Benefits of Cheap CloudLinux License


Benefits of Cheap CloudLinux License

Discovering the numerous advantages and benefits, which a cheap CloudLinux license can bring over other operating systems engaging in shared hosting, will make you appreciate the compatibility, efficiency, reliability, stability and security features of this software. More so, let us first understand what a CloudLinux license entails and how it affects web hosting.

What is a CloudLinux License?

cheap CloudLinux license provides you with an operating system designed for shared hosting providers. It functions to improve data security, stability, and density by separating all tenants using shared server resources into the distinct lightweight virtualized environment (LVE), in order to improve or limit the server resources of each tenant. The above procedure in the separations of tenants has contributed in the following ways:

  • A cheap CloudLinux license helps to secure the server from slowing down due to the activities of one or more clients.
  • A cheap CloudLinux license separates its tenants from one another to limit security breaches.
  • A CloudLinux license limits the spread of malware and virus within any client’s website.


One of the major advantages of using a cheap CloudLinux license comes with the compatibility of this operating system with other interfaces like cPanel. The high compatibility between these two interfaces enables users to access higher services and lower frustrations. It also gives clients the ability to manage their website resources, by giving them faster and free hosting experience.

Stability Features

The realization of private virtual space is one of the most important reasons/benefits and features of a CloudLinux license. In the private virtual space, your own bubbles protect your website against the activities of other hosted servers trying to slow or crash your server. With this stability feature, your website will deliver fewer error messages to people trying to access your page, thereby creating a higher volume of traffic.

Ease of Conversion

It is quite easy to convert from other operating systems to CloudLinux once you have a cheap CloudLinux license. Converting from RHEL or CentOS does not take time to complete. You can easily buy your cheap CloudLinux license from any ordering platform, such as Navicosoft, and get to enjoy great security updates and patches.