150 GB
  • IP Address: 1
  • Operating System: Linux

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Cyprus V4

  • Disk Space: 100 GB
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Bandwidth: 200 GB
  • IP Address: 1
  • Operating System: Linux

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Keep Driving with Managed Cyprus VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

Complete Root Access

VPS Cyprus is the most suited solution for your website hosting needs and the best option for scalability. As a result, Navicosoft provides cheap VPS hosting with immediate root access. With our VPS server Nicosia, you don’t have to worry about operating system and application limits. Also, you can increase your hosting package if your website’s requirements change. Without a doubt, our VPS server Nicosia is the optimal place to start.

VPS Hosting

Amazing VPS features

Confidently, we are pacing with velocity and provide amazing features of Best VPS Cyprus

  • Full Root Access
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Numerous Dedicated IPs
  • Standard DDoS Protection
  • High-Level SSD storage
  • cPanel/WHM & Plesk Onyx Available
VPS Hosting

Notable Optimizations Features

You’ll gain access to several unique optimization tools with Navicosoft. Hence, it includes SSL, operating systems, content management systems, databases, cache & HTTP accelerators, and ecommerce platforms.

VPS Hosting

Secured Cyprus Data Centers

Navicosoft promises the best Cyprus KVM VPS with remarkable scalability, stability, and flexibility thanks to its well-managed data facilities. Our top servers have located in various places worldwide, including Cyprus, Germany, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other countries. Yet, we employ robust software and hardware security techniques for Cyprus VPS servers. As a result, it delivers you with a perfect Forex VPS server Nicosia experience.

Robotics Features of VPS Cyprus

Website Surveillance

VPS setup, software updates, and website monitoring are all included in our Nicosia VPS hosting plan.

RDNs Setup

If you get service on the VPS server Cyprus, we set RDNs for the supplied IPs to the physical server to have your own specified PTR.

Bitcoin acceptance

For your ease, we also take cryptocurrency. You can now acquire WordPress hosting via VPS with bitcoin in Cyprus in the same manner as getting a VPS with a bank transfer, card, or PayPal.

VPS Hosting

Limitless Bandwidth

In addition, we provide VPS with large storage Cyprus that handles traffic volumes until they violate the service usage limit.

Stringent Security

Navicosoft values your safety for VPS server Nicosia. As a result, we use powerful equipment and software security processes to ensure that your Cyprus VPS service is as safe as possible.

OS Reinstallation

Navicosoft’s VPS Cyprus is the greatest since it enables to installation and reloading of any operating system as many times as the user wants.

Technical Evaluation

VPS Hosting

Basic VPS Features

We give pre-installed Perl/PHP/Python programs in our VPS Nicosia. Hence, it keeps whatever software your VPS server Cyprus needs up to date.

VPS Hosting

Durable Hardware

Navicosoft offers you the best server in Cyprus, thanks to our futuristic, sturdy, and reliable machines in data centers.

VPS Hosting

24/7 Customer Service

Our highly skilled tech team is available 24/7/365 to provide you with the best possible help and necessary services and capabilities for VPS Cyprus.

VPS Hosting

Hardware Evaluation

For each Managed VPS package, our experts do comprehensive hardware evaluations, including HDD and RAM tests.

VPS Hosting

Traffic and storage Capacity

With Linux / Windows VPS hosting in Cyprus, we give you the best storage capacity to handle large traffic volumes thanks to our very stable modern servers in high-tech data centers.

VPS Hosting

Firewall without Port Blocking

You obtain complete control over the resources you provide when you buy a VPS Cyprus without even a firewall.

VPS Hosting

Several IP addresses

You can get up to 5 IP addresses if you host on a VPS server in Cyprus.

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Resources

After you’ve got Navicosoft’s Windows VPS hosting in Nicosia, you won’t worry about other customers sharing your space. Hence, the resources are for your use only.

VPS Hosting

Gigabit Uplink

We provide you with hosting on a VPS server with 1 Gbps connectivity. Yet, it gives you the freedom to work as much as you like.


What is a VPS in Cyprus?

VPS Cyprus is a managed VPS hosting service that provides dedicated and shared hosting features. Yet, the Nicosia VPS server provides resources at a minimal rate. A single server is shared by all Linux VPS hosting customers in Cyprus. They do, although, receive the server’s parts in their whole. As a result, each user has their operating system, storage space, and availability. With Navicosoft, you also get administrative access to many of your resources.

What sets VPS hosting apart from shared hosting?

You will quickly understand that a VPS in Cyprus is not like shared hosting. Shared hosting users share server resources and space, posing substantial security threats and disruptions due to heavy traffic on neighboring websites. Also, the company rents you a complete server with resources entirely devoted to your website with dedicated hosting. However, it is a costly choice. VPS hosting bridges the gap, giving you access to dedicated resources while staying on a shared server.

How can I buy a low-cost VPS server in Cyprus?

Navicosoft allows several different payment options. Hence, you can pay with PayPal, Bank Transfer, Bank Cards, Bitcoin, or Cryptocurrency. Yet, we know as experts that one size doesn’t fit all. Hence, we provide our clients with reliable, flexible, and customizable VPS hosting services.

Why is Navicosoft the top Linux/Windows hosting provider in Cyprus?

Navicosoft has pleased to give top-notch services to many satisfied web hosting clients worldwide. As a result, we are the best VPS Nicosia provider if you want a distinct set of services, assured uptime, and exceptional customer service. Based on your web hosting needs, we offer up to six virtual CPUs, as much hard disc and memory storage capacity as you need, and unmetered bandwidth.

Who is the best virtual private server (VPS) provider in Cyprus?

Every hosting provider claims to provide the most effective services; it is vital not to pick a company that doesn’t suit your needs. Hence, Navicosoft recognizes the diverse hosting demands and offers you the best possible experience. Consequently, we rank the top VPS hosting services based on the following essential features.

  • Advanced Smoke Detection Systems
  • III-Tier Private Data Centre
  • Surveillance and Secure Facilities/li>
  • Connection with Low Latency
  • Alternatives for Cooling Systems
  • Global Data Centers

Why should I migrate VPS Hosting Services to Cyprus?

Consider your site’s purpose and why you need to migrate when calculating the benefits of switching to VPS Cyprus. Hence, here are a few indicators it’s time for an upgrade to Cyprus’ top VPS hosting:

  • First, there is a security issue
  • Further, you’re dealing with a lot of traffic.
  • It took a while for your website to load.
  • Third, you’re the owner of an internet store.
  • You design websites for clients.
  • You’ve reached your RAM limit.
  • You’re getting server errors.
  • Lastly, you want to put in your software.

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