Does managed WordPress hosting worth extra price?



In my opinion, it’s like black and white.
If you can afford the charges and only need to run WordPress then you do not need to think anything else and go straight for managed WordPress hosting.
Let’s look at the cases where managed WordPress hosting is not worth the extra price.


Are you on a budget?

Sometimes extra few dollars are just too much. If you have enough budget but your site does not need enough server space and is with low visitor traffic then you don’t need to waste money on managed WordPress hosting. But if you are on a tight budget then save money early on and moving towards the better hosting package with time could be the reasonable option.


Is your site low traffic?

If you have a low traffic site that can also live with the little downtime like personal site that you don’t have any intension of converting it into the professional, you do not need managed WordPress hosting for it at all. Surely we all love to see our website loading in less than a second but for a personal blog or a site with around about 1000 visitors a month, would it really make difference if such site runs with 99% up time and loads in 20 or 30 seconds.


For lower traffic sites, you can go with lower managed WordPress hosting that uses a shared hosting environment. Such host are not good as much as true “managed WordPress hosting providers” are but yes, they do share nice results between shared and manages WordPress hosting.


Having non-WordPress components?

Some websites may run on WordPress, but they do also have outlying code that the site cannot work without. If you have a similar site then you need to go for the high quality general host that will also allow you to run anything freely.


Do you have multiple sites?

Most of the hosts limit the number of WordPress sites you can have. But alternatively with managed WordPress hosting, here is like you deal: “Sure you can have 40 sites but you will be paying like $400 for it”. You will have to pay per site or you can also make a special deal with your host for a multi-site deal. If you have multiple sites with different traffic zone like if some of the sites have low traffic, just leave them and focus on the sites with high traffic and only choose managed WordPress hosting for them.



Just go through the above mentioned points and after reading the each point just think what is your answer and then go for managed WordPress hosting only if needed.