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Node JS Hosting Pricing Plans


Choose Plan
  • Free Domain Name
  • 8 GB Web Space
  • 150 GB Data Transfer
  • 15 Email Addresses
  • Recycling In 1740 Minutes
  • 10% CPU Usage Max
  • 100KB/s Transfer Speed
  • 20 Concurrent connections


Choose Plan
  • Free Domain Name
  • 20 GB Web Space
  • 400 GB Data Transfer
  • 20 Email Addresses
  • Recycling In 1340 Minutes
  • 15% CPU Usage Max
  • 250KB/s Transfer Speed
  • 25 Concurrent connections


Choose Plan
  • Free Domain Name
  • 30 GB Web Space
  • 600 GB Data Transfer
  • 30 Email Addresses
  • Recycling In 740 Minutes
  • 25% CPU Usage Max
  • 700 KB/s Transfer Speed
  • 35 Concurrent connections


Choose Plan
  • Free Domain Name
  • 40 GB Web Space
  • 1 TB Data Transfer
  • 50 Email Addresses
  • Recycling In 540 Minutes
  • 30% CPU Usage Max
  • 1000 KB/s Transfer Speed
  • 45 Concurrent connections

Best Node JS Hosting Service With A Bundle Of Features At Minimalist Costs

Hosting Node JS applications is easy rather than finding a reliable Node Js hosting provider. Navicosoft has been serving in the field of web hosting since 2008 with reliable Cheap Node JS Hosting server. We are proud to offer servers that are optimized specifically for the best Node JS hosting service. As a leading node js hosting provider, our cheapest node js hosting comes with a js selector. It helps in the easy setup of the applications. In addition, our turbo fast servers get your applications a big speed boost.

Our Best Node JS Hosting Service & features

One-click installation

Our js app hosting comes with one-click node js installations. If you want to install the node js shared hosting framework, you can use the UI. You can choose and install the js framework like Angular js, Express js, Next js, Next js with the framework, and various others through a single click.

Domain Mapping

If you want to create a project or already have an existing project in node js, angular js, or next js, you can map the domain using the provided user interface. Simply click on the drop-down menu & choose the domain name. Next, enter the path of the main file. After updating the main file, enter the port number, select js type, and save.

Management of Application

After the app creation and mapping of the domain, you can manage the application with the functions like START, RESTART, STOP, and DELETE. If you stop the app, the process of the particular domain will stop; similarly, if you start or restart the process of the same domain, it will get a start or restart as per the command.

Easy Console Access

If you want to install a node package manager or want to run any command, you can do it using terminal access. When the login prompt appears, you have to enter your username and password. Once the credentials are entered, it will log in as a server and move to the application directory.

Node js log manager

If you are someone who wants to check the access/ Error log, simply login to the user control panel and go to the log module. There, you will be to check all the logs displayed based on the user selection.

Best Low
Cost Node JS Hosting Service

If you need a Cheap Node JS Hosting provider who can provide you with best node js cloud hosting to deploy applications, then you have just hit rock bottom. We have been providing the best node js hosting service for the last two decades with easy access to a number of useful tools like Cloudflare CDN. Our ultra-reliable services come with up to 99.9% of uptime. We assure you that you are going to love our best node js hosting service as we offer a free three days trial as well.

What is The Best Node Js hosting Service & why choose Node JS Managed Hosting?

Not all the webserver tasks demand resources of fully-featured server-side scripting language. In today’s era, when web server systems like LAMP stack are viewed as a bit old-fashioned, Cheap Node JS Hosting offers the website operators to handle the requests using something lighter and more responsive. Node Js uses a javascript engine to provide a server-side response for web requests. Node JS is also designed to work for client-side javascript requests making it ideal for the websites to deal with a large number of requests from the users. Moreover, it holds a modular design to achieve the desired speed gain. In addition, our easy node js installation guide helps you deploy your code on the server so that you can make sure that it is working as expected. Node js is the most growing framework for web development. The developers use it regularly to develop phone apps to provide a smart solution for handling requests. Furthermore, it is also becoming popular with developers who want leaner solutions. Our goal is to deliver the fastest experience for your site visitors. We know that as a developer, you must have set some goals that you want to achieve. Therefore, we hope to deliver a wide range of stable yet Cheap Node JS Hosting services to meet your goals.

Why choose NavicoSoft For Node Js Hosting Service?

  • We possess several data centers & your site is hosted in the nearest one.
  • We instantly activate your hosting account after you, make the payment.
  • Our support with affordable cpanel node js hosting price is here to address your concerns.
  • According to our policy, we give our clients a free trial of Cheap Node JS Hosting for three days.
  • Our versatility in delivering the services at an affordable price is what makes us unique.
  • We offer a bundle of useful features with Node JS Hosting.