Cheap Windows reseller hosting platform for growth-focused hosting businesses.

Affordable Windows Reseller Hosting Plans


$9.45/ mo*
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  • 8 Domains
  • 10 GB Web Space
  • 200 GB Bandwidth
  • 20 Spam Free Email Addresses
  • 50 MySql Databases
  • 50 MS SQL Databases
  • Full Domain panel
  • 99.99 % uptime
  • All versions of Supported
  • Crystal Reports


$17.85/ mo*
Choose Plan
  • 15 Domains
  • 20 GB Web Space
  • 400 GB Data Transfer / Bandwidth
  • 50 Spam Free Email Addresses
  • 100 MySql Databases
  • 100 MS SQL Databases
  • Full Domain panel
  • 99.99 % uptime
  • Crystal Reports


$26.25/ mo*
Choose Plan
  • 25 Domains
  • 30 GB Web Space
  • 600 GB Data Transfer / Bandwidth
  • 100 Spam Free Email Addresses
  • 200 MySql Databases
  • 200 MS SQL Databases
  • Full Domain panel
  • 99.99 % uptime
  • All versions of Supported
  • Crystal Reports


$36.75/ mo*
Choose Plan
  • 40 Domains
  • 40 GB Web Space
  • 1.6 TB Data Transfer / Bandwidth
  • 150 Spam Free Email Addresses
  • 300 MySql Databases
  • 300 MS SQL Databases
  • Full Domain panel
  • 99.99 % uptime
  • All versions of Supported
  • Crystal Reports


$52.5/ mo*
Choose Plan
  • 50 Domains
  • 50 GB Web Space
  • 2 TB Data Transfer / Bandwidth
  • 200 Spam Free Email Addresses
  • 350 MySql Databases
  • 350 MS SQL Databases
  • Full Domain panel
  • 99.99 % uptime
  • All versions of Supported
  • Crystal Reports

Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting Provider To Kickstart Your Business At The Minimal Prices!

Cheap Windows Reseller hosting is becoming one of the most popular choices for developers to generate profit in the web hosting industry. As with the growing trend of best Windows reseller hosting, more and more people are opting for its plans. Whether you want to host for individual purposes or for large industrial purposes, Navicosoft has got you covered. We bring innovative best reseller web hosting with the power and flexibility of IIS 8 and the latest Microsoft SQL Server. Whether you are a novice or have various years of relevant experience on the internet, we provide you with the most flexible hosting plans with unlimited features. Our reseller hosting plan is a perfect pick for you if you want to start your web hosting company or want to manage different websites on a single hosting account.

Windows Reseller Hosting at Navicosoft

Step into the world of Windows Hosting Distributor Services with Navicosoft – a leading name that combines performance with affordability. Whether you’re starting your hosting business or scaling up, our reseller hosting packages are designed to cater to all your needs.

Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting Without Compromising Quality

Navicosoft offers cheap Windows reseller hosting that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Our value-driven packages ensure you get the best bang for your buck without compromising on the core features you need.

Plesk Reseller Hosting: Simplify Your Windows Hosting

Why complicate things? With our Plesk reseller hosting, manage your websites with ease. Recognized as the optimal control panel for Windows, Plesk streamlines website and server management, making it a favorite among our Windows hosting clientele.

Why We're The Best Windows Reseller Hosting Provider

At Navicosoft, our reputation for being the best reseller hosting provider isn’t unfounded. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, top-notch customer support, and unbeatable uptime, our clients enjoy an unparalleled hosting experience.

Tailored Windows Reseller Hosting Plans

Every business is unique, and so are its hosting needs. That’s why Navicosoft offers a diverse range of reseller hosting plans. From startups to established businesses, our plans are customizable to fit your exact requirements.

Windows Reseller Hosting with Plesk: A Powerful Combo

Merge the power of Windows with the simplicity of Plesk. Our reseller hosting Plesk packages offer the perfect blend of performance and usability, ensuring your clients remain satisfied and your operations run smoothly.

Dive Deeper with Windows Reseller Web Hosting

Beyond just hosting, Navicosoft provides an array of tools and features to enhance your Windows reseller web hosting business. From secure backups to reliable performance, we’ve got you covered.

Unlimited Windows Reseller Hosting: The Sky's The Limit

Why limit your potential? With Navicosoft’s unlimited Windows reseller hosting, there’s no cap on your growth. Enjoy limitless domains, bandwidth, and storage, and watch your hosting business soar to new heights. Dive into the world of reseller hosting with Navicosoft today and discover the difference in quality, support, and unbeatable prices.

Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting Provider For More Than Just Reseller Hosting

Our hosting plans are bundled with stability, support, and reliability. Furthermore, as a leading cheap windows reseller hosting provider, we never compromise on the quality of the hardware. Our servers are made with the latest IIS 10. Our plans are fully scalable. It means that you can scale up and scale down the plans according to your needs. For making your own, start a small hosting business by getting our reseller hosting plan, customizing it, and then supplying it to third parties. The question about choosing a platform may appear every time in your mind and if you have chosen the right one? Windows bring a consistent user experience and extended advantages. In addition, the Windows Platform is specifically known for its power and specific set of tools. Some specific reasons to choose windows reseller hosting platforms are:

  • Windows hosting lets the application be written in various programming languages like PHP.
  • It is comparatively easier to use the cheap reseller hosting as it comes with friendly features & tools.
  • We provides you the option to use products like smartermail, push technology, etc.
  • The unique thing is that you do not have to create multiple accounts to maintain the database. In fact, a single control panel helps in managing the client’s data.

Cheapest Windows Reseller Hosting Plans

Customized control panel

With our unlimited reseller hosting Plesk, web hosting plans come to easy use and a super manageable control panel. You can fully customize your control panel with a specific brand and logo for each client. In this way, your clients will never see any brand name other than your own. 

Unlimited accounts

With our reseller hosting plan, you can create an unlimited number of hosting accounts. As your best Windows  Hosting Distributor Services provider, we understand that all hosting clients are the same. Therefore we do not limit the resources as well as the accounts they create. Therefore, you can enjoy the creation of unlimited hosting accounts with an identity of your own.

Multi-channel support

Our technical support team provides award-winning technical support to overcome all of your technical hosting issues. You can contact us through email, calls, or messages to get instant support and resolve your hosting issues instantly. In addition, you can also drop your query on any of our social media platforms so that the next available agent will get you at the earliest.

SSD storage

Our reseller hosting plans include fast and fully secured SSD servers. It means that you can now enjoy up to 100% of high speed. Furthermore, our solid-state servers are secure enough to protect your website’s data from anonymous hackers & spammers.


When you get our reseller hosting plan, we ensure to get you one-click backups through the control panel. You can now restore the previous data with a single click because our unlimited Linux reseller hosting plans include a control panel, which gives you the option of taking backups via a single click. 

Reliable Technical Specifications Via
An Authorized Windows Reseller Hosting Provider

Internet protocol version 6 is the replacement of IPv4. It is the latest version of internet protocol and identifies the devices across the internet. IPv6 can handle data packets more efficiently, improve performance, and increase security. Moreover, it helps internet services providers to reduce the size of routing tables. Although IPv6 addresses are not as popular as IPv4, still, if you are assigned to them, you can surely get faster, more secure, and reliable internet data transfers.

  • Easy to use control panel
  • 99.99% of uptime
  • DNS management
  • Unlimited databases
  • Free trial
  • Unlimited domains name and subdomains
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Private nameservers
  • Complete control on password modification
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Server monitoring facility


  • CPAN & GD library support

  • Cron job scheduling

  • Autoresponders

  • Mail forwarders

Why choose NavicoSoft
For Windows Reseller Hosting?

  • Our reseller hosting plans are 100% white-labeled. You can add your brand name to the panel.
  • You can manage your and your client’s email accounts under a single reseller account.
  • The easy-to-use plesk panel allows you to manage clients’ hosting including emails, and website.
  • We offer a free three days trial so that you can satisfy your needs & requirements.

Other Services Related to Windows Reseller Hosting

Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is a type of web hosting service that utilizes the Windows operating system as the server’s platform, providing compatibility with technologies like ASP.NET and MSSQL. It is suitable for websites and applications developed specifically for Windows-based environments.

Windows VPS With Bitcoin

Purchase Windows VPS using Bitcoin, offering a secure and anonymous payment option. Enjoy the benefits of a virtual private server hosted on the Windows operating system.

Plesk Server Management

Plesk server management is a user-friendly web hosting control panel for efficiently managing websites, domains, and server settings. It simplifies tasks like email, file, and database management while enhancing security and offering one-click application installation.

Plesk License

A Plesk license is a software license that allows users to use the Plesk control panel for web hosting management. It enables efficient server and website administration with access to various features and functionalities.

Your Questions, Our Answers

What is windows reseller hosting?

It is a variant of web hosting that comes with high disk space, RAM, and other resources. You can buy a windows reseller hosting plan and start your business web hosting. Buy a package of reseller hosting from us, and create your plans.

What are the billing terms for reseller hosting?

The billing term for our services, including windows & Linux reseller plans, are pretty simple. We do not make any long terms contracts. Our plans are monthly based. So you pay every month and can terminate the services anytime.

Can I upgrade the package resources?

We offer full flexibility & scalability with our reseller hosting plans. You can upgrade or downgrade the package anytime. Contact our support team to get the detail or upgrade your package instantly. We are there for you 24/7.

What are the benefits of a windows reseller hosting plan?

There are a lot of benefits to purchasing window reseller hosting plans. For example, you get the latest ASP.Net and .Net core version, user-friendly Plesk panel, Pure SSD server with RAID storage, business email accounts, and much more.

What are the payment options for windows reseller hosting plans?

As your windows reseller hosting provider, we provide multiple gateways for payment that are secure. Whether you are our overseas client or a local one, we make sure to provide you with the most convenient ways to make payment. For example, you can use one of the following gateways to make payment:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card
  • Buy vps with bitcoin, Altcoin, Ethereum etc.
  • PayPal

Can I get white label support from my windows reseller hosting provider?

Yes, you can get comprehensive 24/7 support with our hosting plans. In addition, you can come in touch with us anytime to get additional information or any technical query. You can contact us anytime in the following ways:

  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Phone Call
  • WhatsApp