YouTube Marketing Unleash the maneuver

of advertising where everyone is watching

Here is What Our Monthly YouTube
Marketing Packages Include


Reporting & Activities

YouTube Channel Creation
(If Not Setup)
youtube youtube youtube youtube
Optimize YouTube Channel
(Design, Image, Editing, Resizing,& Customizing
youtube youtube youtube youtube
Branded Content Writing
for YouTube Channel
225 Words 500 Words 700 Words 100 Words
Video Channel Analysis
(If Already Exist)
youtube youtube youtube youtube
Existing Videos Analysis
(If Already Exist)
youtube youtube youtube youtube
Keyword Research
youtube youtube youtube youtube
youtube youtube youtube youtube

Reporting & Off-Page & Video Optimization

Videos on Q&A
youtube youtube youtube youtube
Micro-Blogging youtube youtube youtube youtube
Guest Post Writing
and Updating
youtube youtube youtube youtube
Embedding/Sharing Videos
in Guest Posts
youtube youtube youtube youtube
Social Bookmarking youtube youtube youtube youtube
Video Submissions youtube youtube youtube youtube
Article Writing
and Submission
youtube youtube youtube youtube
Blog Post Writing
and Updation
youtube youtube youtube youtube
Embedding Videos in
youtube youtube youtube youtube
Social Sharing
or Videos and Blog
youtube youtube youtube youtube
Q&As and Forums youtube youtube youtube youtube
Video Title Optimization youtube youtube youtube youtube
Video Description
youtube youtube youtube youtube
Video Tags Optimization youtube youtube youtube youtube
Channel Tags Optimization youtube youtube youtube youtube
Suggestions for
Video Cards & Other
(Recommendations Only)
youtube youtube youtube youtube
Suggestions for Video
Embedding (Within the
youtube youtube youtube youtube

Reporting & Support

Email & Chat youtube youtube youtube youtube
Phone youtube youtube youtube youtube
Reporting Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly

Navicosoft Introduces You To The World of Digital Marketing

Navicosoft introduces you to the world of digital marketing with all its perks and benefits for your business! In this world of millions of likes and subscribers, YouTube has proved to be one of the most efficient social media marketing platforms. Through YouTube advertising, you get the ability to reach most of your consumer base because “everyone is watching!”

Business owners need to know that YouTube advertising is a compulsion if you want to get some valid reach. Every type of user is on YouTube, and thus, they wait and look for quality content, even in the advertisements!

Quality Content

One of the most specific features Navicosoft provides is providing quality content ideas for our clients. We understand that the content
you want to use on your YouTube channel has to be relevant. This is the
reason why we make sure to advise our customers regarding the
relevancy of their product. Scripts are being provided to the clients, and
we also make sure to make the commercial videos make the commercial videos  for their YouTube
channel. This supports the process of gaining the attention of the

YouTube Channel monetization

There are specific criteria for YouTube monetization, as we all know. Navicosoft makes sure to achieve that legibility goal and then apply for monetization. We are eager to provide our clients with the best solutions for their YouTube channel monetization. A few key points which make it easy for us to achieve the criteria are

Constant promotions

We make sure to create a continuous noise over YouTube regarding your channel. This is not an easy process, and we have to develop a proper strategy for this campaign. These are the constant promotions for making your product, services, or persona visible over the internet.

Regular uploads

One should post more than three videos on the YouTube channel in a week, as recommended by the surveys. This makes it a compulsion that each video must have different content or contain three other subjects. If you want us to market your content on YouTube, we will suggest a proper plan to place your content on YouTube.

YouTube thumbnails

Our graphics team makes sure that YouTube thumbnails are on point. These are the most primary aspects of a video, and you can either ask us to customize the YouTube thumbnails for videos or getting more views. Clickbait is also a technique that is used to attract viewers to watch your videos. Navicosoft promotes positive content on the thumbnails yet interesting, making your videos much more attractive and catchy.

YouTube content variety

There is a specific YouTube channel playlist that indicated different categories of the content you post. We make sure that the content which is uploaded on the channel is arranged in an order. This also makes it convenient for us to know whether the content posted on the YouTube channel is stagnant or not. We promote the content varieties with relevancy regarding the niche of your YouTube channel.

SEO friendly YouTube Captions

We make sure our clients are posting SEO friendly captions on
their YouTube channels. We understand that YouTube is a Do
follow website; hence both the organic and the advertisement
campaigns matter a lot. So we make sure that the caption
represents the best version of videos also all the essential links
are embedded so that traffic converts to the right portal.


YouTube’s advertisement is a vast category also included in the Google display ads. Now viewers can shop while they watch the videos on YouTube. If you want us to market your products and services on YouTube, we will have a proper strategy. There are several types of YouTube advertisements. You can run the YouTube video advertisements, or the next thing is you can have your display ads where people will see your products’ banner Carousel ads are also preferred if you are offering more than one product or service to your customers.

YouTube Channel  Optimization

Navicosoft will take your social media projects after the proper
research on your niche. We also provide YouTube channel
optimization. According to the new trends, we maintain your
page’s look and make sure it is well synchronized regarding all
the components. We aim to introduce easy solutions for the
clients, including all the pages and YouTube Channel setup.

YouTube Trending

Most of our clients have queries about YouTube trends and the videos which are trending on YouTube. They also aim to see their videos on the top of Viewer’s homepage. For this, we need to groom the followers, and with more followers come more views; this is how we make sure to keep your YouTube’s videos in trend.

Youtube Videos

Now many clients want to know about the recent trends for
creating catchy YouTube videos for their channel. Team Social media Navicosoft makes sure that they are up to
date and the content they are developing based on recent hashtags and trends.

Other Services

Digital Branding

Digital branding is the strategic use of digital platforms and online presence to build, promote, and maintain a consistent and compelling brand image in the virtual landscape.

Google My Business

Google My Business, a complimentary service from Google, empowers businesses to establish and oversee their digital visibility, encompassing their business details, reviews, and placement on Google Maps.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing leverages the power of the platform to connect with audiences, drive brand awareness, and engage in real-time conversations, enabling businesses to effectively promote their products and services.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn marketing leverages the professional network’s platform to build brand awareness, foster B2B relationships, and engage with a targeted audience.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing leverages the vast reach and targeting capabilities of the platform to connect businesses with their ideal audience, driving engagement, brand awareness, and conversions.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a powerful online advertising platform that allows businesses to reach their target audience through paid search and display ads, helping to boost website traffic and drive conversions.