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NavicoGuard – An entire solution for Website Security

Although the technological revolution has generated numerous benefits for us, Website Security is still a major issue for many businesses and individuals. To tackle this vulnerability, we are providing solutions for WEBSITE SECURITY, so you can focus on your responsibilities without any worries.
A popular Content Management system in use today is WordPress, and cyber-attackers often work to target common platforms that will affect the widespread public. In such a situation, Malware, Viruses, and Spams are all around you. These threats impose a great effect on your Website Security, even if one of them enters your website’s root drive. And the chances are great.
A single malware has the power to make your website go down, infect its code, block access to certain pages of your website, and even delete important data. Website Security issues can grow even worse than this if not analyzed by an expert. People feel helpless when they ever encounter compromised websites. However, you are not helpless anymore. Order for NAVICOGUARD’s services of WEBSITE SECURITY and clean sweep your website malware like a pro! Resolve all kinds of infection from Navicosoft’s expert team of WEBSITE SECURITY.

An annual subscription handover your website security responsibility to NavicoGuard.

Why Web Security ?

A single malicious event on your website can ruin everything

Let visitors experience a seamless running  website with Navicoguard.

Get hold over all threats to your web property

Complete Recovery of an infected website

How NavicoGuard Provides Website Security Plan Features

  • Hold to hacker’s access on top priority
  • Quick rescue operation
  • In-depth Analysis of root directory of the website
  • Removal of infected code and plugins
  • Restoration of malware affected data
  • Keep following your web property and safeguard it from threats
  • Notify you whenever a breach Is triggered
  • Optimize a slow running website due to malware
  • Keep your CMS updated… ALWAYS!
  • Trusted Site Seal
  • Brand reputation monitoring
  • Advanced Website Security monitoring
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Integrate  SSL on your admin pages
  • A more thorough backup of your data
  • Monitoring and Removal from Google Blacklist
  • Website Security analysis of advanced issues
  • Unlimited Malware removal & hack repair
  • Single site subscription includes Website security for unlimited pages

100% Recovery from
Common Security Breaches


Break-through access to root files & confidential data


Virus and Malware


Damaged Web Directory


Compromised Login Credentials


Scam Infection


Hacked Website

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Your Questions, Our Answers

Why do I really need NAVICOGUARD?

Web Network is a deep ocean where every kind of resource has to exist, so everyone has access. The same ocean is shared by multiple cyberattackers who want to disrupt the whole system. That’s why they trigger automated breaches which can affect multiple potential websites which are vulnerable and have a loophole for them. Developers do not always know what these threat evolvers are up to. Any website can become a target for these malware attacks. Thus, many top ranking websites do invest heavily to stay safe. Since these attacks are running all around the network, you could be a victim of a cyber-attack uninformed. You definitely need to get ahead of these security breaches and get WEBSITE SECURITY to protect yourself from damage. NavicoGuard is here for you to manage everything. Order for its subscription for very low annual charges.

Is NavicoGuard supposed to perform additional backups of my Web Server?

Backup regularity is dependent upon the plan you have opted in hosting. Navicosoft provides monthly, regular backups of your web directory. Other companies may have a different frequency. Additionally, if your website is checked for a malicious event, a separate backup would be created before infection removal so that you have an option in case important files are missed. Since backups are overwritten after a one-month cycle over previous backups, your latest backup would be the one performed in the previous month of your subscription.

Why does an SSL certificate subscription not fulfil my security requirements?

An SSL certificate or HTTPS line in your address does add a layer of protection to enhance security. It ensures that the data, visitors send and receive is being transferred through a secure medium. However, your HTTPS subscription cannot recognize a user’s intention to inject malicious code into your web directory or database. The attackers injecting malicious code are disguised and exploit user-controllable inputs to add these codes. These codes can then operate to add or remove other database entries, ultimately affecting data integrity and your website security.

What will be NavicoGuard’s frequency to check for my Website Security breaches?

Your website would be examined daily for all kinds of security and integrity checks which includes malware/ viruses, brand reputation monitoring, Google Blacklist monitoring, database integrity checks, web server settings and much more. Upon a breach trigger, you would be notified with the details and its recovery status.