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VPS hosting in Luxembourg

Affordable VPS Hosting in Luxembourg | The Best VPS Hosting in Luxembourg

Get the best affordable VPS hosting in Luxembourg with the fantastic features; full root access & RDP for WINDOWS HOSTING

VPS HOSTING Pricing & Plans

Luxembourg V1

  • CPU: 2xE5-2695v4 @ 3.50 GHz Xeon
  • HDD: 25 GB RAID10 SSD
  • Bandwidth: 10TB
  • 1 Gbit Network

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Luxembourg V2

  • RAM: 2GB DDR4
  • CPU: 1x E5-2660v4
  • HDD: 40 GB RAID10
  • Bandwidth: 10 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 1 Gbit Network Uplink
  • 1 IPv4

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Luxembourg V3

  • CPU: 4xE5-2695v4 @ 3.50 GHz Xeon
  • HDD:120 GB RAID10 SSD
  • Bandwidth: 10 TB Premium Bandwidth
  • 1 Gbit Network
  • 1 IPv4

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Managed VPS Hosting in Luxembourg

VPS Hosting

Root Access

We provide you with the best-customized packages for VPS hosting Luxembourg that complies with your website hosting needs and preferences. Indeed, cheap VPS hosting in Luxembourg makes the perfect hosting choice at the earlier stages of growth and small businesses. Hence, we have brought you scalable and reliable hosting services which may be scaled according to the growing website needs.

VPS Hosting

VPS attributes

Our professional support teams for VPS server Luxembourg significantly contribute to our ranking among Luxembourg’s top affordable VPS hosting. Now here are some VPS attribute

  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Business-grade SSD storage
  • Multiple Dedicated IPs
  • Root Access
  • cPanel/WHM & Plesk Onyx Available
VPS Hosting

Feature optimization

To provide you with the best web hosting experiences in VPS Luxembourg, we offer you to choose your preferred options for various features such as SSL certificate, operating systems, content management systems, eCommerce platforms, and Caching & HTTP Accelerators.

VPS Hosting

Reliable Data Centers

Navicosoft promises the most reliable hosting solutions for VPS Luxembourg because it owns and manages the state-of-art data centre with the most advanced security system worldwide, such as in the USA, Germany, Mexico, Korea, Bulgaria, UAE, and various other locations. For the best VPS hosting in Luxembourg, not only do we rely on our powerful data centres.

Managed Cheap VPS Hosting in Luxembourg


With our VPS hosting Luxembourg, you get ultimate website monitoring with our supportive technical team.

RDN setup

Our technical team helps set up the RDNs for the IPs allocated to your server to ensure that you get defined PTR.

Cryptocurrency acceptance

Complying with the ongoing market trends, Navicosoft accepts cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ETH, ADA, and BCH.

VPS Hosting


With the VPS Luxembourg Linux, you will be enjoying uninterrupted and dedicated bandwidth as we don’t limit the traffic on VPS server Luxembourg until it violates the service user policy.

Solid security

VPS Luxembourg with Navicosoft means the reliable and secure hosting services that ensure the advanced hardware, software firewall, and routine backups.

OS reinstall

You get the free will to reinstall any OS anytime, utterly free of cost in affordable VPS hosting in Luxembourg packages.

Technical Specifications

VPS Hosting


In VPS Luxembourg Linux, Navicosoft’s support team offers you a free-of-cost data migration on the server with the same control panel.

VPS Hosting


We provide you with a seamless website hosting experience with robust and stable machines well-managed in high-tech data centres.

VPS Hosting

Customer support

Not only do we mark our quality of service with the best features, but we offer 24/7 expert technical support to our clients for the best VPS hosting .

VPS Hosting

Routine Hardware tests

All plans for the best VPS hosting are checked against the hardware tests such as the RAM and HDD tests.

VPS Hosting

Traffic & storage capacity

Our affordable VPS hosting in Luxembourg serves you scalable storage power with the high-tech machine located at the advanced data centres.

VPS Hosting

No PORT Blocking firewall

With the VPS Luxembourg, we hand you complete control over your hosting, enabling all the ports without any firewalls.

VPS Hosting

Multiple IPs

Navicosoft’s cheap vps hosting in Luxembourg offers you up to 5 IP addresses.

VPS Hosting

Dedicated resources

Navicosoft offers you a unique yet premium set of dedicated resources in its plan for vps hosting Luxembourg.

VPS Hosting

5Mbps Uplink

We offer 5Mbps uplink for most of our website hosting packages.


What is VPS hosting in Luxemburg?

Typically, VPS hosting refers to serving the dedicated server resources in a shared hosting environment. Consequently, it means that in VPS hosting, your hosting provider gives you a separated space on a server on which you may run your OS, bandwidth, and have disk space as you like. Such features cost too much for dedicated hosting. However, it costs minimal if you buy VPS Luxembourg. Furthermore, you get complete root access to all the resources allocated to you, and you can install any software you wish.

How does affordable VPS hosting in Luxembourg differs from shared hosting?

Various clients use the same server and share the resources in a shared hosting plan. However, you share the server with other clients in VPS hosting, yet you have your dedicated resources uninterrupted by the neighbouring users. Hence, you may easily enjoy the features of a dedicated hosting package at minimal costs with the best VPS hosting . Furthermore, in VPS hosting package, you get the baseline resources and various add-on features to help your website cater for the sudden traffic spike.

Is Navicosoft cheap VPS hosting in Luxembourg worth considering?

We take pride in our valuable customers and primarily work favouring our clients. Hence, we take care of our customers at a premium level. Therefore, if you search for the best quality and reliable hosting set up in Luxembourg, VPS hosting by Navicosoft makes the best choice for you. In our VPS plans, we offer our clients up to 5 IP addresses so that you may efficiently multitask. Furthermore, owing to our extensive experience as a hosting web agency, we don’t believe in one package fits all. Hence, our VPS server Luxembourg gives you unmetered bandwidth, sufficient RAM storage, and hard disk storage that complies with your web hosting needs.

What are the payment modes for affordable VPS hosting in Luxembourg?

In line with the ongoing trends, we aim to facilitate our clients even with the payment methods. Hence, wherever you are across the world, you can easily buy our services with the payment method best suited to you. Given our customers’ most preferred modes of payment, we accept payment via the following.

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • Cryptocurrency (bitcoin, altcoin, ETH)

Who is the best website hosting provider?

Indeed, every hosting provider claims to be the best. However, performance is the best evidence of quality, and we take pride in managing a significant number of happy and satisfied customers. We have been working to facilitate our clients with the best reliable and most trustworthy services. Hence, we manage the high-tech servers in advanced data centres with stringent hardware and software security. Some of the key features of our affordable VPS hosting in Luxembourg are as follows:

  • Interconnected data centre offering local and international connectivity
  • Advanced smoke detection systems
  • Secure facilities with stringent physical security & monitoring
  • Cooling solutions to maintain optimum temperature
  • Low latency connectivity
  • III-tier dedicated data centres

Why should I consider switching to VPS hosting or cloud server hosting, and what is the right time to do?

Well, it is never too late to find the right solution for your business website. For example, if you aim to grow your business to the optimum levels, your website also needs expansion. Consequently, it simply means an up-gradation of the dedicated hosting resources, disk space, bandwidth, and, most importantly, security. Indeed, this is your call to switch to VPS hosting. By buying VPS Luxembourg with us, you may quickly get the customized resources plan for your website. Hence, you choose the best-suited hosting package that complies with your needs perfectly.
Apart from the unique set of our VPS hosting features, switching to the VPS is relatively easy with the technical and highly professional support team of Navicosoft. To get to our affordable VPS hosting , you must connect to our technical support team. You will have complete detailed guidance on transferring your website instantly without losing any data.

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