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VPS Hosting in Sweden

Exquisitely secure Swedish VPS server | Industry-best VPS hosting Stockholm

Get your website best-suited Windows VPS Sweden and secure Linux VPS Sweden with perks like full root access & RDP for Windows.

VPS HOSTING In Sweden Pricing & Plans

Stockholm V1

  • Cpu 1 vCore
  • Ram 512 MB
  • Disk Space 10 GB
  • Bandwidth 500 GB @ 1 Gbps
  • IP(s) 1

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Stockholm V2

  • Cpu 1 vCore
  • Ram 1 GB
  • Disk Space 30 GB
  • Bandwidth 1.5 TB @ 1 Gbps
  • IP(s) 1

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Stockholm V3

  • Cpu 2 vCore
  • Ram 2 GB
  • Disk Space 40 GB
  • Bandwidth 2 TB @ 1 Gbps
  • IP(s) 1

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Stockholm V4

  • Cpu 3 vCore
  • Ram 3 GB
  • Disk Space 60 GB
  • Bandwidth 3 TB @ 1 Gbps
  • IP(s) 1

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Stockholm V5

  • Cpu 4 vCore
  • Ram 4 GB
  • Disk Space 80 GB
  • Bandwidth 4 TB @ 1 Gbps
  • IP(s) 1

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Up-to-Mark managed VPS Sweden with right pricing

VPS Hosting

Data Center in Sweden

Navicosoft’s VPS hosting is backed by state-of-the-art data centers worldwide, including the USA, VPS UAE, China, Korea, Sweden, VPS Bulgaria, Mexico, and many other places. Our Sweden data center is filled with high-tech machines to power our KVM VPS server Sweden. Therefore, our Linux / Windows VPS HOSTING is proven for reliability for performance. We not only monitor your server, but we are available 24/7 for custom configurations that vote the Navicosoft for being the best VPS Stockholm company among the top 10 cheap VPS hosting Sweden hosting companies.

VPS Hosting

Custom Access

We are here to meet your hosting needs in the best possible way. So our managed VPS Sweden plans can be completely customized to match your specific hosting exigencies. Just share your requirements with us for Windows VPS Sweden or Linux VPS Sweden. Furthermore, you can upgrade your plan anytime, side by side with your website progress. We make sure that WEB HOSTING serves as the outstanding track to start your online project with exclusive permission for scalability, flexibility, and full access.

VPS Hosting

Effective Optimizations

Our VPS Sweden includes different optimization from AutoSSL, Comodo & other SSLs Encryption to Oss like CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows. In addition, we offer CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla, MediaWiki, Drupal, etc., and databases like MySQL, Apache, PHP, Perl, Python, Apache Tomcat. Moreover, eCommerce solutions extend to Magento, PRESTASHOP, OpenCart, and Caching & HTTP Accelerators, including NGINX and Varnish.

VPS Hosting

Feasible VPS Features

  • cPanel/WHM & Plesk Onyx Available
  • Multiple Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Business-grade SSD Storage
  • Standard DDoS Protection
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Root Access

Cheapest VPS Stockholm with Unique Features

Free Reverse Domain Name Setup

Set RDNs for dedicated IP addresses of your cheap VPS hosting Sweden servers and have your own PTR defined.

Free of Cost OS Reinstall

If you seek a change in your OS for your managed VPS Sweden server, we can generate an OS reinstallation anytime for free of cost.

Bitcoin Payment Option

Buy VPS Sweden with Alt Coins including ETH, ADA, BCH, and BTC because we accept cryptocurrency. You can also buy WordPress Hosting with Bitcoin.

VPS Hosting

Infinite Bandwidth

Our Swedish VPS server plans offer you bandwidth that easily accommodates a vast volume of traffic that visits your website. Read our service usage policy to know more.

Unyielding Security

Relieve all stress of security risks with our best VPS hosting Stockholm. In fact, leverage our extensive hardware & software firewalls and periodic backups to have eternal peace of mind.

24/7 Website Proctoring

Let Navicosoft, a Swedish VPS provider, take care of setting up your KVM VPS server Sweden, maintaining its software up-to-date alongside ceaseless yet professionally monitoring your website.

Technical Specs of VPS Sweden

VPS Hosting

Prior Installations

Our primary features installation includes PHP5/Perl/Python. Also, we empower your VPS Stockholm server with all the software you desire to have in your server.

VPS Hosting

Good Customer Support

We have a squad of rigorously trained to serve you 24/7/365 for all of your ordinary to technical queries concerning the Swedish VPS server.

VPS Hosting

Ardent Resources

Your defined managed VPS Sweden plan’s resources and services are dedicated to you so you can manage your website the way you want it to work.

VPS Hosting

Efficient Hardware

We ensure our best VPS hosting Stockholm excellency in performance with our top-notch stable hardware and machines in our high-tech data center facilities.

VPS Hosting

1Gb/s Uplink

Navicosoft affordable VPS price in Sweden plans come with 1Gigabyte per the second uplink to fast server and internet connectivity.

VPS Hosting

Optimized Storage & Traffic

Our VPS Stockholm never disappoints you with your website and application’s storage power and performance for traffic accommodation.

VPS Hosting

Multiple IP Addresses

Our managed VPS Sweden plans are customized to let you avail up to 5 IP addresses with each of our Windows VPS Sweden and Linux VPS Sweden.

VPS Hosting

No Firewall Blocking PORTs

Bask in complete control over your Swedish VPS server HOSTING with our special offer of all ports enabled for you without any firewall.

VPS Hosting

Hardware Diagnostic Tests

Our cheapest VPS Stockholm plans offer periodically tested hardware, including HDD, RAM, and CPU tests to confirm excellent performance.


What should you need to know about the Swedish VPS Server?

VPS Sweden uses virtualization technology to divide the space and offer the users with dedicated environment and resources. To be precise, it stands for Virtual Private Server. All the separate partitioned spaces on the server can have their own operating systems, bandwidth, and disk space. In addition, administrative access down to all resources is a benefit too. Users can install almost any software their server needs. So, a VPS allows the users to have a sole say in configuring the server according to their requirements at a reasonable cost.

How is VPS HOSTING different from shared hosting?

Shared Server in shared hosting has many people using the same server with less privacy. Security and bandwidth shortage can affect the site working. However, VPS is different; it is a combination of dedicated hosting and shared servers. Therefore, no need to worry over the high prices of dedicated hosting when you can get VPS with all features at the budgeted pricing. Also, it can tackle the traffic spikes with an adequate baseline and additional resources.

How can I pay for cheap VPS hosting Sweden?

Our Swedish VPS server exclusive attribute is the ease of payments because we provide various payment options. Therefore, it does not matter at which location of the world you are in; you can pay how you want because we impart the best VPS price in Sweden. Also, we deploy the services the next minute your payment comes in. Considering our customers’ needs and requirements, we currently accept the following methods to let you buy VPS Sweden:

  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency (BTC, Blockchain, Altcoin)
  • Cards Credit/ Debit
  • Bank transfer

What makes Navicosoft’s managed VPS Sweden worthy?

We don’t believe in one size hosting fits all users. So working in our customer’s favor is our must-have attribute. Giving you more but charging less, we make sure to provide you with a unique hosting setup. In addition, we are famous for offering a huge resource allocation. We give you up to six vCPUs to multitask efficiently. Besides that, we give you voluminous hard disk space according to your needs. Also, you can expect unmetered bandwidth and colossal RAM storage to let your website have the edge over its competitors. Finally, we will never disappoint you with the quality and reliability of the cheapest VPS Stockholm services. So let us be your website hosts and enjoy the best performing hosting ever.

What are the hallmarks of the best VPS hosting Stockholm?

Finding the right host with secure VPS servers will be difficult among millions of VPS providers. Thus, you can conduct a thorough survey to bypass falling into anyone’s trap. Fortunately, Navicosoft is also among the few Swedish VPS provider companies that are reputed for genuinely secured VPS. We are not just words; instead, we realize your desired quality managed VPS Sweden services. Our state-of-the-art data centers are the best resource for high-end performance and security. Our KVM VPS server Sweden has come from:

  • III-tier advanced & interconnected data centers
  • Advanced smoke detection systems
  • Temperature maintaining cooling solutions
  • Cutting-edge secured physical security and monitored facilities
  • Low latency connectivity
  • Local and international connectivity

When and how to upgrade to Linux/ Windows VPS Sweden?

Online business growth can be best catered to via a reliable and scalable hosting environment. The hosting setup that suits here best is the VPS, as it comes with robust security, adequate space, and highly-dedicated resources. Therefore, you should upgrade to VPS hosting instantly. Navicosoft serves its clients with full root access with the freedom to install the type of software you fancy. It will not be wrong to say you can select your desired configurations for your server following your progressing business requirements.
When it’s time to switch, you can make it easier by contacting our professional squad serving as the technical support team. You can get not only full assistance on how to transfer your website but also we save you from losing your data. In fact, our team does it instantly to let you keep working seamlessly.

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