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About our Whois Domain Lookup Tool

Navicosoft, whois lookup tool, gives everyone access to look up the current registrations and internet number resources. The WHOIS database reflects the updated registrations; therefore, we have developed a whois domain lookup tool keeping the most crucial purposes including:

  • Querying the domain name license.
  • Identifying holder of the domain.
  • Aggregating, compiling & collecting information.

It is a requirement worldwide that all the details relating to your domain registration are stored in the WHOIS registry. NavicoSoft’s WHOIS lookup is designed to help you dive into the WHOIS database for domain registration and availability information. Not only that, but our WHOIS check also provides the owner, administrator, and contact information.

Avail A Good Chance to Start Your Business on the Right Track!

If you are a business owner or want to keep a check on suppliers, partners, and customers before committing contracts or agreements, then you are just at the right place. Our whois check tools help check the credibility of any person, including the business email addresses, fraudulent activities, frequent updates, and any other anomalies.

What Does Our Whois Lookup Do?

Check Your Domain Name Availability

Check the domain name availability free of cost through our whois domain lookup. Type the domain name you are interested in purchasing in the search field, and hit enter. You will come to know if the domain is available or not as well as its alternatives.

A chance to win the domain that is already reserved

Finding a perfect domain is sometimes tricky, but our team can get you the right one to propel your dream domain that is taken by someone else. With over 100 domain brokers and billions of domains under our management, we know how to get you the domain you desire to propel your brand. Furthermore, in some cases, our team negotiates on your behalf to bring you the lowest price and secure the transfer of the domain.

Find the domain owner

You can get complete details about any domain either you are interested in its purchasing or just want to know the whois domain details. Just type the domain name in the domain availability checker, and get the key information, including creation, expiration, availability, and ownership. We ensure to provide the on-point data and information that is authentic and original.

Easily Readable Format

Our whois information reports are organized in a way that professionals can easily access and read them. The reports are parsed so that people may get only genuine and original information. The whois lookup tool is fast enough to get the required results in few seconds.

Ensure Greater Security

Our WHOIS domain lookup lets the cybersecurity consultants quickly check the unknown domain names and IP addresses entering their client’s networks. It may also include the identification of spamming, phishing, spoofing, and other domain attacks. In addition, you can use our whois lookup tool to update your block lists with updated data.

Your Questions, Our Answers

Yes, you can. Any person, organization, or institute can own a domain. When you get domain registration, you become a domain owner. You get the complete authority of the domain. Once you acquire a specific domain, it is on you whether you want to use it simultaneously or later. No one can get the domain name from you unless you allow somebody or sell your domain name to anyone else.

Using our WHOIS lookup tool is pretty simple. It is as simple as typing any sentence on Google. Just go to the WHOIS domain lookup bar, and type the domain name you are interested in purchasing and hit the search button. You will come to see if the domain is available or not. Also, there will be multiple alternatives for you with the prices mentioned against each.

When a domain is registered, the international corporation for assigned names & numbers requires that the owners share their updated information. This information includes the name, email address, phone number, residential address, postal code, and associated IP. This information is collected and displayed in the WHOIS database. So mainly, WHOIS is just like an international address book for the public.

Since the registrant’s data can be changed, domain registrars have to provide annual reports to domain owners to review and edit their information. According to ICANN rules, refusing to provide the data or providing false data can lead to the cancellation of domains. Moreover, ICANN allows users to file a complaint if they find any irrelevant or incorrect information. Therefore, registrants must need to complete the verification in time. So via the verification protocol, ICANN maintains the highest level of accuracy & authenticity.