Best Node Js hosting providers in 2021

Best Node Js hosting providers in 2021

Node.js is now among the most common programming languages. The language offers a suitable structure for supporting JavaScript and resolving all the obstacles. Furthermore, it has made JavaScript usable for the designers on their devices. Node js is one of the best choices for building dynamic content. Such applications are the ones that users need to interact with others for real-time services, including gaming or chatting. Moreover, it supports data streaming services that rely on technology-based on supportive communications. Therefore, in this article, you will explore the best Node Js hosting providers in 2021.

No wonder it is greatly popular in the businesses circle because of its ability to maximize productivity with very little investment. Hence it is prominently scalable for developing businesses and creating cutting-edge apps for various users.

You will have to select one of the best Node JS hosting providers and platforms for your imminent business, which can be a significant task for your future prospects, especially when comparing it with WordPress or PHP apps.

There are two common methods of hosting platforms for Node.js apps are:


This allows you to focus on the application code, and the provider takes accountability for managing its infrastructure

In Cloud VM, you can make use of a preferable OS to take charge of all the deploying, installing, and managing it independently.

Best Node Js hosting providers in 2021:

Here are some of the best Node Js Providers that you definitely need to consider before making your decision.



Navicosoft is a well-known name among all the web hosting companies. The company provides several Node web hosting plans for its customers. They are immensely qualified with an experienced support team to help you 24/7 to resolve all your queries. The best feature is that Navicosoft provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee with numerous add-ons.

Navicosoft is among the best Node Js hosting providers offering Java hosting packages with only one-click installation for your Node.js applications. Moreover, they provide hosting at very affordable prices with high-quality features. Moreover, the company is one of the competent Node web hosting providers making sure to host your site with perfection in every aspect, which is essential for your business.

They make sure to provide you with the cheap and best Node Js Server hosting covering all the aspects of your website. Whether your priority is speed, security, uptime, or anything else, they make sure to deliver you the most secured plans.

Main Features:

  • Dedicated Heap Memory to run your Java applications
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Free Tomcat manager
  • Private Tomcat Server
  • 2TB bandwidth
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Free cPanel tool
  • MS SQL/ MS SQL Server
  • Free Root/SSH Access
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Plans and Pricing:

Navicosoft provides you with four types of Node web hosting plans so that you can select one according to your requirements. The basic Plan Pro-W starts with $47 per year, providing you features such as Free Domain Name, 8 GB Web Space, 15 Email Addresses, 150 GB Data Transfer, 3 MYSQL DATABASES, 3 MSSQL DATABASES, etc.

However, if you are getting heavy traffic on your website, you can opt for an unlimited-W plan. It provides you Free Domain Name, Unlimited Data Transfer, Unlimited Web Space, Unlimited Email Addresses, 20 MYSQL DATABASES, 20 MSSQL DATABASES, and much more. However, it will cost you $120 per year.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is among the best Node Js hosting providers working traditionally to provide dedicated hosting for the Node Js package. This means that most people only look for usual dedicated or cloud choices for Node.js. However, it permits you to use shared plans at a very affordable price.

By using A2 Hosting, you can scale up your performance. Since it is a cost-effective company and all the plans offer you unlimited storage. Yet, the scalability also relies on the kind of Node web hosting package that you will choose. You do not have to select A2 Hosting if you are looking for rapid deployment and development.

The best aspect of A2 hosting is the money-back guarantee. Moreover, it offers you 100% security with complete privacy. Continuous security ultimately helps in keeping the website secure. It provides security features that include reinforced DDoS attach defense, Dual hosting firewall, server hardening, and HackScan defense.

Main Features:

  • Free domain
  • Free backup
  • 99.95% uptime
  • Unlimited disc space
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Money-back guarantee
  • cPanel for server management

Plans and Pricing:

A2 hosting provides a shared hosting plan for Node.js in three categories: Drive plan, the Turbo Boost Plan, and the Turbo Max plan. The pricing starts from $4.99 each month. In addition, it provides you with amazing features such as unlimited professional email accounts, unlimited websites, and unlimited SSD storage.

The Turbo Boost plan starts from $9.99 each month and comprises of all the essential features already included in the Drive plan. Moreover, it also offers very high speed to the users who are on one server. The Turbo Max plan delivers you the most progressive solution, offering more ingenious plans along with faster service. Such features offered by A2 hosting make it quite different from all other Node js server hosting providers.


HostGator allows you to install Node.js modules so that you can sign up using a dedicated or VPS plan. Moreover, making a request is one of the easiest ways via a live chat or phone.

In addition to this, they provide you free SSL certificate with all the plans. The data centers also provide flood protection to keep the website from DDoS attacks. HostGator also provides SiteLock security choices for the add-on. Moreover, it scans the site and protects it from all the possibly harmful codes. Moreover, there is an extra advantage of automated malware elimination as a plus feature.

It also provides you with numerous bandwidth options to ensure that there is superior reliability of the server. Furthermore, they are among the rare Node Js server hosting providers offering dedicated hosting for both Windows as well as Linux servers. Nevertheless, if you need a dedicated plan for the node js server, you can easily select Linux dedicated plan.

Main Features:

  • The minimum disk space is 120 GB
  • 45- days money-back guarantee
  • Free weekly backups
  • 99.99 % uptime

Plans and Pricing:

HostGator provides a dedicated hosting plan starting from $88.98 to 139.99 per month. The cheap Node web hosting plans provide you unlimited bandwidth along with 8 GB RAM. Hence it provides you ideal bandwidth for sites that get heavy traffic.


Final verdict:

As you can conclude, Navicosoft provides the best features and is one of the reliable and famous Node Js hosting providers offering services at affordable rates.