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.gdn Domain Registration

The .gdn domain name stands for “Global Domain Name” and is exciting for online business to expand and promote their company portfolios. The .gdn domain is available for brands and business of all types – including small to large businesses and individual entities and groups as well. .gdn Domain registration time frame is 48 Hours.


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The gold standard! This is the web’s oldest and most popular domain extension.


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The domain name .net is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) used in the Domain Name System of the Internet. The name is derived from the word network, indicating it was originally intended for organizations involved in networking technologies.

Org Domain Name


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If you’re an individual looking to make a difference in your community and want to spread the word, a .ORG domain can help communicate your message.


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.TEL is the domain extension designed to give users a place to publish contact information and is unlike other extensions as it will not host websites. It is operated by Telnic.Org and can be registered by anyone for a minimum one year period.

INFO DOMAIN Name Registration


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The domain name info is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) in the Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet. The name is derived from information indicating that the domain is intended for informative Internet resources, although registration requirements do not prescribe any theme orientation.


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Taking control of health decisions is one of the responsibilities each medical patient has, and it requires research, comprehension, and support. Many patients look for credible and relevant medical dictionaries, supplies, and research online. .MEDICAL provides a TLD that creates an online proxy medical community and makes it easier for patients to find the information they’re looking for while participating in support forums, making .MEDICAL the perfect TLD for the medical industry.


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.HEALTHCARE could also be used for healthcare blogs, news about new medical policies, general wellness websites, and anything else that applies to the word “healthcare.”
.HEALTHCARE has no restrictions on registrations. Anyone can register, and the domain can be used for any purpose.


as low as Rs.5599.15/year

.CLINIC is a New Domain that makes it easy for people to search for and find information about health care services. It allows clinics to register a domain that exactly matches the clinic name, and makes it easy to identify websites that are healthcare-related.

biz domain name registration


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The biz domain name was created to relieve some of the demand for domain names in the com top-level domain, and to provide an alternative for businesses whose preferred domain name in com had already been registered by another party.