Be remunerative by earning good profit through reseller web hosting


Be remunerative by earning good profit through reseller web hosting

Reseller web hosting allows any person to use his allocated resources to any third party to earn lucrative transactions. It is well competitive hosting which provides excellent customer support as well.

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Most of you already know what reseller means? It means taking someone else resources and then sell it to any third party. So, without any external expense, you can sell someone else’s products and earn a profit. Any designer, developer, or agency can take reseller web hosting into consideration as it can also get white labeled to get resold and add one’s brand name. It mainly involves one company to rent resources like hard disk and bandwidth to other companies

Critical advantages of reseller web hosting:

As a web developer, you must know that providing the clients those websites, which make them do struggle less, will make them more satisfied.

White label:

Reseller web hosting comes up with the feature of white labeling that allows any person to take someone’s else product, adding your brand name and then sell it as your own just like it is your product.

Management of Cpanel:

Reseller web hosting provides the most flexible as well as friendly Cpanel with ease of use. Cpanel is not only any management dashboard but gives full control over hosting packages you sell and gives metrics to handle issues before they arise.

Flexible access to clients:

In case when you offer services to clients, the clients do not need to wait for login or signup. You, having the fast and secure access to their accounts, is responsible for removing their issues and providing full customer support.


As your business is small, you can start the reseller hosting at a small scale, then gradually increase it as the list of clients gets increased.

How it works:

Follow the following steps to make reseller hosting work:

  • Search and choose any good hosting company.
  • Find the reseller package that meets your needs and purchase it.
  • Find the targeted audience to locate new customers.
  • Now create your own custom branded packages and decide the prices accordingly.
  • Sell hosting packages and earn profit ultimately!

What should be included in the reseller hosting package?

A reseller package should include functional disk space, bandwidth, the latest Cpanel, 24/7 support to manage customers with friendly behavior and pass on features like email, monitoring tools, scripts, and white labels.