Rental Cloud Windows VPS Hosting Servers

With our Windows VPS Hosting Servers you will get  KVM Virtulization Full Root Access Instant Setup  Free rDNS  Linux & Windows VPS  Cloud VPS Managed and Unmanaged VPS 24/7 Expert Support  SSD Storage  Dedicated IP  Plesk or cPanel  Multi payment option including Paypal, credit card, crypto & bitcoin pay

Windows VPS Hosting Prices

You save 50%

NewYork RDP V1

$9/ mo*
Regular Price $18/ mo*
Choose Plan
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Processor: 2 vCore
  • Hard Drive: 25 GB
  • Bandwidth: 1 TB
  • IP: 1
  • Uplink: 1 Gbps
  • Windows Server 2022
You save 50%

NewYork RDP V2

$15.83/ mo*
Regular Price $31.65/ mo*
Choose Plan
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Processor: 2 vCore
  • Hard Drive: 50 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 2 TB
  • IP:1
  • Uplink: 1 Gbps
  • Windows Server 2022
You save 50%

NewYork RDP V3

$25.5/ mo*
Regular Price $51/ mo*
Choose Plan
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Processor: 3 vCore
  • Hard Drive: 100 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 3 TB
  • IP: 1
  • Uplink: 1 Gbps
  • Windows Server 2022
You save 50%

NewYork RDP V4

$39.95/ mo*
Regular Price $79.9/ mo*
Choose Plan
  • RAM: 5 GB
  • Processor: 4 vCore
  • Hard Drive: 150 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 4 TB
  • IP: 1
  • Uplink: 1 Gbps
  • Windows Server 2022

Experience Lightning-Speed Performance with Our Windows VPS Solutions

At Navicosoft, we fully grasp that web presence in the digital landscape isn’t merely an advantage—it’s vital. Thus, our Windows VPS solutions are meticulously tailored to guarantee that your websites and applications don’t just keep pace but actually sprint ahead of the competition. By aligning with us, you’re definitely opting for the web world’s fast lane.

In addition, our Windows VPS is ingeniously designed to be user-centric, empowering you to effortlessly unlock its immense capabilities. There’s no room for confusion, only a pathway to an uncomplicated, blazing-speed hosting environment.

Furthermore, we stand unwavering in our commitment, adhering to our pledge of delivering unmatched, consistent hosting performance. So, are you geared up to grab a Cheap Windows VPS server where speed, reliability, and simplicity converge?

Managed and Unmanaged VPS Windows Hosting Services

Exceptional Speed

In the digital world, speed is the game-changer. That’s precisely what our Fast VPS windows bring to the table. Optimized for top-tier performance, our VPS solutions ensure your websites and applications load in the blink of an eye. So say goodbye to waiting and embrace immediate results with Navicosoft.

Affordable VPS

We firmly believe that quality shouldn’t break the bank. Therefore, Navicosoft offers Windows VPS solutions that strike the perfect balance between top-notch performance and affordability. So, you no longer have to compromise; you get the best of both worlds with us.

Optimized for Peak Performance

At Navicosoft, every detail counts. Consequently, we’ve spent countless hours ensuring our Windows VPS runs like a well-oiled machine. Whether it’s the core software or even the minutiae of server settings, we’ve fine-tuned everything. As a result, your websites and applications experience unparalleled speed and stability.

Seamlessly Adaptable to Your Needs

As your business grows, your digital needs will too. Our Windows VPS isn’t just a static solution but a dynamic platform that evolves with you. Need more storage space or increased bandwidth for those traffic spikes? Our infrastructure is designed to adapt smoothly, ensuring your online presence remains uninterrupted.

Technical Features of Our Windows VPS

KVM Virtualization

Our Windows-based VPS hosting comprises KVM virtualization. So you can experience unmatched stability, performance, and isolation, ensuring your projects run seamlessly. With KVM at the core, we promise a hosting environment that stands out, making your digital endeavors efficient and reliable. Thus, power your digital venture with our KVM-virtualized server.

Full Root Access

Our VPS server comes with complete root access to let you unlock limitless possibilities. So, be ready to get into customization and tweak settings to your heart’s content. We empower you and your projects with unparalleled control, from installations to configurations. We provide the tools; you craft the experience and truly make the server yours.

Cloud Setup

No need to worry about the low redundancy servers with compromising performance. Instead, step into the next generation of hosting with our VPS, backed by a robust cloud setup. Enjoy the reliability, scalability, and sheer power that only a cloud foundation can offer. Thus, with us, you do not get a simple server; instead, we serve you with a cloud-powered future for your projects.

Instant Setup

Ready to launch your web product? With our Windows virtual server hosting, there’s no waiting around and no complicated processes. We believe time is precious, and with us, every second counts towards your success. Therefore, we offer instant setup – seamless integration the moment you sign up. So, have your server ready at your disposal and hit the ground running.

No PORT Blocking Firewall

With us, you can be confident to have a seamless VPS experience with our No PORT Blocking Firewall feature. We ensure limitless connectivity and an open pathway for all your applications, guaranteeing uninterrupted communication and optimized performance. Enjoy the freedom of connectivity without boundaries because we empower your projects without any roadblocks.

Constant Uptime Commitment

Downtime can be a business’s worst nightmare, affecting sales and reputation. Therefore, our Windows VPS has been crafted to guarantee a near-constant online presence. With top-tier redundancy measures and backup protocols, we ensure 99.9% service uptime that your digital platforms are always accessible, day or night. So, no downtime hassle anymore!

Unmanaged Windows VPS

Adapting to your needs for Windows VPS, we offer unmanaged servers. So enjoy full control with the complete authority to customize the server exactly as they see fit. Our set of benefits includes cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and no restrictions for Fast VPS Windows. In addition, the foremost ease includes dedicated resources for optimized performance.

Managed Windows VPS

We understand that not all businesses have the time and knowledge to be tech gurus. So we offer a Managed Windows VPS server to take off the server management burden from you. We take care of all the technicalities, from monitoring to server updates and installations for you. So you stay worry-free and focus more on your business with peace of mind.

Free RDNs Setup

The world of Remote Domain Naming systems can be complex, but with Navicosoft, it doesn’t have to be. Our free RDNs setup is crafted to simplify your hosting life, including server domain tailoring. In addition, our team manages everything from the initial setup to any required adjustments. With our Windows VPS server, remember that Navicosoft ensures your ease.

Free OS Reinstall

As we navigate the constantly evolving digital landscape, sometimes, OS reinstalls become inevitable. Acknowledging this, Navicosoft steps in, firstly by offering free OS reinstall services for all our valuable users. Thus, with Navicosoft, you’re not just procuring a VPS; rather, you’re making a reliable investment in both flexibility and solutions tailored for the future.

Feature-Packed Windows VPS Hosting

100+ Data Centers aroud the globe

With us, it’s not just about hosting; it’s about performance. Our advanced data centers spread across diverse global locations are at the heart of our hosting excellence. Engineered for top-tier reliability, flexibility, and speed, each center from USA, Germany, China, UAE, Korea, Bulgaria, Mexico, to many other locations stands as a testament to our high-tech infrastructure.
Website Monitoring
With Navicosoft’s Affordable VPS Hosting, we provide vigilant and continuous website monitoring. We ensure your site remains active and delivers the best experience to your visitors 24/7. We are all about securing a reliable, always-on presence for your business in the digital world. With constant checks and real-time updates, we ensure you’re always in the loop about your website’s health.
Bitcoin Acceptance
Digital transactions are evolving, and so are we. Recognizing the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, Navicosoft has integrated cryptocurrency payment options. When you buy Windows VPS with Bitcoin, the process is smooth, secure, and in tune with modern financial trends — and, on top of all, reliable. That’s the Navicosoft way. Not only bitcoins, we accept all other cryptocurrencies.
Stringent Security
Navicosoft stands as your vigilant guardian. We prioritize your safety above everything else. Moreover, our security measures aren’t just stringent; they are proactive, specifically designed to address threats even before they manifest. Therefore, we provide a DDoS-protected virtual server. Furthermore, our Affordable VPS Hosting encapsulates top-tier performance and unwavering security.
VPS Features
  • Multi-OS – CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • cPanel/WHM & Plesk Onyx Available
  • Multiple Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Business-grade SSD VPS Storage
  • CMSs – WordPress, Joomla, MediaWiki, Drupal.
  • SSL – AutoSSL, Comodo & other SSL encryption
  • MySQL, Apache, PHP, Perl, Python, Apache Tomcat
  • eCommerce – Magento, PRESTASHOP, OpenCart
  • Caching & HTTP Accelerators – NGINX, Varnish

Why Choose Navicosoft to Buy Windows VPS?

Affordability Matters

Everyone loves a good deal, especially regarding quality services. Navicosoft takes pride in offering a balance between cost and performance. Our Cheap Windows VPS solutions are designed with you in mind, ensuring you receive excellent service without stretching your budget too thin. You get more for less; this value proposition is a game-changer in VPS hosting.

Experience Speaks Volumes

Trust is built over time, and at Navicosoft, we have been nurturing this trust for years. You’re not just purchasing a product when you buy Windows VPS from us. You’re investing in years of expertise, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. With each VPS solution we offer comes the assurance of our rich experience, ensuring every challenge is met with a well-crafted solution.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

The strength of a Windows VPS server lies in its foundation. Our dedication to cutting-edge technology guarantees that our servers are quick and dependable. We understand that in today’s digital age, downtime can be costly. Thus, we’ve equipped ourselves with an infrastructure that promises speed, unparalleled uptime, and consistency.

Round-the-Clock Support

Questions don’t follow the clock, and neither do we. Our support crew on duty around the clock will help you with any questions or problems. When you choose Navicosoft to buy Windows VPS in London, you’re also gaining a team of dedicated professionals who are always there to help 24/7. We ensure you’re always aware of the situation, from technical issues to general queries.

Scalability At Its Best

Every business is on a journey, and growth is integral to it. As you expand, your digital requirements will change. Our Windows VPS server solutions are built with this growth in mind. Easy scalability ensures that your VPS can adapt without any hitches as your business evolves, ensuring continuity and efficiency.

Prioritizing Security

Threats lurk in unexpected corners, and data security is paramount. Navicosoft doesn’t take this lightly. Our security protocols are robust, ensuring that your data is always protected. From regular updates to firewall protections and DDoS protection, we ensure your peace of mind. So, from affordability to security, we are here to make digital presence smooth, efficient, and successful.

Rental VPS

Don’t let standard resources of virtual hosting restrict your online ventures. Whether your project consumes a lot of resources or you need a more powerful platform for hosting your project. We help you rent a Windows-operated VPS server, unmanaged or managed Windows VPS. Now, host your online stores with a huge number of visitors to heavy media files with comfort.

Monthly/ Annual Contract

We’ve taken steps to warmly accommodate our Windows virtual server customers with Cheap Windows VPS. We ensure billing flexibility by offering monthly, biannually, and annual plans that align perfectly with your needs. We avoid binding our customers in burdensome contracts. You have the freedom to decide when, where, and for how long you want to keep your server.

Payments Easy for Everyone

At Navicosoft, we ensure flexibility and convenience and proudly and seamlessly offer a range of payment methods tailored to meet your preferences. We have options including credit cards, bank transfers, and other platform-based like PayPal, Skrill, and Perfect Money. In addition, Furthermore, crypto enthusiasts among you can also Buy Windows VPS with Bitcoin.

30 Days Refund

Choose our Windows VPS solutions with confidence. We’re so committed to your satisfaction that we offer a 30-day refund guarantee while some conditions apply. In addition, we prioritize your peace of mind because we believe trust is paramount in hosting. So, we invite you to check and continue your partnership with us. Invest in Windows-based VPS risk-free.

Compelling Advantages of Windows VPS

Customization at Its Best

When businesses decide to buy Windows VPS in Australia, one primary motivation is its unparalleled customizability. This platform is designed to be a mold that effortlessly takes the shape of your unique requirements. So, whether it’s a specific software integration or unique server configurations, Windows VPS gives you the space and tools to design your digital environment.

Unwavering Performance

If there’s one thing a Windows VPS server guarantees, it’s performance. Unlike shared hosting, here you have dedicated resources just for your needs. This ensures your applications run faster, websites load in a snap, and data processing happens in real time. It’s all about getting that competitive edge in the digital arena.

Robust Security Framework

Security is a cornerstone of Windows VPS. With your data and applications hosted in an isolated environment, the risks of malicious intrusions are significantly reduced. Furthermore, Microsoft’s regular security patches fortify this defense, ensuring that your business assets remain protected against evolving digital threats.

Ready for Tomorrow

Every business aspires to grow, and your digital infrastructure should be prepared. Windows VPS server offers seamless scalability options. Whether you experience a sudden spike in web traffic or need more storage for growing databases, Windows VPS accommodates without a hitch.

Complete Control in Your Hands

Autonomy is another significant benefit. Businesses buying Windows VPS get comprehensive control over their server environment. Be it software installations or tweaks in configurations, businesses can make decisions without waiting for approvals or assistance.

Value for Money

Contrary to what many believe, Windows VPS is cost-effective. While it brings premium features to the table, it doesn’t command a premium price. It’s a balanced offering where businesses get the best of both worlds: top-of-the-line features without breaking the bank.

Regular Backups for Peace of Mind

Data is invaluable, and Windows VPS recognizes that. Regular backups are a standard feature, ensuring businesses have a fallback option in case of unforeseen issues. It’s a safety net that allows businesses to operate with confidence.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

The beauty of Windows VPS is that it isn’t chained to a location. With Windows RDP, whether at the office, at home, or even on vacation, your server is accessible. This remote access capability ensures that businesses can operate without geographical constraints.

Freedom to Decide Your Location for Lowest Latency with Windows VPS

Navicosoft takes pride in offering Windows-based VPS in 100+ locations. So we can be your partner in elevating your digital presence on a global scale or your desired location. We have strategically positioned across international locations. We ensure optimal connectivity, reduced latency, and robust performance no matter where your audience is.

Unleash Power and Performance with Windows VPS Hosting | Buy Now!

Explore our cutting-edge Windows VPS hosting solutions for unparalleled speed and reliability. Buy your Windows VPS today to experience high-performance hosting with robust features and expert management.

Purchasing VPS Windows

Purchasing a Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a strategic move for individuals and businesses seeking a dedicated virtual server tailored to their hosting needs. A Windows VPS provides:

  • Enhanced control over server resources and configurations.
  • Offering a versatile solution for hosting websites.
  • Applications

Windows VPS Hosting

Windows VPS hosting is a comprehensive service catering to those seeking virtual private servers optimized for Windows environments. This hosting solution is ideal for users who require dedicated resources and the familiarity of Windows compatibility. With Windows VPS hosting, users can expect seamless performance, enhanced security, and a hosting infrastructure designed to meet the unique demands of Windows-based applications and websites.

Buy Windows VPS

Take control of your online presence by choosing to buy a Windows VPS. This decision empowers individuals and businesses to acquire a dedicated virtual server with customizable resources. Whether aiming for improved speed, heightened security, or specific software configurations, purchasing a Windows VPS allows you to tailor your hosting environment to suit your requirements.

Windows VPS Server

A Windows VPS server provides a dedicated virtual space for hosting websites, applications, and online services. Tailored for Windows environments, this server option ensures optimal performance and flexibility. Whether you need a dedicated hosting solution for your business or personal projects, a Windows VPS server offers the reliability and customization you seek.

Fast Windows VPS

Speed matters and a fast Windows VPS is designed to deliver just that. Experience quick loading times, responsive applications, and a seamless user experience with our fast Windows VPS solutions. This hosting option is curated for those who prioritize performance without compromising on the familiarity of Windows environments.

VPS USA Windows

Explore top-notch VPS hosting with a focus on Windows compatibility. Our VPS USA Windows solutions offer a robust infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your online ventures. Choose Navicosoft VPS provider that understands the unique hosting requirements for Windows-based applications.

Managed Windows VPS

Simplify your hosting experience with managed Windows VPS services. Our expert team handles server management, security, and updates, allowing you to focus on your business without the hassle of technical intricacies. Enjoy the benefits of a managed Windows VPS, combining performance with peace of mind.

Cloud VPS Windows

Experience the flexibility of cloud hosting with our Cloud VPS Windows solutions. Combining the scalability and reliability of the cloud with the compatibility of Windows, this hosting option offers on-demand resources for your applications. Elevate your online presence with Cloud VPS Windows hosting.

VPS for Windows

Tailored for Windows environments, our VPS for Windows provides a dedicated and secure hosting solution. Enjoy the benefits of virtualization with full Windows compatibility for your applications and websites. Choose VPS for Windows to meet your hosting needs effectively.

Rent VPS Windows

Rent your Windows VPS today and experience the convenience of a dedicated virtual server. With customizable resources and Windows compatibility, our hosting solutions empower you to control your online environment. Choose to rent a Windows VPS for a flexible and scalable hosting experience.

Unmanaged Windows VPS

For those seeking complete control, our unmanaged Windows VPS offers a blank canvas for customization. Take charge of your server’s configuration and enjoy the freedom to tailor it to your specific requirements. Choose unmanaged Windows VPS for a hosting solution that puts you in control.

Your Questions, Our Answers

What exactly is a Windows VPS?

A Windows VPS, in its essence, is a virtual server that operates using the Windows operating system. At Navicosoft, we designed our Windows VPS to mimic a dedicated server environment sharing a server. It provides users with private resources, ensuring a faster and more efficient operational experience.

Are data backups a part of the package?

We at Navicosoft, recognizing the undeniable importance of data, have taken steps to ensure continuity. Consequently, we periodically schedule backups to ensure you're always prepared for any situation.

How does Navicosoft's Windows VPS server ensure high performance?

Navicosoft's commitment to high performance is evident in our Windows VPS server offerings. We use top-quality hardware, ensuring efficient and rapid server responses. In addition, our dedicated technicians actively monitor the systems, catching and resolving potential hiccups before they become issues. This means users experience consistent speed and reliable uptime.

Why is Navicosoft the best choice for Windows VPS?

Choosing Navicosoft for Windows VPS is a wise decision for several reasons. First, we prioritize our customers, ensuring they receive top-level service and support. Every VPS we provide is optimized for performance, guaranteeing your website or application runs smoothly. In addition, our team is always on standby to assist with any questions or concerns. We also offer competitive pricing, giving you great value for your money. Moreover, our robust infrastructure and advanced security measures mean you can trust us to keep your data safe. Simply put, Navicosoft doesn't just provide hosting; we dedicate ourselves to your success.

How responsive is the Navicosoft customer support team?

Our customer support is round-the-clock. Navicosoft boasts a proactive team available 24/7. Whether it's a minor query or a significant snag, we're always ready to assist.

Do you offer any guarantees or warranties with your Windows VPS services?

Absolutely! We promise unbeatable uptime and rigorous security measures so your online endeavors always run seamlessly. Secondly, should you ever face a hiccup, our dedicated support team is consistently at your beck and call. In short, choosing our Windows VPS services will never disappoint you.

How soon can I start using my Windows VPS post-purchase?

At Navicosoft, we value your time. Once you finalize your purchase, the automated processes kick in, setting up your Windows VPS. Most of our users are up and running in just a few hours.

I'm looking to shift from another host. How smooth is the migration process?

Transitioning to a new host can be a concern, but it's a breeze with us. Our dedicated team helps when you decide to shift, ensuring a seamless migration from your current host to our platform. We handle all the details, from transferring files and databases to ensuring the correct configurations. Moreover, we strive to minimize downtime, aiming for a continuous online presence for your site or application.

How does buying Windows VPS benefit my business?

  • It provides a dedicated space for your online operations. That, as a result, ensures faster load times and more efficient resource usage. This directly translates to a better user experience for your customers.
  • With a VPS, you gain enhanced security features, safeguarding your data and clients.
  • The scalability of a VPS means as your business grows, your server environment can quickly adapt.

Is there flexibility in upgrading my VPS plan?

Absolutely! With Navicosoft, flexibility is at the heart of our VPS plans. Therefore, no worries if you have started with one plan and realized you need more resources. You can seamlessly upgrade your VPS plan as your needs evolve. With Navicosoft, our system grows with you, guaranteeing the right resources at every step. So, you don't stay limited to just one size; we give you the adaptability to change and grow as you require.

Does Navicosoft have any hidden costs when you purchase a Windows VPS?

Navicosoft values customer trust and long-term partnership. Therefore, we guarantee transparency. Also, we have no hidden fees. So, the price you see is the price you pay. In addition, our service quality and our performance justify our affordable pricing.

How straightforward is the process to buy Windows VPS from Navicosoft?

Purchasing a Windows VPS from Navicosoft is genuinely straightforward. First, you choose the VPS hosting package that fits your requirements. Now, with various payment options at your disposal, you can comfortably choose the one that suits you best. After making your selection, the transaction flows seamlessly, and before you know it, you'll receive clear instructions on how to set up and begin using your Windows VPS. At Navicosoft, we design every step for your ease and convenience.

How does Navicosoft ensure the security of my data on Windows VPS?

First, data security is paramount to us. Building on that foundation, our Windows VPS platforms seamlessly incorporate advanced security measures, most notably including firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Furthermore, with the addition of regular updates and our stringent security protocols, we ensure that you remain protected at all times.

Can you use Windows VPS for purposes beyond website hosting?

Yes, absolutely! A Windows VPS is incredibly versatile. Beyond just website hosting, businesses can utilize it for various purposes, including dedicated application development, a testing environment, and more. Moreover, many companies use VPS for running software that requires a dedicated environment or to set up virtual workstations for remote teams. Additionally, it's an excellent solution for storing large databases, as a backup server, etc.: it offers a flexible environment adaptable to many tasks.