How to find the right managed WordPress hosting plan?



Finding a managed WordPress hosting plan could be bit tricky. The term “managed” in managed WordPress hosting does not lead to a particular managed plans because it vary from company to company and is highly depend on host providers you will go with. The more quality host the more services you will get. Therefore you need to be very careful while choosing the right managed WordPress hosting providers for your particular business.

You have to make sure that you make your money worth using.

To determine whether managed WordPress hosting has something special to offer you or not, you will need to take a close look on the features you company provides:


WordPress managed hosting should provide you daily backups and updates so your website does not get down and keeps running smoothly.


In managed WordPress hosting, your host providers should be responsible for the security features. They should have a tight security layer so that no unauthentic access takes place on the website.


Managed WordPress hosting offers you 24/7 support. As it has large user community so there are numerous experts and technicians available to help you throughout the way.

These are the main three features that should be included in managed WordPress hosting plan. You should also look for backups and daily updates when you shop for managed WordPress hosting plan.
The next thing is to see what they provide in regards to security and performance optimization. The provider should be strong enough to provide you good up-time, speed and powerful performance measurements. If you have any doubt, then contact the sales team and ask them all the questions right away before finalizing the host company.

Finally and probably the most important- make sure that the plan is only WordPress specific.
If you are leaving the responsibility in the hands of your host providers and you want them to be responsible for all the things regarding your website, them make sure that the particular company is expert enough and well know that how to optimize the WordPress site. Look for features like pre-installed WordPress sites and built in plugins to handle backups.
This all sounds hard to achieve? Keep in mind that there are lot of options available to choose from. Make your research strong and then finalize the hosting company for your managed WordPress hosting services.


It’s good that there are lot of options available when you look for hosting. But that’s not enough. You should be smart enough to not only select the best hosting provider but also make the smart decision about what kind of hosting is good for you and your site.