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VPS hosting in Slovakia

Cost-effective VPS Slovakia Server Provider | Most Secure VPS Bratislava

Get the best, cheap, and highly cost-effective VPS Slovakia with the pre-installed characters & RDP for Windows Hosting.

VPS HOSTING In Slovakia Pricing & Plans

Slovakia V1

  • Cpu 1 vCore
  • Ram 512 MB
  • Disk Space 15 GB
  • Bandwidth 500 GB
  • IP(s) 1

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Slovakia V2

  • Cpu 1 vCore
  • Ram 1 GB
  • Disk Space 30 GB
  • Bandwidth 1 TB
  • IP(s) 1

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Slovakia V3

  • Cpu 2 vCore
  • Ram 2 GB
  • Disk Space 50 GB
  • Bandwidth 2 TB
  • IP(s) 1

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Slovakia V4

  • Cpu 4 vCore
  • Ram 4 GB
  • Disk Space 70 GB
  • Bandwidth 3 TB
  • IP(s) 1

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The Cost-effective VPS Slovakia

VPS Hosting

Root Privileges

Cost-effective VPS Slovakia is the right solution to your web hosting needs. You can get innovative VPS window hosting in Slovakia, with root access to the resources. Furthermore, you always have the option to upgrade your hosting package as your website’s needs grow. Indeed, our Slovakia VPS server is an excellent place to start. The cheapest windows vps hosting in Slovakia have the best offers for windows cloud vps hosting Bratislava.

VPS Hosting

Excellent vps Petržalka characteristics

  • Thorough control and access to resources
  • Business-grade SSD storage
  • Several Dedicated IP Addresses
  • cPanel/WHM & Plesk Onyx readily available
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Standard DDoS Security
VPS Hosting

Differentiated optimizations

When you buy vps web hosting Slovakia from Navicoosoft, you can take advantage of various fantastic optimization options such as SSL, OS, CMSs, Databases, ecommerce stores, and caching & HTTP accelerators.

VPS Hosting

Safe and Secure Data Center for Vps Stupava

Navicosoft ensures you the best VPS hosting in Slovakia with high-class scalability, dependability, and versatility owing to the well-managed data centers. For cost-effective VPS Slovakia, we have our state-of-the-art servers succeeded at various locations around the globe, including Slovakia, Germany, the USA, Australia, Mexico, Bulgaria, Korea, and various others. Furthermore, we use progressive software and hardware protection systems for slovakian vps servers to provide you with continuous involvement of the best Vps Vysoké Tatry.

Move forward with Smart VPS hosting Slovakia

Website monitoring

Our cheap and cost-effective VPS Slovakia package in Slovakia includes services like VPS setup, software updates, website checking, and observing.

RDN Configuration

We set RDNs for the allocated IP addresses to the dedicated vps server when you get hosting on the vps starý Smokovec server to define your own PTR.

Acceptance of Cryptocurrencies

We also accept cryptocurrency for your convenience. So, in addition, to get the best VPS with BTC, ETH, ADA, and BCH, you can now buy vps Slovakia with bitcoin and can get WordPress hosting.

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Bandwidth

We provide you with dedicated bandwidth that caters to traffic volumes and the other resources of lacne vps unless it violates the service usage policy.

Security Without Compromise

NavicoSoft’s top priority is your safety. As a result, we employ stringent hardware and software security systems to ensure your satisfaction with the best vps Bratislava.

Reinstalling the Operating System

Navicosoft’s package is a Vps Snina because we allow the user to install and reinstall any operating system as many times as they want.

Technical Particulars

VPS Hosting

Basic VPS Functions

We provide pre-install Perl/PHP/ Python scripts in our well-established and cost-effective VPS Slovakia in Slovakia. As a result, it keeps whatever software your vps server Bratislava requires.

VPS Hosting

Dependable hardware

Navicosoft guarantees to provide the best vps liptovský mikuláš due to our futuristic, high-performing, and stable machines in advanced data centres.

VPS Hosting

Customer service

With the best features and services for VPS Slovakia, our technically skilled support team provides 24/7 services to facilitate you in the most effective manner possible.

VPS Hosting

Hardware Evaluation

Our experts perform all hardware tests, such as HDD and RAM tests, for each managed and cost-effective VPS Slovakia plan.

VPS Hosting

Storage capacity and traffic flow

With cheap Linux vps hosting Slovakia, we offer you the best storage power to cater to large traffic volumes thanks to our extraordinarily stable advanced machines in high-tech data centers.

VPS Hosting

Without port firewall

When you purchase a vps hosting SK without a firewall, you have complete control over the resources assigned to you.

VPS Hosting

Several IPs

With hosting on a vps server in Slovakia, you can get up to 5 IP addresses.

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Assets

You won’t have to be concerned about clients sharing your space once you’ve purchased vps web hosting slocvakia from Navicosoft. The resources assigned to you are solely yours.

VPS Hosting

Uplink speed of 1 Gbps

We host you on a cost-effective VPS Slovakia in Slovakia with a 1 Gbps uplink, allowing you to be multitask as you want.


What is VPS Slovakia / VPS Starý?

VPS Slovakia is the Virtual Private Server, and cost-effective VPS Slovakia providers serve you with a taste of dedicated server hosting and shared hosting. Therefore, in a simple language, you can easily enjoy the dedicated assets on the Slovakia vps server at low prices. On a Linux VPS hosting in Slovakia, the consumers share one server. However, they get the entirely detached portions on the same server. Hence, each user gets their operational system, disk space, bandwidth etc. In addition, Navicosoft offers you root access to all your resources.

How is VPS hosting different from shared hosting?

When you find the best vps Bratislava, you will realize that VPS hosting is not the same as shared hosting. Users share server space and resources on shared hosting, leading to serious security issues and downtime due to heavy traffic on a neighboring website. In addition, in a dedicated hosting package, the agency rents you a separate server with all of its resources that are dedicated solely to your website. However, it is an expensive option to select. VPS hosting is a bridge between the two, allowing you to access dedicated resources in a shared server environment.

What payment methods are available for cost-effective VPS Slovakia?

We guarantee to provide you with the best hosting services no matter where you are in the world. Furthermore, we make sure that we provide payment methods that are simple to use for almost everyone worldwide, such as given below

  • Money transfer
  • Debit card
  • Digital currency (Bitcoin, Altcoin, Ethereum etc.)
  • PayPal

Why is Navicosoft the best option for cheap Linux vps hosting in Slovakia?

Navicosoft takes pride in its proven top-notch services and has many satisfied web hosting clients worldwide. Our vision places our customers first and foremost. As a result, if you want unique features, assured uptime, and the best customer service, Navicosoft is the best choice for VPS Slovakia. We provide up to six vCPUs, as much hard disc and RAM storage space as you require, and unlimited bandwidth based on your website hosting requirements. As experts, we understand that one size does not fit all. As a result, we provide our clients with VPS hosting services that are dependable, walkable, and adaptable.

What is the best VPS hosting vendor?

Every hosting agency claims to offer the best hosting packages. However, it is critical to make a decision rather than allowing yourself to be taken advantage of by a company that does not meet your requirements. Navicosoft’s vast experience allows it to identify varying hosting needs and provide you with a cost-effective VPS Slovakia experience. We are ranked as one of the best VPS hosting providers because we offer vital features.

  • Advanced smoke detection systems
  • III-tier dedicated data centre
  • Secure facilities with stringent physical security and monitoring
  • Low bandwidth connectivity
  • Cooling options to maintain optimum temperature
  • A networked data center provides both local and international connectivity.

When is the right time to switch to windows cloud vps hosting Slovakia?

As a company grows, so do its website requirements. For example, as traffic volumes increase, your website will require more space, security, and dedicated resources. If your website is also in the stage of development, now is the time to rethink your hosting package. Once you are apparent to make a change, you must decide what’s worth the risk. Get VPS Slovakia, for example, that meets your web hosting needs and requirements, such as windows cloud vps hosting Slovakia from Navicosoft.
Furthermore, we provide you with the best option for cost-effective VPS Slovakia because switching to windows cloud vps hosting Slovakia or vps server Bratislava is simple. You must contact our technical customer support to receive instructions on the procedure. As a result, you will receive the best features and services while avoiding data loss.

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